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A Change of Thought by glorygirlXOX14

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 17,430
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 08/04/2006
Last Chapter: 07/11/2007
Last Updated: 07/11/2007

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THANK YOU HP_RULES FOR THE BANNER!!!Hermione doesn't want any trouble to happen with Harry and Ron.  She wants as many people safe as possible, even Draco Malfoy. And Draco doesn't want to be the kind of guy he was raised to be anymore. He first just wanted to live, now his only choice is to be dead to everyone. OVER 6600 READ! PLEASE READ AND REVIEW, it really helps me!!

Chapter 6: ..Torture me some more why don't you

Suddenly, Harry thought of something.

"How are we going to watch him?"

"Excuse me?" said Professor McGonagall.

"How are we going to watch him? I mean, you're making us come back to school, and how are we going to watch over Malfoy while we are at school?"

"You, Mr. Potter will find that out later." said Professor McGonagall, now leaving the room.

Everyone else followed Professor McGonagall, until only Ron, Harry, Hermione and Malfoy were left in the room.

"I can't believe this," said Harry.

"You?" said Malfoy, "I have to be watched after by the likes of you three, I'd rather have the Death Eater find me now."

"You're not going to die under our watch Malfoy," said Hermione.

"Says you Granger" said Malfoy, "You're such the little angel, these two here will just let me die"

"True," said Ron sitting down smirking, "I couldn't care less"

"Ronald, don't be like that," said Hermione giving Ron the evil eye, "It's the right thing to do, It's what Dumbledore would of wanted"

"Your right Hermione," said Ron, "But, it's Malfoy, I mean come on, the way he treated us for all these years, you know I would think it."

"Go to hell Weasel" said Malfoy glaring at Ron.

"You first" said Ron, glaring back.

Right then Fred and George came into the room, letting in screams of enjoyment from the party downstairs.

"Come on you three, Bill's going to throw the garter!" said Fred.

"Yeah, hurry up, it's crazy down there, Fleur already threw the bouquet and mum tackled Tonks trying to get it" said George

Harry and Ron then ran out of the room with Fred and George, but Hermione took her time, once she got to the door she looked back to Malfoy. He fluffed his pillow and leaned back onto it, then took out a book that was on the floor and started to read it, 'Poor Malfoy' thought Hermione, and then Malfoy looked up at her.

"You still here?" said Malfoy, and then smiled at her, not a evil smirk, but normal, just a nice innocent smile.

Hermione smiled back and then left to the party.

"Aren't Bill and Fleur coming back from the honeymoon today?" said Ginny while everyone was at the breakfast table.


"Any minute now" said Mrs. Weasley, smiling.

"And when they do, we'll be heading to Godric Hollow," said Mr. Weasley, "And while there, nobody will run off, is that understood?"

Harry and Ron exchange looks, smiled and shooked they're head 'yes'.

"Good" said Mrs. Weasley, "Now, I'll go upstairs and give young Mr. Malfoy his breakfast."

"Oh, I'll do it Mrs. Weasley," said Herimone, getting up from the table and grabbing the tray of food on the counter.

"Okay then Hermione dear, go ahead" said Mrs. Weasley, and Hermione headed upstairs.

Once she got to the door of Malfoy's room, she opened the door and Malfoy was still asleep. She set the tray of food on the foot of the bed and walked to the front and pushed his shoulder to wake him up, but he wouldn't, he didn't move at all, she tried again but harder, it still didn't work, then she put the tips of her fingers in the cup of water on the food tray and sprayed Malfoy in the face with the water, which made him jerk-up and almost hit Hermione in the face doing so.

"What the Bloody Hell!" said Malfoy, "Why in the world did you do that?"

"I was waking you, you wouldn't get up" said Hermione, "It was the next thing that came to my mind."

"Well, what do you want?" said Malfoy, and then he noticed the tray of food on his bed, "More food? I'm not hungry."

"Well, Mrs. Weasley cares about you eating, so here's food for when you are hungry" said Hermione, now walking to leave the room, "Oh, by the way, you're coming with us to Godric's Hollow today."

Hermione almost got all the way out of the room when Malfoy realized what Hermione just said.

"Wait!?  I'm going with you? why the hell are you going to bring me with you?" said Malfoy.

