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From Hate To Love And Back Again by Irish_Ginny

Format: Novel
Chapters: 27
Word Count: 66,986

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 05/31/2006
Last Chapter: 10/23/2006
Last Updated: 11/01/2006

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This takes place during James and Lily's 7th Year. After James is once again rejected by Lily he asks the other Marauders for help. But is this a good idea? Especially if Sirius is helping? Join James, Lily and their friends as they tackle their last year and everything it brings; love, loss and laughter. PLEASE REVIEW!!!! I really need you to tell me what you think!!

Chapter 25: Chapter 25: N.E.W.T's and Werewolves

Chapter 25: N.E.W.T’s and Werewolves.

The next few months passed quickly for everyone, especially the seventh and fifth years. Their exams were in a few weeks and the pressure of them was getting to the students. Especially Lily, she was not coping well with all the stress she was putting on herself. She snapped at people when they tried to talk to her, even James was getting scared of her because of the wand she pulled on him the day before for trying to give her a kiss on the cheek. He now knew not to bug Lily when she was studying.

No one had any free time anymore. They were either in the library or the common room studying. Even Sirius realised the importance of the exams and was studying. Not to the same extent as Lily, but he was still studying.

The teachers also felt the need to point out every lesson how close their exams were. Lily would have a panic-attack when they mentioned it, even though she knew how many days it was until the exams began.

A few days before the exams the group sat on the floor in the Gryffindor common room studying. Remus was the only one not there, he had gone to the Hospital Wing. He had told them he was sick but James and Sirius knew better, tonight was a full moon. The strain of the exams was causing the tempers of the group to wear thin and they were threatening any student who made too much noise while they were in the room.

“Don’t they know how to stay quiet?” Lily asked exasperatedly.

“Lily they are only whispering,” James told her. “You need to relax. What has gotten in to you? You were never this stressed during any of our other exams.”

“I can’t relax! The exams are in a three days! They determine what we are fit to do when we leave school! Of course I am stressed about them!” Lily told him.

“Lils honey, if you keep up like this the only thing you will be fit for is the mental wing in St Mungo’s,” James told her.

“Shut up James! I am under a lot of stressure at the minute and I don’t need your smart comments thank you!” Lily said angrily.

“Stressure? Is this the new Lily language we should all learn?” Sirius asked with a laugh. “You don’t need to worry about the exams, you can create your own words, who needs to know anything else?”

“I meant stress and pressure, don’t try and be smart with me Black, I’m not in the mood for it,” Lily told him scathingly.

“I think we could all do with a break,” Alice suggested. “Relax a bit,”

“That is the best thing I have heard all day!” Sirius exclaimed happily, closing all his books and jumping to his feet.

“Yeah, come on Lil, we can go outside and get some fresh air,” James told her reaching down to pull her up.

“I can’t, I have far too much to do. I-” Lily started but stopped and looked down appalled at the table. All her books, notes, quills and ink had disappeared. “What the hell did you do Potter? Where are my things?”

“You will get them back after you come outside for a break. You are working yourself up too much. You aren’t going to fail because you took a break. After an hour or so we will come back and I will give you all your books back and you can bury yourself in them again,” James told her with a grin. She sighed and stood up with his help.

“I will get you for this Potter, you won’t get away with it,” she told him.

James just grinned again and moved in to kiss her on the cheek but she backed away.

“No James. You said we are all going to take a break, and we are all going to go outside and relax, and I don’t think you kissing me involves all of us so we can’t,” Lily told him with an evil smirk and walked out of the common room with a laugh.

James sighed and shook his head. “Well at least she is calming down a bit,”


James was walking around the castle looking for Lily. She had disappeared an hour ago and never told him where she was going. But he knew there were only two places she could be; Gryffindor common room or the library. He had to tell her he wouldn’t be able to do rounds tonight but he couldn’t tell her the real reason. Tonight was a full moon and he would be with Remus, but he had to think of an excuse to tell Lily. He had been making up things every month to get out of it and go with a Remus and he had a feeling Lily was getting suspicious.

