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From Hate To Love And Back Again by Irish_Ginny

Format: Novel
Chapters: 27
Word Count: 66,986

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 05/31/2006
Last Chapter: 10/23/2006
Last Updated: 11/01/2006

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This takes place during James and Lily's 7th Year. After James is once again rejected by Lily he asks the other Marauders for help. But is this a good idea? Especially if Sirius is helping? Join James, Lily and their friends as they tackle their last year and everything it brings; love, loss and laughter. PLEASE REVIEW!!!! I really need you to tell me what you think!!

Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Don't you remember?

Chapter 23: Don’t You Remember?

The next few months flew by and the N.E.W.T’s were drawing nearer. Everything had changed since Christmas, Hogwarts wasn’t the same without Jo. But the teachers kept everyone busy, trying to prepare them for their N.E.W.T’s. Lily and James were busier than ever with Head duties, their exams coming and organizing the Valentine’s Day dance. But the enthusiasm they had all felt when Dumbledore had agreed had dwindled now that Jo was gone.


Valentine’s Day dawned bright and warm. Today was Hogsmeade and Alice and Lily were going to see if they could find dress robes for the dance. James and the Marauders were going to stock up with Zonko products.

Lily got up, put in a pair of jeans and a green t-shirt and stood in the common room waiting for James.

“And they say women take forever to get ready?” she called through his door. All she heard was laughter from inside.

“Ok, ok! I’m coming. Calm down, I know you missed me Lils but it’s ok, I’m here now,” James said coming out of his room.

“Oh, of course, I missed you so much! I couldn’t sleep,” she said sarcastically before hitting him over the head. “Now let’s go down to breakfast before Alice comes up and kills me for taking so long. We have the whole day planned and you are throwing it off course,”

“What are you two up to?” he asked suspiciously. Lily was never eager about going to Hogsmeade, he usually had to drag her along.

“None of your business. And no, before you ask, you aren’t coming with us. We are having a girls day, or so Alice said,” Lily told him with a smile. It had taken a while but she had gotten over the loss of Jo. But whenever she went to the girl’s dorms or down to the lake she always felt like crying, knowing Jo should be there with them, but she wasn’t anymore.

“I could dress up as a girl and-” James started.

“No James! As funny as it would be to see you dressed up as a girl, Alice and I are spending the day together shopping. Which gives you boys all day to shop for our Valentine’s presents,” Lily said with a smile at the look on James’ face.

“Damn! I knew I forgot something!” he said.

“It’s ok, you have the whole day!” Lily told him brightly.

James smiled at her. He, of course, hadn’t forgotten to get her a present at all. But he wanted her to be surprised. He had it all planned, and he didn’t want her figuring any of it out.

They walked down to the Great Hall together to see all their friends already sitting there eating.

“It’s about time Lily! Emma and I were about to go without you!” Alice said jumping up and running towards her. Lily laughed at her excitement.

“It wasn’t me, James took forever getting ready,” she laughed again and sat down beside Emma and smiled at her. Emma was one of the girls who used to be in her dorm. She and Alice had become very close over the last two months since Jo had died. Lily really liked her, she was funny and bubbly, really smart and was fun to be around. She had been upset by Jo’s death too and the three girls had become good friends since then.

“So Emma, do you have a date for tonight?” Lily asked her.

“Eh…yeah,” she said quietly.

“Oh!! Who? You never told me!” Alice accused her.

“Well, I was only asked this morning before you came in,” Emma told her.

“So, who is he?” Lily asked with a smile. Emma glanced down the Gryffindor table.

“Dan asked me to go with him,” she told them. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter covered their ears as the girls squealed.

“Emma! That is brilliant! You have liked him for so long!” Alice cried excitedly.

“She isn’t the only one,” Lily said slyly. James looked at her appalled.

“You mean Dan from Qudditch? That Dan? That’s it, he is off the team,” James said looking down the table.

“Oh James, calm down. I have you, I don’t need him,” Lily told him and James grinned at her. “Besides, he is taken now, I have no hope anymore,” she said and the girls started to laugh at James who looked like someone had hit him in the face with a bludger.

“My god, you girls can scream! Do you ever stop talking?” Sirius asked.

“Do you?” Lily asked him with a grin.

“Nope! You all love the sound of my voice too much,” he said with his charming smile. He had gotten back to himself, or so it appeared.

