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Breathtaking, beautiful, terrible. by Sparky Cobalt

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,530
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Voldemort, Luna, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny

First Published: 12/15/2006
Last Chapter: 12/23/2006
Last Updated: 12/23/2006

A short story about Luna and the end of the war.  Written in July of 2006 under the influence of sleep medication combined with lack of sleep.  Read and flame! <3 'Sensitive Topic' here means death.  So yeah.

Chapter 1: There is no chapter title.

[a.n.]I wrote this back in July.  I posted it in a fanfiction section of a fantastic rp site I'm on, but it never occurred to me to put it on here..

I'm just going to transfer what I posted there onto here.  Hooray.

I refuse to reread it because I will then delete it in shame.[/a.n.]
A/N : Mehhh.  I started this when the lightning storms were abundant and I feared for Compy's life >.<

Original title: "It was breath-taking, beautiful, and terrible at the same time."


Luna Lovegood stepped on the last… well, step, as she finally made her way out of the dungeons.  She winced slightly, and her left leg dragged a bit after her as she took a few steps forward.  The place she entered was the entrance hall of Hogwarts, although you wouldn’t have been able to tell if you didn’t expect to end up there.  Those magnificent wood doors that proudly held out the outside world had been blasted in, the lower parts by magic, and some parts at inhuman height strangely yet clearly showing signs of some physical damage.

In the middle of the formerly grand Entrance Hall was the body of a startlingly large giant.  Its body was covered in horrible burns and cuts, because, as the scorch-marks all around the walls testified, its magic repelling giant blood had… well, repelled the magic which had been shot at it.  Around the corpse of the mountain-dwelling being and its rather large pool of blood were the mutilated, draining bodies of those who had died keeping it from getting further into the castle and causing worse damage.

As Luna stepped calmly across the hall to those blasted open doors, her normally protruding eyes held a strange cloud over them.  A partial reason for this was the confusion she was feeling, as she asked herself questions like 'where had the survivors gone?'  If someone had been alive and looking at her, they wouldn’t have even realized that they were looking at the Luna Lovegood.  That waist-length dirty blonde hair was now only as long as the space between her chin and the top of her forehead.  It simply screamed ‘unprofessional’, as the ends were jagged, signifying that they had been simply sliced away from their rather long-time partner ends.

Her robes had huge gashes in them, as if they’d been sliced open carelessly(and they were), along with the clothes she’d worn underneath.  However.. the main reason those noticeable eyes were so dull were the multiple stab wounds in her chest, along with a few in her neck.  They bled freely, and she obviously had some internal bleeding going on, shown by the rather large amount of blood flowing out of her mouth.  Either that, or her tongue had been cut off, but either way, it most likely wasn’t very enjoyable.  To say the least, Luna Lovegood was not going to be jumping around singing the theme song to Spongebob Squarepants anytime soon at all.

When she finally made it out of the decimated entrance hall, she was confronted by a wounded Thestral.  It was limping, much like her, it’s left hind leg broken rather horribly, and it crawled up to her while whimpering for help, the sickening white bones sticking out of the mangled limb scritching [a.n=yes, scritching is now a word!] across the ground.  However, the rather odd Ravenclaw had no way to help it, her life slowly draining out of her already.  Luna leaned onto the bizarre looking animal, and whispered to it, attempting to drag bits and hints of urgency into her blood-choked whisper.  The words she said were simple.

“Take me to the grave..  Please..”

The thestral, seemingly understanding the urgency of both of their last actions in life and the vague instructions it had been given, nudged the dirty blonde onto it’s back and flew hap-hazardly towards that white monument where poor, dead Dumbledore had been encased.  As the strange creature flew on, injured even worse than it's rider, Luna's mind seemed to be blank.  She did notice, however, how calm and so unfitting to the situation the outside weather was.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the clouds were small, white, and puffy... It would've been a perfect day;  A day when she should've been sitting by the lake talking to the Giant Squid, not bleeding to death and suffering from a bad and abruptly and brutally given haircut.  