He walked into the silent library and sure enough there was Lily sitting at a table in the corner with Alice and Emma, books surrounding them. He took a deep breath and walked over to the table.

“Hey ladies,” he said with a smile.

“Hi James,” Alice replied but Emma and Lily just waved their hands to show they knew he was there.

“Um….Lily can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked

“Ok,” said Lily suspiciously.

He turned and walked out of the library, Lily right behind him. Once outside he turned to her with a smile.

“Hi Lils,” he said cheerfully. “Listen, I won’t be able to do rounds tonight, I have something I need to do,”

Lily looked at him suspiciously. “What?”

“What, what?” James asked confused.

“What do you have to do?” she asked.

“Oh….I have to….I have detention,” he said quietly.

“What did you do to get detention?”

“It wasn’t me, Sirius started it, but we both ended up with detention, so did Peter” James said in a hurry, unable to come up with a good excuse under Lily’s questioning stare.

“Ok, I’ll do them myself. See you back in the common room later then?” she asked huffily. She hated doing rounds on her own but James had left her a few times during the year, but what for she didn’t know.

“Definitely!” James said, happy she wasn’t questioning him further. “Bye,” he said and gave her a kiss on the cheek before heading to Gryffindor Tower.

Lily sighed and returned to her table in the library. She sat down with a frown and Alice looked up at her questioningly.

“What did James want?” Alice asked.

“Or is it something we would rather not here?” Emma asked with a grin.

“No nothing like that, he just wanted to tell me he wouldn’t be able to do rounds tonight,” Lily told them.

“Oh. Did he say why?” Emma asked.

“Said he, Sirius and Peter have detention,” Lily said. She looked at the table thoughtfully. “Do you….Do you think James is cheating on me?”

Alice and Emma looked at each other appalled.

“Of course not Lily, he loves you. Why would you think that?” Alice asked confused.

“I don’t know, he has bailed on rounds a few times and he always seems so uncomfortable when he tells me he can’t make it. He just looks like he is hiding something form me,” Lily told them worriedly. She didn’t thin James would cheat on her like Robert had.

“I’m sure he has a good excuse not to be there Lily. He wouldn’t give up the chance to spend an hour with you on your own if it wasn’t important,” Emma advised.

Lily just shrugged, unsure what to think. She didn’t believe James would cheat on her, but then why was he hiding something from her?

“We could follow him tonight, see where he goes?” Alice suggested.

“Alice! We can’t do that! That is a violation of James privacy!” Emma told her.

“Emma what did I say about using big words? The exams are in a few days and I don’t need your confusing vocabulary baffling me any further. Anyway, why can’t we follow him? He is keeping something from Lily and all we want to do is find out what. When it is clear he isn’t seeing another girl we will go back,” Alice said.

Lily wasn’t so sure about this plan. Yes she wanted to know what James was doing everytime he abandoned her but what if he caught her following him? She agreed in the end and so did Emma but she did give a few more lectures about peoples right to privacy until Alice told her she wasn’t allowed to use any word with more than six letters in it for the rest of the day as she was too confusing when she spoke.

At seven o’clock James, Sirius and Peter left the girls in the common room telling them they were going to their detentions. They girls gave them a head-start before they followed them at a safe distance.

Lily was confused when she saw them cross the Entrance Hall and out through the front doors. The three girls wrapped their robes around them tightly themselves and followed the boys out into the darkness. They followed them to the Whomping Willow and hid behind a bush, out of sight.

They watched very confused as to what was going on. It didn’t look like James was meeting a girl, but then what was he doing. Lily watched bewildered when all of a sudden Peter disappeared. She looked at Alice and Emma to see if they had any idea what was going on but they looked just as confused as she did.

