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Friends or Foe? by Sunny_Hogwarts

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 19,863
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 02/11/2006
Last Chapter: 07/13/2007
Last Updated: 07/13/2007


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James didn't look too jokey at the moment. He said gently, "Why dont you like me Lily?" This was the first time he hadn't called me 'sweet' or 'angel'. I thought about it and said truthfully, "Its weird, you know? No one has ever really liked me this much before. Its surprising, I guess. I'm a little afraid really." I shocked myself and James by this confession. Over 8,000 reads! OMG I love you all!

Chapter 7: A night of Surprises

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“James? I said where are we?!” my voice was shrill. “Dude, calm down. We’re just near the forest, but around the other way,” James said softly. Okay... he just called me dude.
“Well… dude, what are we doing here?” I asked in a mocking tone. “I just… I want you to…” James struggled with his words, “To know that… I would never keep secrets from you. Do you keep secrets from me?”

“No way, James. I’ll tell you anything,” I told him, smiling cutely.

“What if it was to protect a friend?”

“Well… if it was to protect a friend… then maybe I would keep a secret from you. But I would want to tell you,” I thought about what he said. What was he getting at?

“Okay. I… I just want you to know that some rumors will probably be going around the school… maybe. But only if we’re unlucky. They’ll probably concern us Marauders. I want you to know that they’re all lying. If they say anything I mean,” James said in a stuttering rush.

“What are you talking about?!” I cried.

“I want to tell you Lily, but I cant! I just wanted you to know not to believe them. No matter what, okay?”

“Um… okay, I guess.”

“Thank you. I love you,” he whispered.

I entwined my hand in his, just like when we were in the lake, and whispered back, “I love you too.” He held me in his arms for a long time. Maybe it was because that was the first time I had told him I loved him, and he wanted to remember and treasure that moment… but that would be a little weird.

Suddenly, he perked up his head like a deer and seemed to sniff the air.

“Uh… are you alright? You seem a little… deer-ish.” I asked, concerned for his sanity. He laughed as if he was enjoying an inside joke and I really wanted to be in on it. “No, I just thought I heard something… I have good hearing, see,” he closed the subject. I, for one, certainly couldn’t hear anything, even when I strained my ears.

James held me closer and I put my arms around his neck, while his hands remained on my waist and back. Resting his chin on my head, he continued to glance around the grounds.

I lay against his chest and listened to his heart. Beginning to think back through all the memories of him, he had always acted deer-ish. The way he could hear things I couldn’t and the way he could sense things around him.


“Can I ask you a question?”

“As long as it’s not asking for a gold chariot because, honey, I don’t have that.”

I laughed and laughed and even began to forget what I was going to ask.
Oh right… But what if he’s disgusted with my suspicions? *sigh* Might as well get it over with…
“Are you an animagus?”

This time James was the one who laughed. He continued laughing so much that I considered that maybe he didn’t actually hear what I said. He could have thought I said ‘anal-mas’ for all I know. I couldn’t say animagus anyway.

“How did you know?” he finally chuckled. I was shocked, “I’m right?” James kept laughing as he nodded. “…Woah,” I muttered, “I didn’t think you were that smart.”

James scoffed, “Oh thanks.”

“No, I didn’t mean that. I meant, like, I didn’t think you would have the guts to do it,” I roughly translated what I was thinking. “Hey, you’re talking to James Potter, and you didn’t think I had the guts to do it?” James sputtered, trying to keep his dignity. “I thought you would wuss out. Because you’re a wussie. Wussie, wussie, wussie boy!” I taunted, looking up to face him.
“Hey! No fair! I don’t call you a wussie girl!” James cried.

I giggled and skipped a few steps away, singing, “Wussie boy! Wussie boy! Wussie, wussie, wussie boy!”

“That’s it…” James muttered. He came after me and I screamed with laughter. I continued to run just out of his reach until he tackled me and we landed with a thud onto the grass. “Am I still a wussie now? I just tackled the girl of my dreams,” James said indignantly.

“You’re still a wussie until you kiss me,” I whispered daringly.

At this point, I realized how much I had changed. The Old Me would NEVER have said that. The Old Me would NEVER be with James Potter. The Old Me would NEVER be out alone at night with James Potter. The Old Me would NEVER have James Potter so close to me. The Old Me would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do what I did next.

