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Move Along by Jaggy

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 67,581
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Skeeter, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/Lily

First Published: 07/24/2006
Last Chapter: 01/12/2008
Last Updated: 01/12/2008

A companionship and somewhat awkward relationship one year in the making, finally becomes official. But the secretive love of Lily and Sirius is turned upside down as Lily finds a new bond in none other than James. In their sixth year, how is the number one guy in Lily's life changed from Sirius Black to James Potter?

Chapter 21: The Running Rat || Posted January 12, 2008
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Chapter 8: Remus Knows Everything

A/N: Sorry for the long wait guys, but here it is at last! Chapter eight! *Yay* Any who, I'd like to give a shout out to one of my biggest fans, and, though she doesn't know it, she pushed me in the right direction for this chapter, so Jessi_Rose, this chapter is dedicated to you.

Focusing completely on Lily's lips, Sirius grinned as she leaned in just as Ficklefeathers took a dive towards the lake. Lily gasped in surprise as her lips crashed into his. He pulled her close, though he resisted the urge to laugh at her surprise.

"Mr. Black," Lily said, in a very un-Lily-like voice. It was much harsher than Lily's voice, though it was still the voice of a woman. Another woman that Sirius was fond of irritating too, only in a different sounded oddly like McGonagall. "Mr. Black! Pay attention!"

Lily was suddenly prodding him in the side.

"Pssst," she said, only in Peter's voice this time. "Padfoot, wake up!"

Sirius' eyes snapped open and he grinned sheepishly at a very red faced Professor McGonagall. She was glowering at him while Peter sat beside him with a guilty smile on his face.

"I'm so glad that you've decided to grace us with your presence Mr. Black," McGonagall huffed, her beady eyes glaring at him. "Would you like to share with the class what it is that you were smiling about so broadly."

"Well...I would Minnie," Sirius grinned cheekily, "but I'm afraid we've still got virgin ears in this classroom. Poor Pete here wouldn't be able to handle it I'm afraid. Now I'd be happy to give you a bit of dirty talk after class..."

"And I'll be happy to see you in detention Mr. Black."

"Oh Minnie," Sirius laughed putting a hand up to his mouth in a mock touched movement. He blinked his eyes rapidly, imitating a foolishly flirty girl. "You know how I look forward to those special moments with you. The usual time and place?"

McGonagall gave him a pointed glare, but he could have sworn the corners of her mouth twitched for just a moment. Stifled giggles filled the classroom. He settled back down when she threatened more detention.

He grinned at the stern look that Lily gave him from across the room as McGonagall returned to lecturing the class on the finer points of transfiguring a walrus into a walnut. They were later assigned partners to attempt to do the reverse and make a walnut into a walrus. Peter and Sirius were together, Remus was with Cordelia Sqirkelhoff, a Ravenclaw girl who's nose was slightly too small for her face, and James was partnered with Lily.

"What's the bet, Wormtail? Five galleons says they start yelling at each other in five minutes," Sirius whispered, elbowing Peter in the side. Peter gave him an annoyed glare before answering.

"Ten galleons says she slaps him in less than two," he smirked, extending his hand to Sirius.

"Deal," Sirius grinned shaking Peter's hand as Lily and James began talking. Sirius kept a trained eye on them as Peter attempted to transfigure their walnut first.

"So what were you dreaming about Padfoot?" Peter asked after a few pitiful attempts to do anything to the walnut. He'd succeeded in turning it an odd shade of grey, and upon closer inspection it did develop what might have been teeth...

Sirius' face lit up as he flicked his wand and the walnut instantly transfigured into a walnut sized walrus, but he didn't answer. His grey eyes sparkled happily as he placed a growth charm on the miniature walrus, causing it to grow to the size it should be.

"That's cheating Mr. Black," McGonagall said as she swept past. With a flick of her wand the walrus was back to being a walnut. "It should be walrus sized when you transfigure it. Try again."

She returned to her pacing about the classroom and Peter returned to his investigation.


