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Setting It All Up by luckistars

Format: Novella
Chapters: 14
Word Count: 20,438
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Fred/George, Oliver, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/12/2006
Last Chapter: 03/19/2008
Last Updated: 03/19/2008

"She hates his gut! She's made it obvious..." Alicia whispered. "Well, we need to fix them up... Or else!" Fred replied sarcastically. "We need to hatch a plan. Call it Operation Set Up." George schemed.

Lilly Dillamond was an uptight, sarcastic, bookworm harboring a secret obsession. Oliver Wood was a flambouyant, quidditch-loving playboy. And when all their friends hook up, they are planning to set them up. And if all goes well, it might just work.

Chapter 10: Tick Tock Went the Clock

Chapter 10
Tick Tock Went the Clock

Oliver, who had just pounded angrily into his dorm, sat disgruntled on his bed. He was slouched, leaning lazily against the wall. His face was similar to that of a child who did not get his way.

Staring at his clock, he watched the seconds hand move quickly around the circle, and the minute hand slowly tick over. The room was so quiet, he could hear the ticking.


Where was she? He knew that if Lilly had come into the room, he would easily hear her, as his dorm was right next to the door.


Again, he had resorted to staring at the clock to help solve his uneasy gut. Normally, he was worried, but after hearing about Penn, he knew something was not right. He was just not particularly sure what at the moment.


And then, he heard her. The Fat Lady made a loud creaky noise as she swung open, and he knew that Fred and George had run to greet her. He would wait a moment, than come out of his room like nothing had happened. Like it was pure coincidence that he had walked into the room at the moment.

As he began thinking, his concentration was so broken, he could no longer hear the ticking of the clock. It had gotten redundant after a while, and he was quite pleased that he was finally able to block it of his mind. Getting up, barely ruffling the blanket he had sat on, he softly crept out of the dorm, and into the common room.

Lilly had just walked into the common room after a short conversation with the Fat Lady, who’s name was actually Victoria. Everyone just called her the Fat Lady, and she had become so offended, that she became rambling about the impoliteness of today’s generation. Lilly had not stated anything about how ‘Victoria’s’ rambling was actually impeding her schedule and was actually impolite as well.

But as the Fat Lady was her key to getting into the room, she had just hushed and nodded her head, pretending to listen.

“Thank you dear, for listening!” the Fat La- Victoria said pleased, beaming.

Lilly exchanged another smile, and replied, “No problem… Victoria.” She looked like she was near tears as she swung open for Lilly. As soon as the portrait closed, Lilly announced to the common room, “Did you know that the Fat Lady has a name?

She looked over by the fireplace, and as always, the ‘gang’ sat there, lounging their butts on the plush red sofas that made you itch is you sat too long.

“What now Lillers?” Fred called from his seat, as he looked over the couches back. As usual, he had come up with one more name for her. “Oh, you mean Vicky?”

“It’s Victoria.” Lilly corrected hastily, cocking her head to a side all knowingly. She smirked, and quickly tossed her messenger bag onto an unoccupied table nearby.

Angelina nudged Eliza, and her eyebrow rose. “Now, aren’t you a happy little girl…” she said slowly.

Lilly returned the look, her smirk growing wider. “And now, why do you say that?”

“Let’s just say a little birdie told us about a certain… Penn.” Eliza replied, a mysterious look on her face.

Oh god, gossip spreads fast in this school! Lilly thought to herself, bewilderment running through her mind. Never had she thought that the group would know so much, and it had only been about half an hour. But still, she thought it would be best to play it cool.

“Don’t think that you will keep any secrets.” George warned.

Lilly swore in her mind, but rebounded with a sugary sweet smile. “Now. There are no secrets to keep!”

“What did you do?” Alicia questioned. Before Lilly could answer though, Oliver casually tromped into the room. “Oh Oliver!” she exclaimed, “How nice of you to join us!”

Oliver’s face was filled with shock, as if taken by surprise. “What? Oh! Hey Lilly!”

“Lilly turned towards Oliver. “What did you want to talk to me about in the library when you rudely interrupted Alex and I?” Lilly had not purposely meant for the end of her statement to come off so obnoxious, but it still did.

His face looked wounded, and Lilly imagined his pride was at well. Serves him right, finally deflate that humongous ego of his! she thought in her mind, but a sickly feeling in her gut made her feel guilty. After all, they were ‘friends’ now. Or if you could even call them that.

“Oh…” he said softly, his voice barely audible as if it was a whisper. He looked down at his feet, as if there were magnets drawing him to stare at them. It was not like his shoes were even that interesting. Just an old beat up pair of Quidditch boots. “I wanted to tell you that we have Quidditch practice on Saturday. The day before the…” he choked before he continued to say, “Hogsmeade trip.”

Lilly was astounded that it took him so long and made him so nervous, just to say that. She could hear Fred and George snickering from behind the couch, and Alicia, Angelina and Eliza groaning, and slapping their foreheads.

Chuckling nervously, she replied, “That’s it?” When he nodded, she added, “Then I will go take a bath now…”

As she made her way towards the girl’s dorm, Fred called, “Did Penn ask you out?”

Lilly stopped right there. Oliver froze as well. Without turning around, she answered, “Yes…”

“And what did you say?” George continued.

“No.” She then continued to walk towards the stairs. As she left, Oliver sighed in relief.

“God you are lucky.” Eliza hissed. “Just make your move!”

Moaning in exasperation, he added, “I just can’t!!!” Eliza groaned along with him.


Lilly sat in the bathtub filled near the brink with bubbles. Her hair was swept up to avoid getting the soap on it, but still, her elbows were propped on the sides of the tub, and in the air was her book. The same one that she was reading before Penn had rudely interrupted.

She did not know why she kept calling him Penn, instead of Alex. It was similar to her case with Oliver. She had always called him Wood before she finally started calling him Oliver. It was something that just grew on her.

She slowly put her bookmark, a flat quill, between the pages to mark her page in the book. Lilly closed it, and put it on the carpet that sat, unmoved, on the tiles of the bathroom.

Tossing her head back until it rested against the back of the tub, she began to think about the events of the night, the questions, the answers…

“You know Wood?” Alex asked. Lilly who had been watching the door until he left, turned her head to look towards him.

“What?” she asked, rather rudely, but on accident.

He repeated, “You know him?”

She nodded. “Well, I can’t say I don’t! He’s the team captain, as well as in my house! All my classes to be exact.” She groaned, showing her obvious annoyance.

Alex laughed softly; it was more like a chuckle. She liked his laugh, but it reminded her so much of Wood’s laugh. “Do you like him?”

“Does it look like it?” she retorted.

“Doesn’t seem so.” He replied. She looked at him with a look that read ‘oh, really?’ “Good.”

Lilly who was surprised by his answer, asked, “Why?”

“’Coz… if you do, I would feel bad about asking you this; Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me?”

Lilly immediately sprang up, and grabbed her bag. Her face was contorted in pure shock; her eyes were half way popped out of her sockets. “Where are you going?” he called as she made her mad dash towards the door. He managed to grab her wrist.

“I’m sorry… but no.,” she said, trying to turn him down politely. She saw him suck in his cheek, and a look of pure shock that she had turned down, and disappointment in his face. He let go of her wrist, and she walked out.

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