“Well girls, we should be going! Lots to do today!” Alice said getting up from the table and pulling Lily and Emma with her. She had an excited gleam in her eyes. If their was one thing Alice liked more than shopping it was shopping for clothes. The girls said goodbye to the boys and walked out of the Hall together, laughing.

“So my boys, what are we going to do today?” Sirius asked them with a grin.

“What? Are you going to study or something instead of going to Hogsmeade?” Remus asked him sarcastically.

“When have I ever studied Moony? You really are losing it. So, are we heading to Hogsmeade now?” he asked them.

“Yeah! What else would we do?” James said.

“You just want to find out where Lily is going Prongs,” Remus said with a smirk. “I’m in though,”

“Great! What about you Wormtail? It is going to be one of the last times we go,” Sirius told him.

“Eh….em….well…I…I can’t,” Peter stuttered.

“What! Why not?” Sirius asked him.

“I…I have to….I have work to…to do,” Peter said, stumbling over his own words.

“Work! But this is one of the last times the Marauders will go to Hogsmeade together! You have to come!” Sirius told him.

“Leave him alone Padfoot. Just because you don’t work doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t” Remus told him. Remus smiled at Peter before he got up and ran out of the Hall, leaving all of them confused. Well, James and Remus anyway.

“What is his problem? He has been acting really odd lately,” James said.

“Maybe he is just stressed. We all act a bit different and odd when we get stressed,” Remus said, though he too had noticed something different about his friend.

“You two are killing the mood! We are supposed to be having a good time! Why are you talking about exams?” Sirius asked them. “Are we going or not?”

“Yes, Padfoot. Calm down, we are coming,” James told him with a smile.

“Finally! You guys must be getting old, it takes forever to get you to move!” Sirius exclaimed before walking out of the Hall, James and Remus following him.


The girls arrived in Hogsmeade in a few minutes, Alice still bursting with excitement.

“Alice, calm down, we are here. Why is she so hyped up?” Emma asked Lily.

“I have no idea. I think she is excited about the dance tonight,” Lily said, though she was trying to hide her own smile as she thought of it. But Emma noticed and grinned at her.

“So are you! Look at you, you look like you are going to burst if you don’t say anything about it soon!” Emma laughed.

“Hey Missy! You can’t say anything! All I have been hearing for the last week was ‘Do you think Dan likes me?’ ‘Will Dan ask me to the dance, I really hope he does’ ‘Did you see Dan looking at me today?’. I swear you have a problem girl. You’d think he was some famous guy to hear you go on about him, like everyone in the world loves him,” Alice said and Emma blushed.

“What about you Alice? What about Frank? You never shut up about him!” Lily laughed.

“And you never talk about James?” Alice asked her.

“Ok, so I do. We are all hopelessly in love. Now are we going to go and find the dress that will make sure they never forget us?” Lily asked them with a sly smile before they all burst out laughing and continued up the street of Hogsmeade, enjoying their freedom.


“Ok, so where to first? We have to make this a good trip! What if we never come back? I think Zonko’s first, or maybe Honeydukes? Yeah, I think Honeydukes first, then Zonko’s and then to the Three Broomsticks. No, no. First-” Sirius babbled the whole way to Hogsmeade.

“Oh shut up Padfoot! Is it possible for you to even stay quiet for two seconds,” Moony asked him.

“No Moony, is isn’t! Deal with it!” Sirius said. James laughed as Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius who was bouncing up the path. He was relieved Sirius had gotten over Jo. He was afraid for a while that he would never be the same again. All he needed was time, but it hadn’t been enough time yet. Sirius was still torn up inside, he just didn’t show it, so no one knew the pain he was still feeling.

“Lets go to Honeydukes first,” Remus suggested. But no one was paying much attention, Sirius was still bouncing up and down with excitement and James was looking around the crowded street for someone.

“Leave Lily alone for one day Prongs! Let her friends have her for a change,” Remus told him.

“Yeah! You never spend time with us anymore either Prongs! Besides, you have her all to yourself tonight anyway,” Sirius told him and James smiled widely. Tonight was going to be perfect, nothing could ruin it. Or so he thought.

They spent most of the day looking around the shops, laughing, joking and talking about everything. James had almost forgot how much he always had with his friends when it was just them.