"Snogging a pretty girl on the back of a hippogriff."

"Aren't we a bit old for wet dreams Padfoot?" Peter teased. Sirius made to slap his mate, but Peter dodged, and Sirius' hand only swept the top of Peter's straw colored hair.

"Memories," he corrected. "From a few weeks ago, thank you. No wet dreams to it."

"That night that James and me went looking for Remus' girlfriend?"

"No you dolt, the night that James and Remus discovered you had a girlfriend!" Sirius said, changing the subject. "How could you not tell us mate? And a pretty girl too!"

Peter grinned sheepishly as he looked over at Lily and James to see how the bet was going. So far neither looked red in the fact they were laughing together. His eyes then darted to Cordelia and Remus. His face tinted when he and Cordelia made eye contact. He broke it quickly and returned his attention to a smirking Sirius.

"Well, I didn't want you to..." Peter flushed and mumbled something under his breath and Sirius held in a laugh as Peter's blush grew.

"What was that Wormtail? I didn't quite catch it."

"I said I dinwanyouemarasme."

"Harass you?"

"I didn't want you lot to embarrass me!"

"Ah, embarrass you! Now, Pete, why would we go and do something like that?" Sirius laughed as he once again transfigured the walnut into a miniature walrus.

"Because the last time James had a girlfriend you embarrassed him like there was no tomorrow," Peter said nervously. "And then you gave me that very crude goblet when I was having lunch with her...I almost wet myself that thing scared me so badly!"

Sirius let out his bark-like laugh causing Lily and James (and several other classmates) to turn and look at him and Peter curiously. He saw Lily intentionally mouth to James that he was 'barking mad'.

"You don't know the half of it," James laughed loudly, so that Sirius could hear. Sirius made a stupid face at James, who kindly returned the favor. Lily shook her head in amusement at the two before she flicked James on the arm to remind him that they had work to do.

"I think we've lost our bets Pete," Sirius said out of the corner of his mouth.

"No way, Marauders' code clearly states that any time Lily's hand makes to hurt, no matter how lightly, constitutes as a slap. That flick was therefore a slap. You owe me ten galleons."

"That's only if she'd slapped him within two minutes," Sirius corrected. "We're three minutes into this, Pete. And my plan has thus far failed..."

"What plan?"

"To get Lily to yell at James for being immature...must try a different approach."

"You've already got detention tonight Padfoot, why risk it again?"

"How many times must I tell you? The risk is what makes life fun! Now watch and learn Pete."

Sirius flicked his wand at James, turning his hair bright pink. James looked up for a moment, but didn't notice the change. Several other students, however, did, and the class was instantly filled with snickering. Lily looked up, annoyed at the giggles, before she too spotted James' hair, and her laughter was quick to follow.

"What?" he asked looking mildly irritated at her laughter.

"Nothing," she responded, biting her bottom lip to try and contain her laugher. She was unsuccessful, and earned a stern, but amused look from James. He quickly glanced over at Sirius, knowing his mate had done something to him.

"Don't lie Lily, you're no good at it."

"Your hair..." she grinned, transfiguring her walnut into a mirror instead. James took it and looked at himself for a minute. Irritation crossed his face, but it was quickly turned to amusement as he returned the mirror into a walnut.

"Well, I look smashing don't I? You know Evans, only real men wear pink."

"Apparently so," she grinned. "But I believe Black is the color of friendship."

"Really, you get that feeling too?" James inquired as the both looked over at Sirius, identical looks of mischievousness in their eyes. "I thought I was the only one."

"Uh oh," Sirius said at the look they were giving him. Peter was holding a stitch in his side from the laughter.

"Mr. Potter, you may join Black in detention tonight for your...flamboyant hair disrupting my class."

James gave McGonagall the same grin that Sirius had given her earlier.

"I knew you couldn't resist us Minnie," he laughed.

"No girl can!" Sirius chimed in. "We're just too sexy!"