But irreversably, immediately, and inescapably they arrived at the scene.  On top of that beautiful white structure housing the dead, dead, dead body of the great wizard Dumbledore was the only thing left of the resistance against the dark, the last hope of the day's good people, the shining beacon of hope through that dark, hopeless place they called 'reality', the last members of the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.  Apparently, he had been tricked into coming out into the open to save his one true love, blah blah blah, you know what happens.  Voldemort stole his ''ex''-girlfriend, Harry spazzed and went 'r3l34s3 h3|2 f00|_[a.n=for all you l33tless readers, that says 'release her fool'] and Voldemort did, but disarmed Harry in the process.  That, my friends, was me giving you the drama -without- the standard five pages of reading.  I call it genius and space saving, you call it angsty and lazy.  I agree with you.  It's because I never wrote this part, knowing that everyone knew what'd happen right there in that situation.  If you didn't, I'm sorry for ruining everything for you.  Have a cookie.

Standing across from that couple was the Dark Lord himself, often called 'evillest thing to ever live', those red slits on his evil face he called eyes as wide as they could get as the final horcrux he had other than the one in his body was destroyed, the snake burning away and the semi-soul encased in it simply floated away.  His eyes traveled quietly upward, following the whispy whiteness simply leaving the earth, to God[or Satan, or any/which other variation if in fact one does exist] knew where it was going and what would happen to it.  Voldemort felt slight pain in his chest, but only a small shred of what he had felt when he had first torn that piece away from his soul, or that dull ache that wracked through him every second he wasn't whole.  He had mastered his pain, of course, but still, it was there, as if a reminder of what he had done to accomplish something that this boy had no idea of.

The thestral Luna was riding on crashed soundlessly into the grass, and rather painfully, Luna got off.  The bones protruding from the thestral's injured leg had ripped painful holes in his leg, and the blood-loss was taking it's toll.  The long misunderstood and mistreated creature nuzzled at the dying girl in front of him, licking once or twice that delicious blowed that now not only flowed weakly through her veins but onto her clothes as well.  This would do as a sort of last meal for him, the intelligent beast decided, and rested his head on the ground, pain wracking through his odd body.  The thestral whimpered one last time in it’s life, and died.

Now, there are a few endings I wondered about choosing for this story.  Here are two.  Or, if I decide to break the second one into two parts, Two and a half.


Ending #1:

As Luna watched, her eyes cloudier than ever, Ginny was wrenched whimpering out of Harry’s loving embrace, and taken to Voldemort’s side.  Voldemort grinned maliciously at Harry, as one of his fingers slid down the side of her face and Ginny shivered, disgusted and probably from his cold fingers, openly.  Harry simply screamed something along the lines of “Get your-“....“off!”.  By now, Luna’s hearing was fading out every now and then, leaving blanks in what she heard, and the same was true for the dirty-blonde's eye-sight..  In reply, all Luna heard was a snap, as Ginny’s neck was snapped easily by the Dark Lord, and her head rolled from side to side at a sickening angle.  At this, the long tormented boy Harry Potter snapped and started screaming, all his emotional, mental, and physical pain obvious from the anguished, life-hating scream his mouth was emitting.  That sought-after Red-headed girl  was simply tossed aside, head bouncing with the impact, it’s mind-rending purpose fulfilled.  Harry Potter was broken; he had nothing left.  And with a simple killing spell, Harry Potter was killed… again.

And that was that.

Luna’s eyes opened once more, not realizing she had closed them in fear when Harry had started screaming.  As she looked down on that now un-chaotic, disturbing scene, the Dark Lord Voldemort, the most evil man known to recent Wizarding history, the man who had set in motion the Death of Dumbledore and now the Boy Wonder Harry Potter, started crying.  The man... or could he even be called a man anymore? started laughing, those tears of relief, victory, and amusement going down his face, seemingly a painful reminder that he was in fact still human.  By the amount of relief he seemed to be feeling from the death of the only person he truly thought of as a threat, he seemed to have doubted himself, though you'd never know it from his look of proud, assured victory.  

Luna had other plans for the snakelike man in front of her.  In a quiet, deft movement, she took out her almost-destroyed wand, her eyes narrowed.  Her hand raised, shakily from the blood-loss, and aimed the charred wood in her hand at the laughing, crying, evil man in front of her.  She poured all of her bad memories into her head and this moment, preparing for what she would have to do to rid the world of this man.  The memories flashed past her eyes, Was this an effect of what she was doing, or was that 'life flashing past your eyes' before you die?

