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Family by harrypotterishot

Format: Novella
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 27,443
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Fred, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny

First Published: 07/19/2006
Last Chapter: 04/25/2008
Last Updated: 04/25/2008

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Ron and Hermione are about to start a family, whether they're ready or not. Watch them as they make their journey though pregnancy and the miracle of life. Chapter 6 is finally up! The story continues!

Chapter 5: Things That Should Be Private and Moments That Should Be Cherished

Chapter Five: Things That Should Be Private and Moments That Should Be Cherished

"Awaken, sleeping beauty." Hermione stood over her husband with a smile nearly a mile wide. He jumped, startled. What was she so happy about? It's early! Unless...

"What the-" Ron shot up, looking around. "Am I late? Is it the baby? Are you sick?" Hermione sighed happily, grinning at her Ron as she crossed the room.

"Nothing like that, love. Today, it's my first antenatal visit." Hermione said, e sounded like. But she couldn't help it. She was so excited that she could barely hold it in. She and Ron would get to see their baby for the first time today. Of course, it wouldn't be their baby baby, but it would be an image of it, a detailed image of what the baby in her belly looked like.

"Ante-what?" Ron asked groggily.

"Antenatal. Y'know, ultrasound. For the baby." Hermione answered, beginning to rummage through the closet. Ron rubbed his eyes open to see his wife wearing one of his old t-shirts, one he'd given her about two months ago to sleep in.

"Why don't you just wear that?" He asked, grinning. "You look dead sexy in it." Hermione snorted.

"I've gained ten pounds, Ron, and I feel as big as a house. No man in their right mind would think that I was dead sexy." Hermione paused. "Then again, you aren't in your right mind anyway." Ron laughed.

"That's funny, love." He replied, "But I was completely serious. I came to understand a while back what Harry told me was the beauty of pregnancy, and you're the perfect picture of it right now." Hermione blushed. How was it that he always knew what to say? It just wasn't fair!

"You're horrible." Hermione shook her head, pulling a pale yellow blouse out of the closet. She gave Ron a playful, tentative look, and retreated to their bathroom. He made it a point for her to hear his exaggerated sigh.

"Slept well then, I presume?" Ron asked, rolling out of the bed himself to dress. He noted it that it was almost ten in the morning, not a bad time for him to wake up. But for Hermione, especially during the pregnancy, sleeping this late was a rarity.

"Wonderfully!" Hermione answered, smiling. "Didn't wake up once. It's amazing, to be able to sleep like a normal person again. But I have a feeling that it means Baby is planning something, like a way to keep me up until the early morning hours tonight."

"Why is that?" Ron asked, buttoning up a blue shirt. His wife walked out of the bathroom wearing blue jeans and the yellow blouse.

"Parentage." She responded, smoothing the top over her bump.

"I was a mild mannered child, mind you. Ask my mum." Ron said, laughing.

"Actually, I have." Hermione answered not a moment later. "She said exactly what I thought. You were a horrible baby to carry in the womb, and you were horrible the first two years. Not as bad as Charlie and the twins, but not an angel either."

"Well, then. Glad to know mum doesn't keep any secrets." Ron grumbled. Hermione shook her head, passing by him and kissing his cheek.

"Don't be that way, Ron; she was trying to be helpful." She pulled back the blinds to allow a soft slant of sunlight to enter the room. "Besides, I happen to think that attitude of yours is quite sexy." Ron groaned, laughing.

"And I'm the horrible one?" He asked, walking up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands on her swollen belly. "Am I allowed in during this ultrasound? Or is it one of those other tests, the ones I can't watch?" Hermione leaned back into his arms and smiled at him over her shoulder.

"You can come in. From what Gin and the midwife told me, they just put this jelly stuff on my belly -a lubricant - and wave their wand over me, and put this metal thing on my stomach. Then they have a muggle television set up that shows us our baby!" Ron grinned at her enthusiasm, trying to hide the fact that he was just as excited as she was.

"Will we be able to tell its hair color?" Ron asked. Hermione shook her head.

"The television is black and white, so I doubt it." She giggled. "But I have this voice telling me the baby has red hair, considering who the father is." She broke away from Ron after giving him a chaste kiss on the lips, walking over to the desk and grabbing her wand and purse. "I'm ready!" She turned and smiled at Ron. He shook his head, laughing.

"You're hopeless, that's what you are." He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. She pushed herself closer and squeezed her eyes shut. I'll be so happy when I can do this on my own again. "Ready?" He asked. She nodded, burying her head in his shoulder.

"Go." She said, and Ron apparated them to St. Mungos. Hermione held Ron's shoulder to steady herself, and took a deep breath to try and rid herself of the nausea she always acquired from side-apparation. She blinked twice, and everything came into focus. Ron was grinning at her, as if he was amused. She shot him a look. "What? Is something amusing you?"

"You're cute when you're disoriented." He ran a hand though her hair, then took her hand in his. She tried to hide her smile as she accepted his hand and walked along side him to the elevator. In the "maternity ward" of St. Mungos, there were three floors. Delivery, checkup and ultrasound, and the emergency ward. It would have been much easier to take the stairs, but that was too much work for Hermione at this stage, at least Ron thought it was. They stepped inside the tight spaced box and Hermione laughed as the door shut. "What now?" He asked, placing a hand on her belly.

"Just a thought." She laughed, avoiding his eyes. Ron grinned.

"What?" He asked. Her eyes met his and she touched his face softly.

"How small this space is. And how close we are." She said softly, trying her best to be serious, but Ron could tell she was cracking up.

"Would be rather daring, wouldn't it?" Ron asked, his fingers tracing lazy circles on her stomach. She grinned.

"Quite daring." She answered. "But that would make it rather... fun." The elevator then rang, telling them they had reached the second floor. The door opened, and as it did, Hermione leaned in and kissed Ron quickly on the lips. There was nobody waiting on the elevator, and she huffed jokingly.

"Did they spoil your fun, love?" Ron asked, leading her off the elevator. She nodded, taking his hand again. "We'll try again later." Hermione burst out laughing, and Ron, after watching his wife laugh a moment, joined in. "I swear, woman, you're absolutely mad."

"You know you like it." She said as she stopped at the door that read "Healer J. Morgan" with the number 218 on it in brass letters. She smiled brightly and looked at Ron. "Ready?" She asked. He grinned too, nodding. She opened the door and Ron followed her inside. They sat down on the cold couch, and Ron slid a protective arm around her. Just as they were seated, a woman just a tad shorter than Ron walked in the room.

"Mrs. Weasley! How are you?" She asked, sticking out her hand. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a small bun at the back of her head, and she had on thin-rimmed glasses in a pale purple color, reminding Hermione of Luna Lovegood.

"Very well. And you?" Hermione shook her hand, grinning.

"Excellent, thanks. And this must be your husband! Hello, Mr. Weasley, I've heard so much about you."

"Really now?" Ron smirked at a blushing Hermione as he shook Healer Morgan's hand. "Call me Ron, please."

"All right then. I have to ask you a few basic questions first. Any abnormal movement in the past month?" She sat down and pulled out a quill and parchment. Hermione shook her head.

"Depending on your definition of abnormal." She smiled. "But I don't believe so."

"What about sleep problems? You're getting at least six hours a night?"

"I've been trying. For the most part, yes." Hermione laughed. "Got in a little extra today."

"And the leakage-" Johanna began, and Ron coughed loudly.

"Excuse me; can I please ... go get ready?" Ron asked, standing up. Hermione shot him an angry look, and he blushed scarlet. Healer Morgan tried to hold back a laugh as she nodded.

"The second door to the left. Take one of the thick grey robes and put it on. We won't be but a minute or so." Ron nodded gratefully and left.

"He's so cute, Hermione." He heard as he opened the door.

"That's cute?" Was his wife's response. He laughed as he shut the door. It wasn't his fault that he didn't want to hear about the drainage coming from his wife. I mean, he'd listened to her complain enough about every disgusting aspect of pregnancy he could think of, and helped her through the ones he could.

It wasn't that he hated the pregnancy, or that he hated her talking about those things. He loved his pregnant Hermione. Her random mood swings amused and surprised him, she was so adorable when he caught her in the middle of the night eating strange foods, he thought that her swollen tummy was the hottest thing he'd ever seen, and - obviously - her hormones were raging like a teenage girl again.

There were just some things about his wife that a husband didn't need to know. And what was leaking down there was one thing that he didn't need nor want to know.

"She's probably going to be so angry with me." He said to himself as he pulled on the very heavy robe. "But she'll forget all about that when she sees the baby... our baby... on the screen." He paused.

Our baby.

His baby. With Hermione.

It always managed to give him goose bumps whenever he thought about it. He laughed at himself.

"I'm hopeless." He muttered, sitting on the chair inside the small room. "Such a sap." Just as he touched the seat, Healer Morgan opened the door. Ron stood up again.

"Thank you for waiting, Ron. Follow me. Hermione's getting dressed." Ron shrugged and followed the blonde woman into a small room with a bed-like chair in it. It looked like a hospital bed, but with no railings. And it wasn't as wide. And it looked freezing.

Hermione entered just as he turned to the door. She was wearing her loose fitting healer pants and a hospital gown over them. The gown was more like a t-shirt, or a gown that belonged to a child. It was cut at her belly button, her large pregnant belly visible. She had her hands protectively covering her bare skin, and Ron smiled at her. She blushed and walked around him, sitting on the cold hospital bed. Is she mad? 'Cause I can't tell...

"Aren't you going to hold my hand?" A soft voice behind him asked. He blushed. Of course. How could she be mad? Ron turned and walked over to the bed, helping his wife lay back in the bed. It was cold, he noticed, as his hands touched it. He felt for his wife, whose back was left uncovered by the hospital gown. Healer Morgan pulled Hermione's shirt up the rest of the way, exposing fully her pregnant stomach. Hermione winced.

"What are you doing that for? Pregnant is a great look for you." Ron said, stroking her stomach, then locking his hand in hers.

"Silly." Hermione muttered, watching her healer intently. Healer Morgan hadn't looked at the two of them at all. She was busy smearing a jelly substance on Hermione. Hermione shivered, and Ron looked at her. "It's cold." She managed, smiling. Ron laughed and watched the healer as she took out a small metal device similar to a wand.

"That is..."

"A long complicated word that, in simple terms, is a ultrasound wand. Really complex little thing that allows us to get a view of your little one." She waved the wand over Hermione's belly. The muggle-like television flickered on, and Hermione and Ron's eyes rushed over. "Not quite yet. I don't want you all to accidentally find out the gender." Ron shut his eyes, and Hermione looked at him and laughed. "Alright, then. You can look now." Ron's eyes wandered to the screen, where he saw the most amazing sight in the world. There was a small life on the screen, its little hands and feet waving around. It was their baby. Wait... was that a…

"What... is that a-"

"That is a hand, Mr. Weasley. Your little one is a tad shy." Ron snorted, and Hermione swatted his arm, though she was laughing on the inside herself. Johanna smiled. "If the baby decides to turn around, then I'll warn you."

Hermione felt her heart swell with love for the human being she was viewing for the first time. This was the little devil that caused her to throw up her meals for two months, that caused her back and feet to ache, and caused her stomach to bulge and her clothing get to the point that they didn't fit. This was the little one that kept her up at night and caused her to walk funny. And yet... the only emotion she could feel while looking at her baby on the screen was love. Love for the baby that she hadn't seen and love for the father that would always be there.

"Seems to be a very healthy baby, Hermione. Perfect size for the sixth month." Healer Morgan moved the wand around, and the baby on the screen moved. Hermione squeaked, and Ron smiled.

"It's amazing." She muttered, and Ron nodded in agreement.

"It's more than that love. It's perfect." Hermione blushed, and stared intently at the screen. "I think Baby looks like you." Hermione laughed. "What? I can see it. Its feet. Small and cute, like yours." Healer Morgan snorted with laugher as she moved the wand again, and Hermione blushed.

"You're ridiculous." She smiled, suddenly interested in the baby's feet.

"You're looking now, aren't you?"

"Shut it!" Hermione laughed, smacking his arm again. Ron smiled, running his hand up and down her arm.

"That's all I needed for the test. If you and Ron are done, Mrs. Weasley?" Hermione nodded. "Well then, I can give you some copies of the ultrasound if you would like. Some of the other couples I've had like to scrapbook them."

"That'd be wonderful." Ron said, and Johanna took the wand away. The image of the baby disappeared.

"Hermione, you can clean up in that bathroom over there and get dressed. I'll be back in about ten minutes with those prints." Hermione nodded, sitting up and pulling her shirt back down. She picked up her jeans and blouse.

"I'll be a moment, Ron, I have to get dressed." She stood and began to walk to the bathroom when Ron grabbed her arm. She turned and looked at him. He had one of those looks in his eyes.

"You know what you were talking about earlier? About doing something risky?" He asked, smiling at her in that 'Ron-esqe' way. Her heart jumped as she nodded.

"Are you serious?" She asked, turning away. Ron grabbed her again and kissed her on the mouth. She sighed, melting into him.

"Are you?" He replied. Hermione laughed, taking his hand and pulling him into the bathroom. Ron pulled the door semi-shut, adding to their game of risk. Hermione smiled as he untied the hospital gown from around her neck.

He's had such a bad influence on me.

Merlin, I love him.