The tree stopped moving suddenly and James and Sirius climbed into a hole that appeared to be at the base of the tree. Lily, Alice and Emma exchanged looks of understanding, stood up and walked silently over to the place where James and Sirius had disappeared. There was a well covered hole at the base of the tree that you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t already know it was there. It seemed to lead into a tunnel so the three girls climbed down carefully and walked quietly along the passage looking around it wearily.

Lily wasn’t sure why James had come down here but the tunnel was starting to scare her slightly. She heard voices from ahead and they stopped, backs against the wall, listening to them. Lily identified them immediately as James and Sirius.

“I still feel bad everytime we come here and have to watch him,” James said sadly.

“Yeah, me too. I hate seeing him go through it,” Sirius agreed.

“Did you see Wormtail?”

“I think he went up to him already. Being so small he can just jump when he is nearly fully there,” James said.

Lily was getting more confused by the minute. “What are they talking about? What is going on?” she thought to herself. Casting a look at Alice and Emma who nodded in agreement she stepped around the corner to where James and Sirius were standing talking.

“James Harry Potter! What the hell do you think you are doing?” Lily asked him angrily. No way he was getting away with lying to her so he could get out of rounds and hang out with his friends.

“Lily! What are you doing here? How did you get here?” James asked her with a scared look on his face. He had to get them out of there right away before they got themselves into a load of trouble.

“I was looking for you. What do think you are doing? You told me you had detention,” Lily said, her temper rising.

“Lily we really have to get out of here. I’ll explain when we do but right now we really have to go,” James told her, moving forward to try and lead her out of the tunnel but she stopped him.

“No James, you are going to tell me why you lied to me. What was so important you left me to do rounds by myself? Or that you couldn’t even tell me the truth?” Lily asked, her eyes blazing.

“I’ll tell you later, but we reall-” James started but stopped when he heard a low growl behind him. It was too late now, Mooney had arrived. James turned to Sirius who nodded and ran towards the werewolf, transforming into a large black dog as he ran. James turned back to the three girls who were frozen in fear.

“Come on hurry, we have to get out of here!” James told them, pulling them along the passage.

“What……What is going on James?” Lily asked as she began to run back up the passage with him, Alice and Emma right behind them.

“I will tell you later Lily, just get yourselves out of here,” James told them.

“What? Aren’t you coming with us?” Alice asked.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, I have to go back and help Padfoot,” James said.

“Are you crazy James? There is a werewolf back there! It’s far too dangerous!” Lily said.

But from right behind James came another growl. James spun around and came face to face with the werewolf. He raised one of his paws and swiped James away. Lily screamed and the werewolf advanced on her hungrily. Lily fumbled in her pocket for her wand and pointed it shakily at the approaching werewolf.

“The wand will only aggravate it more Lily. Run!” James said trying to get to his feet but falling against the wall.

Lily faced the werewolf again and went pale when she saw his bared teeth, the teeth that could ruin a persons life forever. Something jumped at the werewolf from behind distracting it, but not before it hit Lily across the face causing her to fall to the ground.

She looked up and saw a magnificent white stag fighting furiously with the werewolf. The stag turned his head towards her and she sensed there was something familiar about him. He stared directly at her and inclined his head towards the exit. Lily took the hint and ran for it.

Lily, Alice and Emma ran the remainder of the tunnel until they reached the opening at the base of the tree. They climbed out and ran away from the tree. They stopped just beyond the tree breathing heavily. Lily was shaking from the attack and reached up to touch her injured cheek, it was bleeding badly but she didn’t care, she was worried about James because he was still down there.

“Come on Lily, we have to get away from here,” Alice told her.

“But Jam-”

“James will be fine Lily, he can handle it, but we have to get out of here,” Emma said and both of them moved to Lily and dragged her towards the castle and up to the Gryffindor common room.

Surprisingly they encountered no one on the way and reached an empty common room. Lily fell down onto the sofa, exhausted from running and from the shock of the attack. There was no way she would be able to sleep until James came back. Question after question chased themselves around her mind but she knew the answer to none of them.