McGonagall closed her eyes, her face taunt with irritation before she pointed her finger at the door. When her eyes opened, the air of irritation she was emitting stole the smiles off every student's face.

"When the two of you decide that you are here to learn Transfiguration, you may return to my class. Until then Potter and Black, leave. And I hope you learn quickly because you're leaving your partners to finish the work alone."

Lily looked enraged now that she was going to have to do James' half of the work, and Peter gave Sirius an 'I-told-you-so' look. Sirius and James both hung their heads in shame as they grabbed their things and shuffled out of the now silent classroom.

"And fifty points from Gryffindor—" they turned to protest and McGonagall's anger intensified, "a piece for your rude and immature behavior. It's time to grow up boys."

They stared at her, open mouthed and shocked. She'd never been quite so aggravated with them before. But McGonagall's glare hardened and the two boys quickly gathered their things and shuffled out of the room without another word.

A stunned silence fell between them, and stayed through their empty Common Room to their dorm. Sirius tossed his books on his bed and plopped down after them. James was shaking his head, looking completely miserable.

"What is it Prongs?"

James didn't answer, but kept shaking his head. Sirius sighed and sat up. He rubbed his eyes with the thumb and forefinger of his right hand before he stood up and grasped James' shoulder. He gave his mate a searching look before smirking.

"Evans won't kill you Prongs."


"I keep getting called that, for some reason," Sirius chuckled, sitting back down on his bed. "Man, she's going to ignore the two of us through the rest of our classes today and then before dinner, when we're supposed to be doing our homework, she's going to yell herself hoarse for losing all those points, for being immature, and she may give each of us another detention, just for good measure."

"But I don't want her to yell at me Sirius! I'm sick of her just shutting me down! We were having an actual conversation! She was laughing with me, smiling for me! Why did you have to try and start something?" James suddenly sounded lost as he looked over at Sirius, who felt his gut drop. A tiny wrenching in Sirius' stomach assured him that he had not ruined James' conversation with Lily because of the bet. Deep down, Sirius knew he'd interrupted because he was unsure when James had learned the ability to communicate with Lily. And save for a brief few days after they'd saved each other, Lily and James hadn't spent much time together. Not without someone present.

Sirius had been quiet too long, he knew because of the strange look James was now giving him. Sirius' mind began to race as he saw the unasked question in James' hazel eyes. So he was beginning to suspect.

"I'm sorry mate," Sirius said, trying to sound sincere. "I just get a kick out of it when she yells at you."

"You're so encouraging."

Grinning, Sirius gave James a thumbs up, silently grateful that the suspicious look in James' eyes had dulled greatly, but was far from gone. Sirius shifted nervously, not liking the fact that his risky fun was beginning to run on empty. James was smarter than Sirius had been giving him credit for.

"Only for you Prongs," Sirius grinned, his voice masks up again. He pictured something cheerful so that all James would be able to see was his carefree best mate...not his crush's boyfriend. "Hey...what say we get some food for our now-free period?"

"Food sounds good," James said, smiling again. His eyes were now showing doubt for their earlier suspicions, and Sirius eased. "Last one there sings the school song to Dumbledore during dinner."

"You're on!"

"ONE HUNDRED POINTS?!" Lily screeched and Sirius and James, both of which were now cowering together in the Common Room where Lily had cornered them. They had, unsuccessfully, hidden in their dorm until dinner time to avoid Lily, and then had tried to sneak out for food under James' cloak. But Remus was a traitor and had a string ready and waiting for them to trip over. He was now standing behind Lily with his arms crossed and looking rather amused as his friends cowered under the angry glare of Lily's emerald eyes. "DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH WORK I PUT INTO GAINING ONE HUNDRED POINTS? YOU TWO KNOW BETTER! I SWEAR IF YOU DO ONE MORE IDIOTIC THING TO LOSE THAT MANY POINTS IN ONE GO AGAIN, SO HELP ME I'LL HAVE BOTH YOUR HIDES WISHING FOR ANYWHERE BUT HERE!"

The Common Room was dead silent as Lily's shouts lingered when she was done. Both boys were fighting between the urge to defend themselves or the urge to simply put their tails between their legs and go to eat. Alas, Lily wasn't quite done with them yet, so they had to endure yet more of her yelling before they could choose to do either. As the former would most likely only earn more yelling, they were leaning towards slinking away from Lily at the first possible moment.


"I think they heard you in China Lily," Remus said in the calmly sarcastic manner that he often held. Lily rounded on him, her eyes were blazing, but Remus simply offered her the gentle smile he always did and she melted.

Ever since Sirius could remember Remus had that affect on her. Then again, Remus had that affect on a lot of people, and being so close to Lily probably helped him a lot in the matter. It was one thing of Remus' that Sirius envied. He'd love to be able to calm Lily with a smile rather than his words. But neither he, nor James, possessed such a gift and they were left to fend off Lily's anger on their own.

"Damn," she grinned at Remus, "I was aiming for California."

For a moment, Sirius and James' spirits lifted that Remus may have calmed Lily all together. It was a very short lived moment because as soon as Lily turned to face them again, she still looked very heated. Sirius could have slapped himself for the fact that he was now tuning out whatever it was that Lily was lecturing him and James on and more taking in how beautiful she was when she had an angered flush in her cheeks, or how her eyes came alive with electricity when she was yelling.


"Huh?" James and Sirius said at the same time, both shaking their heads. Apparently Sirius wasn't the only one taking in Lily's beauty.

"Honestly!" Lily sighed, stopping her foot in frustration. "Can the two of you not focus for one minute? If you recall, Sirius, your daydreaming started this whole mess in the first place."

"He wasn't daydreaming," piped Peter's voice from the still Common Room. The entire Common Room turned to look at Peter. He had a mischievous look in his blue eyes and his round cheeks had a wicked grin on it; a grin he had learned from Sirius. Sirius closed his grey eyes as Lily turned to look at Peter.

God no, please no, Sirius mentally chanted. Let him use a different form of payback for my abandoning him. It was a pointless prayer.

"He was having memories of snogging a pretty girl on the back of a hippogriff a few weeks ago."

Sirius dropped his head as the words left Peter's mouth, and he felt his face heat up as giggles filled the room. He heard James stifle a laugh next to him, and Sirius resisted the urge to elbow James in the stomach as he lifted his head back up. Remus was chuckling silently and Lily had a tiny blush on her cheeks, though she too looked amused.

"Ah, thank you for correcting my mistake Peter," she said over her shoulder to Peter, a slight smirk now on her lips. "Now Sirius, I believe those, erm, memories will be all you'll have to go on if you spend all your nights in detention, don't you? There are no pretty girls to snog in detention."

"All I want is some food, so now that everyone's had their laugh at me, can I go?"

James burst into laughter now, unable to contain it any longer. His laughter caused Lily, Remus, and Sirius all to jump. Peter seemed to have been prepared for James' burst of laughter...prepared, or deaf.

"Bit old for wet dreams, aren't you Padfoot?" James gasped, trying to catch his breath. This was proving rather difficult for him as he continued to fall into pointless fits of laugher. Sirius' face burned again, and this time he didn't resist the urge to inflict pain upon James. He lifted his hand and cuffed James on the back of the head, which only seemed to make James laugh harder.

Sirius, embarrassed and hungry, looked back to Lily, who gave him a half smile and released him with a wave of her hand. Sirius gratefully obliged, with the other Marauders in toe. All three of which were still laughing heartily at him and his very blushed face.

"Shut up James," Sirius growled as the crawled through the portrait. "You're the one that's about to sing in front of the school."

"Oh yeah..." James trailed, suddenly finding Sirius' dream much less humorous. "Damn it!"

Many hours later, the fifth year boy's dorm lay quite still, save for an amber eyed boy who sat up in his bed, waiting patiently for what could be nothing. He fidgeted every so often in his bed, causing his sheets to ruffle slightly. Eventually he crawled out from his bed and walked over to a pitcher of water sitting on the window ledge. He grabbed a small glass and was soon relieving his throat of the burning feeling of thirst. There was a noisy creak behind him, and he turned to see a dark haired boy creeping into the dorm. Seeing him, Sirius froze, his eyes, which had been bright when he entered, instantly clouded and fell to the floor with guilt.

"You're out late tonight Padfoot," Remus whispered, nonchalantly, taking another sip of water. His amber eyes bore right into the side of Sirius' head. Sirius shifted guiltily, though he deliberately avoided meeting Remus' disappointed and disapproving eyes. "Pretty girl keeping you out late?"

Sirius gave a gruff mumble that Remus didn't quite catch in response. He had begun to shuffle back towards his long since empty bed, still avidly dodging Remus' gaze. He could sense where this was going.


"I don't want to talk about it," Sirius repeated, his voice hushed, and his eyes finally looking up at Remus. It was a mistake. Remus had the ability to get any information out of anyone he wanted. He just had the air of being trustworthy to him, and the eye contact is what did it. Sirius should have known better.

"Sirius," Remus repeated in that patronizing tone that could have made the Pope feel guilty. Not that Sirius knew who or what the Pope was, but from the way Lily talked about it, he figured the Pope was a good thing. "You can't hide this forever."

"Hide what?" Sirius retorted, defensively. Remus crossed his arms, his glass left on his bedside table. His eyes looked at Sirius sharply, and they keyed into a spot on Sirius' neck that was beginning to taunt. Sirius quickly raised a hand to cover the growing passion mark. Lily had been rather feisty tonight...and his heightened senses were starting to be able to tell her cycle. It was something that fascinated and terrified him all at the same time. To Sirius, turning on Lily was the quickest way to turn him on, and Lily was closing in on her time of the month, making her very fertile, and very excitable. Sirius figured it would probably be best not to take advantage of her hormonal state as it could have negative consequences later. If Lily wanted to sleep with him again, then one day she would. But Sirius was coming to the conclusion not to push it.

However, none of this was relevant, save the forming hickey, and Sirius was now suffering another of Remus' impossibly knowing looks that drove him insane. How did Remus just know everything?

"So I've got a hickey," he grumbled. "No big deal."

"No big deal? It is a big deal Padfoot!" Remus hissed, walking up to Sirius angrily. "James is in love with Lily and you're off doing God knows what with her! He's your best friend Sirius!"

"Shut up!" Sirius growled, looking over at the hangings that covered James' bed frantically. James could not hear this conversation.

"He can't hear us," Remus stated, calmer now as he followed Sirius' eyesight. "Silencing Charm," he answered at Sirius' questioning look. "You've got to tell him, Sirius. Someone is going to find out. What if it's a Slytherin? Don't you think James would rather you told him you were dating his beloved Lily than someone like Rosier, or your brother?"

Sirius was silent, staring absently at James' bed. Damn Remus' ability to know everything, particularly since Sirius didn't really know how Remus knew he and Lily had gotten together. But he quite obviously did. Maybe Remus was just more observant than James...Sirius shook his head, amused with himself for a moment. Of course Remus was more observant than James. It's part of what made Remus, Remus.

"He knows nothing of love," Sirius said, almost spitefully, before he caught himself. He flinched at his own words, and saw Remus shift his weight uncomfortably. Sirius had to redeem himself. "And he'd rather not hear it at all. I'm careful with her, Remus. We won't be found out."

It was difficult to ignore the look that Remus gave him, but Sirius did it anyways. Who did Remus think he was? Sirius' mother? The amber eyed boy crawled into his bed without another word to Sirius, and Sirius knew Remus was irritated with him. Sirius shrugged it off as he crawled into his own bed, knowing Remus would forgive him for is arrogance by morning.

After all, he was not going to be caught.