A small girl with short, straight hair sobbed as the building around her burned, her mother already blasted to pieces.  ''Mommy!  Mommy!'' the little girl cried, her tears streaming down her face as the building came breaking down.

An 11 year old had all her things stolen by the older girls in Ravenclaw, all the while being teased and being called 'Loony' for her strange appearance.

A 12 year old had all her things stolen again by the older girls in Ravenclaw, unable to do anything as she hung upside down in the air as the girls went through her things, stole, and read her diary, all the while laughing at her insecurities and questions.

Watching -her- Harry Potter all over her only friend, unable to do anything to turn his attention to her, and knowing that he was never and truly never would be hers in reality.

And now, the death of her hero and the target of all of her affection.

And now, Luna prepared for the true last thing she would ever do alive.  She forced herself to blame all of her life's misery on that man in front of her, from the daily annoyances to the death of her father in the fighting.  Her hand shook not only with fatigue and bloodloss, but from the fury she felt running through her spent, but entire, body.  She whispered the words Avada Kedavra, the wand pointing at Voldemort bursting into action as an unstoppable green beam of light made it's way from her wand to that unsuspecting figure of the Dark Lord kneeling in front of Dumbledore's grave.

Ending #2:

Luna made her way down the hill she was on top of, still silent, and still bleeding horribly, irreversibly staining her torn and damaged clothes.  Ginny Weasley was now mumbling something to Harry, loud enough to carry over to even the slowly dying Ravenclaw. 

I’ll die in your arms.

Voldemort laughed, but mercifully didn’t do anything as he watched the scene in front of him with unconcealed disgust.  The only person who had ever entered his mind, the only person he was even close to relating to, the only person who had caused him as much metal pain as he had caused the other emotionally, the person he had sought to kill for seventeen long years... The only person he considered more annoying than Dumbledore had ever been.  He was worthy of having an ounce of mercy from the evil man. Voldemort was going to let him have his last words, his last breath, his last moment.

Harry Potter stared vaguely off at his wand in longing, that frail and currently useless piece of wood now floating on the lake.  He smiled down at the only person he had eyes for, the wonderful Ginny Weasley.  Harry leaned down, kissed her for the last time, light and slow, and nodded, bracing himself for what was to come.  He held enough respect for himself and that man he had fought so hard against, had given his all to defeat, and failed.  Harry Potter respected Voldemort, and silently accepted his fate.  Ginny simply smiled up at him, pround and happy.

Voldemort saw that they were done, and did the thing he’d been preparing for for years;  He killed Harry Potter and the last person alive that the boy-who-lived cared for.  Avada Kedavra rang out across the grounds of the once proud school of witch-craft and wizardry, and the boy-who-lived lived no more.

It was breath-taking, beautiful, and terrible at the same time.

Luna stumbled across to those lifeless, limp bodies that were the last resistance; the only hope.  She smiled sadly down at her only best friend and the hero she’d been looking up to and longing for for five very long years.  She hadn’t been able to ever tell Ginny that she’d liked Harry Potter almost as long as she had, that she had as much fantasies about him as the red-haired and more attractive one did, that she thought about him and wished dearly he'd notice her; simply because it would’ve cost her her only friend.

And at this simple though, Luna frowned, the hard gesture rolling onto her face as she looked down to the peacefully deceased face of her friend, and kicked the red-head viciosly, destroying a few of those unharmed and fragile ribs that were enclosed in her frail body.  She hadn't noticed, but that man who had killed the boy-who-lived-no-more had simply watched her in light amusement, holding himself back from killing her immediately to see what she would do.  Now, the man had a confused, yet still extremely amused and triumphant smirk on his face as he watched the unpopular girl crush the dead body, all the jealousy and hurt in her heart pouring out at that moment through the blows being taken to the corpse.

Fully prepared for this to be her last act in her oh-too-short life, she collapsed over those lover's bodies, her blood seeping into the already blood and tear-stained dirt.  As her eyes closed, Luna confusedly thought that she faintly heard a snake-like voice muttering a powerful healing spell from somewhere nearby, but that was almost certainly a strange before-death hallucination.

Or was it?



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