"Well, Harry, Ron and I were left in charge of you, and we are all going to Godric's Hollow, so you're going with us, so we can keep a good eye on you." said Hermione.

"But how are you going to get me out of here without me being found?" said Malfoy, "Death Eaters are everywhere, I'm not safe no matter where I am, especially with Potter, they want to kill him way more then they want to kill me.."

"You're with us now and your safe there," said Hermione.

"That's true, they'll never think of finding me here in this Weasley dump," said Malfoy, "But they can still come there to find Potter, and then find me here too, no matter what, I'm not safe, neither are you, the safest place to be in is Hogwarts, with or without dear old Dumbledore."

"Well, you thought of a way to get them in before, why wouldn't you think they'll find another way?"said Hermione.

"All last year I've tried to find a way to get them in that school and through that one cupboard was the only way I found," said Malfoy, "Believe me, there is no other way, without them being caught doing so."

Suddenly they heard screams from down stairs, not scared screams but happy ones, Bill and Fleur just got home.

"The newly weds are home now aren't they?" said Malfoy, smiling at her.

"Yeah," said Hermione, smiling back, "I guess I'll just go then."

When Malfoy noticed her smiling at him, his smile then turned into a glare, and said "Yeah, leave me alone now, you filthy Mudblood."

Hermione then glared back at Malfoy and left the room.

'That prick' thought Hermione.

"I'm an idiot,'  thought Malfoy.

"What's up with me?" said Malfoy, to himself, "Being mean and then nice on and off all the time, what am I? bipolar? It's not that hard to stay mean at Granger, I've been doing it for six years. What's wrong with me?"

No more then ten minutes went by until Fred and George came into the room, with a small box with a Wealseys' Wizarding Weezes logo on the top.

"Now Malfoy, believe us, we really dont want to help you," said Fred.

"Yeah, we could care less about you," said George.

"But we promised we will help disguise you for this trip of ours to Godric's Hollow," said Fred.

"You'll be wearing this" said George, and he pulled out whatever was in the small box and handed it to Malfoy. In side it, was a ring.

"A ring?" said Malfoy,"No one will notice me, by wearing a ring?"

"It's not just any ring, Ferret face," said Fred, "It's our latest invention."

"Fine," said Malfoy putting the ring on," Whatever."

"We haven't figured out an name for it yet," said George, "since we just finished it yesterday."

"But when we test it on you, we'll then figure out the effect it has on someone for a long period of time and then we can name it ," said Fred, with a big smile.

"What?! No way!" said Malfoy, "You are not about to be testing one of your bloody inventions on me!", he pulled at the ring to take it off put it wouldn't budge. The ring seemed like it shrunk to fit Malfoy's finger personally. "Get this garbage off of me!"

"Oh, it too late," said George, "The ring fits to finger the second you put it on, it won't come off, until someone does the counter spell to it."

"Which is?" said Malfoy still pulling on the ring.

"Ha, like we're going to tell you," said Fred, "And we made this ring especially for you, with a strand of hair we took from you when you first came here, it'll stick to you and only you."

"You two are getting too good at this," said a voice comeing from outside door.

Ginny then walked into the room, with a big smile on her face, "You explain what it does?"

"We were getting there," said George, "Hold your horses."

"Well, like we were saying," said Fred, "This ring wont come off unless someone says the counter spell to it, and it actually doesn't really need to come off."

"Why the Bloody Hell not?" said Malfoy.

"It can be shut off and put back on by another spell," said George, "Which also, you won't learn."

"Yeah, but, WHAT DOES IT DO!" said Malfoy.

"It hides you," said Freg and George in unison.

"How?"said Malfoy

"Makes you invisible," said George.

"Merchandise that makes people invisible is our best seller," said Fred.

"But dont you dare use it to your advantage," said George, "It won't work for you that way,"

"It doesn't respond to the person the ring is on," said Fred, "oh, and dont bother running away while invisible either."

"There's a charm where you can be no more then ten feet away from the person who put the invisiblity on. And that person is also the only person who'll be able to see you." said George.

"Which in this case will be Hermione," said Ginny.

 'Oh course,' thought Malfoy 'It always has to be her, turture me some more why dont you.'