My hands reached up on their own accord, brought James’s head down to my level, and kissed him wildly and passionately. James wound his hands through my silky hair gently and brought my head even closer to his. He definitely knew what he was doing.

I rolled over so I was on top of him, still kissing him like crazy. My body, especially my lips, seemed to know what they were doing also. I hadn’t kissed many boys, but even with my short list, this one took the absolute cake, bakery, and even kidnapped the pastry chef and locked him in a jail room.

When we finally broke apart, breathless and giddy, James chuckled softly, “I NEVER saw that coming.”

“Neither did I,” I replied.

“But guess what?” James smirked.
“Oh god… what?”

“You said I was still a wussie until I kissed you. And, I’m afraid, you kissed me. So it seems that I’m still a wussie and I can’t have that,” James was smirking more widely now. My struggling breath caught in my throat, he wants to do that again?

I laughed, “I guess I did. But I’ve hardly got my breath back!”

“Fine… ten second break. But this time – I’m in control. That means I’m on top.”

That was probably the weirdest thing James had EVER said to me… but I liked it. It left a thrill in my stomach that was already filled with butterflies. Suddenly I wasn’t hungry for food anymore… I was hungry for his kiss.

“Have you ever experienced this before?” he asked me tentatively. “No,” I said honestly, “Never in my whole life.”

After another blissful, amazing, passionate kiss, we lay side by side and looked at the stars. “Can you tell me something else?” I asked quietly. “Sure,” James whispered.

“What secret are you keeping for your friend?”

I could tell that James regretted his response, “I told you I can’t. You wouldn’t tell me a secret about one of your friends… especially if it was important… scary to some.” I thought for a moment, “Hmm…. I don’t know about that…”

“Okay, what’s your scary secret about your friend?” James asked teasingly.
“Jas has webbed toes.”


It was true… she really did. It wasn’t THAT obvious… just if you take a close-ish sort of look. No wonder she had dashed into the water when we were at the lake. I was sworn to secrecy when I found out – and I hadn’t told ANYONE since just then… so James better tell me his friend secret.

“Sirius keeps a photo of himself in his pocket.”

“Wow. That is scary.”

“Your turn, Lily.”

“Sally wears an inch of make up… she doesn’t really look as pretty as she appears.”

“Oh my god! Are you serious?”

“Yep. It take she an hour every morning to apply it all.”

“That’s weird… don’t tell Sirius.”

“I don’t think I will. For one, Sally would kill me.”

“And two,” James cut in, “Sirius would kill me.”

“Because he could.”

“Oh, honestly.”

I propped myself on my elbow and turned to James, “What about Remus? He can’t be Mr. Perfect! I would have to tell him about Jas’s toes… then his flaw would be a webbed-toed girlfriend.” James laughed, “Don’t worry, Remus has a flaw.”
“Oh, do tell.”

“I… I cant.”

I stared at him in disbelief, “What?” James grimaced, “It’s a long story… I really cant.” I kept staring at him, “I told you about Jas’s webbed toes!” Silence draped over us… and it was strange. It wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable, it wasn’t loving or passionate… it was just that. Silence.
“That sucks.”

“I’m sorry, Lily!”

“What if I guess?”


“Even if I guess right?”


“Was that a yes meaning ‘if you guess right, yes I will tell you you’re right’?”



James stood up and reached for my hand. I hauled myself up and leaned against him, “Explain.” I whispered. “Well… to put it plainly – Remus has it tough.”

“That’s plain… but not specific,” I pointed out. James smiled and drew me close, “I love you.” His smile made me weak in the knees and clouded my mind. “I love you too…” I sputtered softly. If you can do that… sputter softly, I mean.

“Let’s go inside… I bet the Great Hall is already empty…” James said. “I’m not hungry,” I mumbled, “Just tired.”

James held my small hand in his and led me up to the Gryffindor dorms. It was completely deserted. At the foot of the stairs to the girl’s dorm, James kissed my forehead, “Goodnight Lily Angel. I love you.”

“See? NOW is the time for nicknames. Not when we’re not even friends,” I accused sleepily.

James chuckled, kissed me once more and sent me off to bed. I watched him climb his own flight of stairs before disappearing into his dorm.

I sank onto my bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I feel into a sleep filled with dreams involving James, kissing, and stars.

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