But, a sudden explosion stopped his thoughts. He looked up to see a group of black cloaked people descending on them. James searched the street frantically, looking everywhere for Lily. He caught a glimpse of her red hair and turned to her. She, Alice and Emma, were running towards them, dodging the fleeing residents and students.

“JAMES! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! HE IS HERE” Lily shouted at him. James held his arms out to her and she ran into them.

“What are you talking about Lily? What is going on?” he asked her.

“Voldemort, James. He is here and he is looking for us. We have to go!” she insisted, pulling his arm trying to get him to move put someone stepped out in front of her, stopping her from moving.

“That would be a good idea, but it is too late now,” said a cold voice. Lily looked up and right into the face of Voldemort. Her insides turned to ice as she looked at his smirking face.

“Leave her alone,” James said, stepping up to stand at Lily’s side.

“Not this time Potter, you and your little friends have caused me trouble for the last time. You are not getting away from me this time,” Voldemort said with a cold laugh.

“Are you afraid six teenagers will hurt you?” James asked him.

“Don’t try be brave Potter, I have plenty of reasons to kill you. Or don’t you remember when we met last summer?” Voldemort asked him.

Of course James remembered it, too vividly for his liking. It was not easy to forget the night he and his friends had nearly died. All because of his stupid mistake….

“It’s only down here, I promise,” James said. It was mid summer and he was leading his friends through the forest near to his home.

“Where are we going Potter? Is this another one of your stupid schemes?” Lily asked him annoyed. She was angry at Jo for dragging her along. She knew she hated Potter and she only had to put up with him because Jo lived pretty near to him and she was staying with her for the summer.

“What else would it be Evans?” James asked her with a grin to which she rolled her eyes. They walked for a while before James led them to a clearing. No matter how much it hurt her to say it, Lily had to hand it to James, it was beautiful.

“Like it Evans?” he asked arrogantly noticing the expression on her but it quickly changed as she turned to him.

“You dragged me all the way out here for this?” she asked him.

James shook his head. “You are impossible Evans, did you know that?”

But before Lily could retort there was a group of large cracks and the spun around and came face to face with the one and only Voldemort.

“Well, well, the Potter boy has come out on his own. Finally,” Voldemort said with a laugh. “So this is the boy who is supposed to cause me so much trouble? You are a bit disappointing Potter,”

“What do you want?” James asked angrily. His parents had told him about Voldemort, about how he killed and tortured people for fun. It made him sick.

“I want you out of my way Potter. I don’t want you messing up anything for me later on. I have been informed that you will be of considerable trouble to me. I am here to make sure that can’t happen,” Voldemort told him taking out his wand.

James stood there, not sure what to do. He knew what was coming and there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Voldemort yelled, pointing his wand at James. James waited for something to happen but nothing did. He looked around to see Lily with her wand out. She seemed to have conjured a chair or something in front of James to take the blow of the curse.

“You filthy Mudblood! No matter, I will just dispose of you too,” Voldemort said, recovering from the shock of what had just happened. No one had ever tried to deflect a killing curse before. He raised his wand but before he could say the incantation his wand flew out of his hand and directly into that of Albus Dumbledore.

“Dumbledore!” Voldemort spat.

“Leave Tom. You have lost,” Dumbledore said simply, glaring at Voldemort.

“Maybe this time, but I will get them in the end,” he said. He didn’t want to challenge Dumbledore yet, he needed be sure he would succeed before doing anything directly against him. With a loud crack he dis-apparated along with his Death Eaters. Dumbledore turned to the James and the others.

“It’s ok, he is gone,” he told them noticing the look of shock on James’ face. But it wasn’t the attack that shocked James the most. He slowly turned to Lily, trying to find something to say to her, she had just saved his life.

“Wh…Tha…What did you do that for?” he asked. He hadn’t meant to say that, but he was curious.

“Oh…well…Where would the fun be if I didn’t kill you myself Potter,” she said with a hint of a smile.

James turned back to face Voldemort. “Yes I do, do you? Because it seems pretty stupid of you to come back here if you do,” James said, fingering his wand in his pocket. This time he was going to be ready. If he was going to go this time he wasn’t going down without a fight and possibly a few Death Eaters.

“I am ready for your mind games this time Potter. You have escaped me once, so has Ms Evans here, but you are both going to die today, right here. This is the end,” Voldemort said his voice like a snake, full of venom and deadly.

Voldemort raised his wand but James and Lily were faster and sent a stunning and disarming spell at him, which he deflected easily.