“Lil, we should clean up your cheek, it looks bad,” Alice told her conjuring different supplies to clean and bandage Lily’s cut.

“It is fine, I don’t need to clean it,” Lily told her, still shaking slightly and staring fixedly at the portrait hole.

“Yes you do, so shut up and let me help you,” Alice said moving to her side and turning her face so the cut was facing her. She took about twenty minutes to clean and bandage the cut, during which they all sat in silence.

After two hours the portrait hole opened and James, Sirius and Peter walked in covered in bruises and cuts. Lily jumped out of her seat and rushed over to James, leading him to the nearest chair. He sank back into it with Sirius in the one beside him while Peter sat on the floor. Lily kneeled down in front of him and looked at him worriedly. James saw the worry on her face and smiled a strained smile.

“Don’t worry Lils, I’m fine,” he told her.

“Good,” she said before hitting him on the shoulder. “What the hell do you think you were doing James? You frightened the life out of me! What the hell is going on?”

“Ok, ok, we will tell you but you have to promise you won’t tell anyone about it,” James said looking at all three girls who nodded. He took a deep breath and glanced at Sirius before continuing. “Remus, he is a….he’s a werewolf,”

Alice, Emma and Lily looked at each other shocked, but James continued explaining.

“We found out in our second year. Every month he would disappear saying one of his family members were sick, but we never bought it. We confronted him about it and he admitted it, afraid we would turn away from him but we didn’t. Every full moon he goes down to the Whomping Willow and down the tunnel to the Shrieking Shack to transform,” James told them.

“But then how did you get away-” Alice asked.

“I’m getting there. We wanted to help him with his transformations but we knew he couldn’t go with him so we thought of a different way. We knew we couldn’t accompany him as humans so we tried animals,” James said but continued at the confused looks from the girls. “We are unregistered Animagi, Sirius, Peter and I. The black dog you saw was Sirius, Peter is a rat and I am a stag,” he told them.

“So every full moon we follow Mooney down to Shrieking Shack and help him as he transforms,” Sirius told them.

Lily was kicking herself for not realising it. It all made sense, he disappeared once a month, he always looked sick, it all fitted.

“Poor Remus, I can’t imagine what he goes through,” Alice said sadly.

“None of us can. That is why we went through so much trouble to learn how to transform so he wouldn’t be alone,” James said. He then looked at Lily.

“What were you doing down there anyway Lils? You could have gotten yourself killed,” he asked. Lily blushed and looked at the ground, embarrassed at what she had done. She should have realised James would never leave her unless it was realLy important.

“I’m sorry James, I just wanted to know where you were going. I thought that maybe……maybe you were cheating on me,” Lily said quietly.

“Oh…well you should know I would never do that Lily. I love you and I could never love anyone more,” James told her, taking hold of her hand.

“I know, I just…..I don’t know, I was stupid,” Lily said wiping a few stray tears that were falling from her eyes. James laughed and lifted her onto his lap.

“It’s ok, I forgive you. Just don’t scare me like that again. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you,” James said.

“Me neither,” Lily told him burying her head in his chest as he put his arms around her.

They all stayed up talking until early in the morning. The portrait opened again and Remus stumbled in looking frightened. He spotted Lily and rushed over to her.

“Lily I am so sorry, there was nothing I could do. I didn’t mean to-” he babbled.

“It is ok Remus, I am fine. You don’t have to worry, I know you had no control over it,” she said kindly.

“So you know about me?” he asked.

“Yes, and I don’t care. It has nothing got to do with the person you are, it is just something that happens every month. None of us care Remus, we still love you like we always have,” Lily told him with a smile. Alice and Emma nodded in agreement.

Remus sat down beside Sirius who was laughing.

“Well Prongs, looks like you have competition, Lily loves someone else too,” he said and they all laughed, forgetting what had happened earlier that night.

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