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Falling for Sirius by princesslily_36

Format: Novella
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 31,292

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 09/08/2006
Last Chapter: 09/17/2007
Last Updated: 03/26/2016


My name is Juliet Anna Potter. I'm James Potter's twin sister. Life has always been pretty normal for me. That is, until my friend Sirius decided to play matchmaker for my brother and Lily. Now we're supposed to act like we're dating - only it's all pretend...right? Everything's so messed up - especially since I started getting butterflies in my stomach whenever Sirius is around...47,000+ reads!! AMAZING Banner by .amaris @ TDA

Chapter 6: Remus and Kia

Starting of RAKO. Ok that name stuck on. Only because we couldn’t find anything better. Sirius said he will talk to Remus. And I was supposed to talk to Kia and get her to confess.

 “So did you talk to her?” asked Sirius next morning when I came down.

 “Umm…” I would have. Really. I was planning to. But Sirius made a huge entrance earlier that evening and told everyone that we were a ‘couple’. James and Remus just winked and nodded. Lily stared. Just stared. As for Kia, her jaw almost hit the floor. Remus leaned over and closed it with his finger and we all laughed. Peter looked like he might say something stupid but James silenced him. Why wouldn’t he? After all this was for him. Sirius had his hand around me the whole time and told everyone to drop the subject. They did. It was just too easily done. I was right! Because last night before going to bed, they stormed me with questions. Thank god I had the gift of the gab. I handled it well. But after I finished telling them about how I started liking him and how he asked me out and where we might plan our first date… [Blah! Blah! Blah! Yawn!] We were too tired that we went to sleep and I didn’t have a chance. I told Sirius all this. He just smiled at me. Amused.

 “What?” I asked him.

 “What exactly did you tell them about me?”

 “Nothing… just about how you asked me out and stuff…”

 “What was your story?”

 “I just narrated what you did last evening… threw in a kiss at the end and some romantic words in the beginning. Don’t know why I made you a romantic hero. It would have been nice if I told them you were so stupid that you messed it up!”

 “Hey, Sirius never messes up when he asks a girl out!” he said offended.

 “Really?” I said disbelievingly. We had started walking downstairs, “Too bad I would never know!”

 “I am sacrificing 2 dates a week to do this. Enjoy while it lasts.”

 “Enjoy! I am sacrificing getting a boyfriend for this!”

 “I always said I wanted to try going out with you sometime. To say that I have dated all the fittest girls in school. And I didn’t because I knew James would kill me. But now ironically it is because of him that I am so-called dating you.” He said sliding an arm around my waist and pulling me closer. We had reached the great hall. Many people threw me glances. Mostly girls. And those weren’t friendly glances. Uh-Oh. I hadn’t anticipated this. This made it seem like their suspicions were true and I really had been out to get Sirius for myself. No! I screamed inside my own head. We sat down next to each other and so Lily was forced to sit next to James. See, it was working already. James blushed a little but then started grinning in his self-satisfied way which he immediately changed when he got a LOOK from Remus.

“Kia… umm…” Remus was blushing. I caught on. Mainly because Sirius was giving me a triumphant look.

 “Can I … umm… never mind!” he said sitting down and avoiding our eyes.

 “What?” asked kia.

 “No… forget it!” he muttered, looking intently at his food.

 “Remus!” said James sternly. James so wanted this to work, I thought laughing inside.

 “What is it?” asked Kia, looking between Remus and James.

 “Remus wants to tell you which girl he has a crush on!” said Sirius smirking. He was egging Remus on. Not so subtle but.

 “No he doesn’t!” said Remus turning bright red. Kia’s face closed up and she started poking her food vigorously, clearly angry.

 “Yes he does!” said Sirius.

 “No he doesn’t!”

 “Yes he does!”

 “Stop it!” that was Kia. She was bugged. Because she was jealous (it was so cute!) , “I don’t want to know.” saying this she got up and walked out. Remus looked after her.

 “Go after her doofus!” said Lily.

 “I don’t know…” he started.

 “JUST GO!” we all yelled together. He jumped up and held his hands out in front of him.

 “Chill guys… I am going…” he hurried out like we were going to hit him. we might have if he hadn’t gone. We all laughed. James signaled to Sirius and both of them nodded and got up.

 “What?” I asked. Their grins told the story. A prank.

 “You will have to wait!” said Sirius.

 “It is going to be awesome!” said James. Once my curiosity was aroused I had to know it.

 “What?” I pleaded. They just shook their heads mysteriously and walked away.

 “Are you sure about this?” asked Lily seriously once I turned back to her.


 “You and Sirius… you know his dating record. In one week he will break your heart and move over to another girl.”

 “Lily… I know what I am doing!”

 “It’s for your own good Ju! And I don’t believe James is okay with it.”

 “Sirius talked to him.” I said. That was kinda true. I hated lying to Lily.


 “Lily, don’t worry. I will be fine.” I said cutting her. I looked over to where James and Sirius were walking down the hall talking and waving to girls who waved to them. Flirts! I thought shaking my head at them.


 We were sitting in charms and feeling bored. It was theory class.

 “So is it today?” asked Remus significantly at James and Sirius. Sirius shook his head.

 “We had to postpone it.”


 “Because of… impracticality…”

 All the three nodded understandingly. I was definitely curious.

 “James!” I pleaded. James shook his head.

 “We pledged our friendship.”

 “Pledge of friendship?”

 “Ya… as part of the marauder law.”

 “Marauder law?”

 “Its part of the marauder rulebook.”

 “Marauder rulebook?” what were these things? I didn’t know about it! And James tells me almost everything. I guess almost is the key word. Sirius laughed and I realized that they were pulling my leg. He flicked back my earring. That hurt!

 “Don’t Sirius!” and he did it again. What is it with guys and the necessity to disobey every single thing we say? Just when I turned to appeal to James, who by the way was laughing (hmph!)-

 “Detention Black and Potter! I will not have that kind of behavior in my class!” Uh-oh! Not detention again! I had to stay back with Sirius to find out about our detention. During next Hogsmeade, where our plan for LAJO was going to officially start, we had to spend our time serving coffee at three broomsticks. What fun! (ok for the record I am a LOT sarcastic!)