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A Change of Thought by glorygirlXOX14

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 17,430
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 08/04/2006
Last Chapter: 07/11/2007
Last Updated: 07/11/2007

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THANK YOU HP_RULES FOR THE BANNER!!!Hermione doesn't want any trouble to happen with Harry and Ron.  She wants as many people safe as possible, even Draco Malfoy. And Draco doesn't want to be the kind of guy he was raised to be anymore. He first just wanted to live, now his only choice is to be dead to everyone. OVER 6600 READ! PLEASE READ AND REVIEW, it really helps me!!

Chapter 5: If he turns on us, it's not my fault...

Once the wedding ended, the party begun. The house was filled with noise, along with outside. Malfoy just sat there, in the room, thinking, again.

'What am I going to do? How am I going to live my life? Running away from being killed every single day? I'm I going to have to rely on Granger, Potter and the Weasles for everything or something, I mean they're the only students who know about me, I think. Just face it Draco, nobody cares about you. Helping me out right now, they're just trying to do good, but they're not succeeding, not even close. The only way for anyone to help me is....'

Suddenly, the door opened and Hermione came into the room, with a plate full of food.

"Here you go Malfoy," said Hermione, sitting down.

"Thanks," said Malfoy, grinning.

Then there was a short little pause. Hermione then came from a smile to a frown.

"What's wrong now?" said Malfoy.

"It's just Harry and Ron still want to go off and not come back to school, " said Hermione, " I told them I would go with them, but I don't really want to anymore, it'll be dangerous."


"So?" said Hermone, "They could get killed."

"From doing what?" said Malfoy, not really looking interested.

"Trying to kill Voldemort!" said Hermione, "What else is there?"

"They will most likely be killed trying," said Malfoy, shoving food into his mouth, " I mean come on, that bloody Potter and that idiot Weasle could never kill The Dark Lord. He would kill them in one second flat. So yeah, you're right, it'll be dangerous, but you should go with them, it'll be fun."

"What's wrong with you?" said Hermione, standing up, looking a little upset.

"What do you mean? I always act like this Granger." said Malfoy, still eating.

"Your talking like you hope Voldemort will kill Harry and Ron and me," said Hermione.


"For the past couple of days you where so nice, what happened?" said Hermione.

"Nothing happened Granger, It's the way I am. I still think Potter is a fucking dumbass, and Weasle is a poor dumbass sidekick. And you're still a know-it-all Mudblood."

"Fuck you Malfoy," said Hermione, leaving Malfoy all alone.

'Why did I do that?' thought Mafloy, 'That is not the way to stop liking Granger'

Hermione walked to Ginny's room, to be alone and sat in the bed she was sleeping in and took out the closest book she could find and tried to read it, but she couldn't.

'What's wrong with me, why didn't I expect this from him, it's only been three days. Once an evil bitch, always one.' said Hermione to herself.

Then there was a knock on the door, "Hermione, are you in here?"

It was Ron, he was still in his tuxedo he wore in the wedding, all Hermione did was smile.

"Yeah Ron, why aren't you at the party?" said Hermione.

"I should be asking you that question," said Ron, comeing over and sitting on the foot of Hermione's bed, "You shouldn't be here all stuck by yourself."

"I just wasn't in the mood," said Hermione, "I went and brought Malfoy some food and he was being an ass to me."

"Well, that's normal Malfoy for you," said Ron.

"Yeah, I know" said Hermoine, setting her book down.

"So, Hermione, I came to find you to tell you that McGonagall came up to Harry and me a little while ago and told us that she and mostly everyone else wont let us go off to Godric Hollow, but will let us go to Godric Hallow with all of my brothers, to look around, and visit Harry's partents graves. That McGonagall got that trick from Dumbledore by finding out about everything us three plan before we ever go through with doing it."

"Well, when are you two ever do what you were told?" said Hermione, with a laugh, "Do you plan on sneaking off from everyone once there or something?"

"We don't know yet," said Ron, also with a laugh, "But what we do know, is that we're going back to school, cause we're being watched by every single Order Member.  Finding those Horcruxes will have to come later then we thought."

And then suddenly Ginny came into the room and said, "Ron, Hermione, McGonagall's looking for you, come down."

All three then left the room, and headed downstairs to Fred and George's room, where Harry, Professor McGonagall, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and Malfoy were waiting.

"Yes, good you're here," said Professor McGonagall, " Now, I spoke with everyone you could possibly amagine, that should know about young Mr. malfoy here, and we came to a conclusion."

"And what may that be Professor?" said Hermione.

"We are going to leave Draco Malfoy under your protection, and when I say 'your' I mean you three," said McGonagall

"What?! No!" said Harry, "Why?"

"Because you three are the last people anyone would ever think of watching him," said Professor McGonagall, "everyone knows you four are childhood nemisis, and that Harry here would rather kill him then protect him."

"If you know I would rather kill him, I say again, why?" said Harry, "He's evil, he's always been, He's a Death Eater, nobody stops being a Death Eater! We shouldn't be protecting him!"

"Now, now Potter, don't be so mean" said Malfoy, with a grin.

"He's different Harry, he's barely seventeen," said Professor McGonagall, "He didn't choose this. It was punishment for what his father did."

"That's right," said Malfoy wtih a smirk.

"You think he didn't choose this!" said Harry, completely ignoring Malfoy, "It's in his blood, they all choose it!"

"Harry, my dear, we all know the Malfoys are one of the biggest power hungry wizarding families known to us," said Mrs. Weasley.

"Why, thank you," said Malfoy.

"But everyone must be trusted once in their lives." said Mrs. Weasley, also ignoring Malfoy.

"Like we trusted Snape," said Harry, "And we all know how that turned out. He killed Dumbledore!"

"We are aware of that, Harry," said Professor McGonagall, "But don't forget, Malfoy didn't, he's not a killer."

"That's right, "said Malfoy.

"Shut up Malfoy!" said Harry, and then he went silent. the words Dumbledore said to malfoy right before he died went though his head. 'he cannot kill you if you are already dead. Come over to the right side, Draco, and we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine'...'Come over to the right side, are not a killer.'

"Fine," said Harry, "But if he turns on us, it's not my fault."