“Is that all you have Potter? Nothing better than a weak stunning spell?” Voldemort mocked. James felt rage burn up inside him. Everything they had gone through this year was all because of this man. He took Lily’s parents, he had caused Lily so much pain, he had taken Jo from them, it was all him. Every hateful feeling James had all year finally came to the surface.

“Not even close,” he said in a low dangerous voice, staring Voldemort directly in the eye.

“You think you can bring me down alone Potter?” Voldemort laughed.

“He won’t be alone, he has me,” Lily said, stepping up beside James and firmly taking his hand. She glared at Voldemort, hate filled her eyes.

“And me,” Sirius said standing on James other side.

“You are making a mistake Black, you have chosen the wrong side. You should have followed your family. No matter though, I will enjoy killing you. Like I enjoyed watching your little friend twitch and scream in pain before she died. Pity I had to leave before she did though, I would have enjoyed in immensely,” Voldemort said turning to Sirius. Sirius went stiff. He was talking about Jo, how he had tortured her. He stared at him, with all the hatred he was feeling over the death of Jo rising within him.

“No you won’t, you won’t kill me or anyone else here,” Sirius said quietly but with so much hatred in his voice he sounded like he wanted to kill him. “I will make sure of it. You have already taken one of us, you are getting no more,”

“You think you can stop me Black? You and your little friends here?” Voldemort hissed at him.

“I am damn sure!” Sirius said.

“Well, lets test that,” Voldemort said raising his wand, he pointed it at Sirius and shouted “CRUCIO!”

Sirius fell to the ground, every inch of him feeling like it was on fire. He had to bite down hard on his tongue to stop himself from screaming. He had no idea how long he was under the curse but all he could think of was Jo and how she had gone through this until she had died from it. Just imagining her face gave him strength. He fought back with everything he could muster and eventually he felt the curse lift from him. He looked up at Voldemort but he had turned to face James and Lily who were pointing their wands at him. He looked around the street and saw Remus, Emma and Alice each fighting a Death Eater. He pulled himself to his feet and turned to face Voldemort but he heard a familiar voice behind him.

“Well, if it isn’t my dear cousin,” said the voice. Sirius knew who it was without even turning.

“Hello Bellatrix, it’s been a long time,” he said.

“Too long. I have waited for this moment for a long time. I always wanted to be the one to kill you, for disgracing our name, running off to Dumbledore,” Bellatrix said with disgust.

“At least I made the smart decision,” Sirius retorted. Bellatrix raised her wand and pointed it at him but he also raised his.

They all battled for a while, spells being sent in every direction, flashes of light everywhere. Lily hoped someone from the school would notice and come for them. She was getting tried from dodging spells and sending any she could think of at Voldemort. She crouched behind a tree trying to catch her breath. She looked around at everyone fighting. They were all doing well, but they had some injuries. Emma’s shoulder was bleeding badly and Alice was leaning against a wall, unable to stand on her ankle.

“Leave them alone Tom,” said a voice from down the street. Lily looked down and her heart skipped a beat as he saw Dumbledore standing in the middle of the deserted street, Aurors and teachers standing behind him.

“No Dumbledore, they will not get away from me this time. They have escaped too much,” Voldemort said.

“You will not harm them,” Dumbledore said firmly, walking towards them.

“And are you going to stop me if I do?”

“If you are foolish enough to try, I will,” Dumbledore told him.

“I am not afraid of you Dumbledore,” Voldemort said definitely.

“Perhaps not, but I will not allow you to harm my students. Now leave before I am forced to make you,” Dumbledore said, his eyes flashing. Voldemort stared at him but turned quickly as he glanced into his eyes. Whatever he saw had frightened him.

“I will come back Dumbledore, you cannot protect them forever,”

“But I can try,” Dumbledore said before Voldemort vanished on the spot, followed by his Death Eaters.

“We must get you all back to the school,” Dumbledore told the rest of them. He looked around at his students. They were exhausted and hurt, but all of them had a strong hate burning in their eyes. They were not going to give up any easier than Voldemort.

“Yeah, we should bring Alice and Emma to the Hospital Wing,” James said, holding onto Lily. She nodded in agreement and they all made their way back up to the school in silence. Dumbledore watched them and sighed. They were all in for a tough life ahead, but they would face it with bravery and determination. As he watched them walk slowly down the stone street together he knew they would be ok. