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Falling for Sirius by princesslily_36

Format: Novella
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 31,292

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 09/08/2006
Last Chapter: 09/17/2007
Last Updated: 03/26/2016


My name is Juliet Anna Potter. I'm James Potter's twin sister. Life has always been pretty normal for me. That is, until my friend Sirius decided to play matchmaker for my brother and Lily. Now we're supposed to act like we're dating - only it's all pretend...right? Everything's so messed up - especially since I started getting butterflies in my stomach whenever Sirius is around...47,000+ reads!! AMAZING Banner by .amaris @ TDA

Chapter 8: Best Talks...


“How could you James? You know how much I hate that!”


“It was for you!” answered James in a pained voice.


James and Lily were having a fight. Again! Apparently on their ‘date’ Snape had called Lily a mudblood and a Croofe [A/N: I just guessed there would be more bad words in the magic world other than mudblood, though Croofe sounds really geeky I couldn’t come up with more pretend stuff] and James had decided to play hero and jinx Snape. Typical and happens all the time. When was James ever prepared to learn? Now Lily refused to even talk to James and stormed up the stairs. James looked after her and so did I. I leaned up and whispered into Sirius’ ear,


“Do you think this is going to work out between them?”


“Not a chance!” he whispered back. I giggled. James turned around with a frown.


“What are you guys still doing that for? Lily has left! You can stop being love birds!” he snapped crossly. Sirius and I broke apart and I nodded a goodbye.





James and Lily were still not talking. Sirius ushered them into the library. I did not get it. Library? Then Sirius explained it to me. He said that one place Lily wouldn’t dare to raise her voice was the library. And he was so right. Lily treated the library like it was the chapel. And his plan was to get them there and leave them to sort it out there after giving them the first shove. Not bad. The guy had some cool ideas.


“I never go to the library!” whispered James furiously to Sirius as he passed Madame Pince. Sirius rolled his eyes.


“You do when it comes to Lily!” I told him. He shut up really quickly after that. Lily, as we had arranged, was already there. James sat opposite Lily. I sat next to her, opposite Sirius. Lily looked up and frowned at the sight of James. I felt a little irritated. I mean my brother wasn’t all that bad. I felt sorry for James as his face fell when Lily frowned. I gave Lily a meaningful look. Yea, I had talked to her about James loads of times before. She refuses to listen. Sirius whispered something in James’ ear and left, winking at me to join him. I looked at Lily.


“Please don’t be too harsh on him. I feel really bad for him if you are because it really hurts him.” That ought to do the trick. Lily hates hurting someone on purpose.


“I have to go now. Sirius has something special planned!” I said trying my hardest to look like I was blushing. James had better be grateful for all this! I gave James a thumb up and left with Sirius.




Special planned for me? Who was I kidding? He took me to the kitchens and I watched him pig out. I was used to seeing him and my brother pig out.


“So what happened to your trick?” I asked him suddenly remembering.


“Coffeellet!” he said. His mouth full of chocolate cake. He swallowed it.


“Cancelled!” he said.




“Jamesie poo wanted to ‘lie low’ till he got to ‘rope in’ Lily!” he said with air quotes. I laughed along with him. Then we got to talking. We talked and talked and talked. We talked much more in those 3 hours that we hadn’t talked in like 6 years. We talked about guys and girls, James and Lily, Remus and Sirius, professors, the possibility of Flitwick and Pince, his family, the rising power of Voldemort… almost everything.


“That was good!” he said after we had reached the common room. It was pretty late and the lights were dim. My breath caught in my throat and my heart did a flipetty flop thing when I looked at Sirius. I smiled shyly and moved closer to Sirius at the foot of the stairs. He grinned back at me.


“One of the best talks we have had!” he said softly.


“Yea!” I agreed in the same tone. It seemed like a perfect setting for a kiss. For a romantic couple in love. Don’t get me wrong. I am just describing the surrounding to you.


“If I know anything about James he will be waiting up wanting to know why I was coming back this late from a ‘pretend date’ with you.” He said. I just nodded and walked up the stairs.




“What happened Lily?” I asked her as I went inside the dormitory.


“I should ask you that!” she said slyly.


“Nothing new. I mean… me and Sirius… you know!” she nodded. The fact was that she totally didn’t know. She had this impression that Sirius and I snog a lot on our dates. I didn’t bother to correct her considering I told her that! Ok Ok… I just wanted people to think that we were a hot couple. What’s so wrong in that? this could probably be the only relationship I might have this year at all the way things were going, it might as well be the talk of the castle.


“Did you hurt James?” I asked defensively.


“Not really…” she said hesitatingly.


“What do you mean?” I pounced. She took a deep breath.


“You have to stop pressurizing me Ju! It makes it hard for me to decide with you pressurizing me to take a certain decision and you are my best friend and if you take on a biased side who else will I talk to?”


Where did that come from? I mean I am the one who strings long sentences and says them without a pause. Definitely not Lily! But she was right! I guess I was taking James’ side. A Lot. But that was only cos I thought she and James made a great pair. Oh ya and because I wanted my bro to be happy.


“So what really happened? I promise I won't say anything!”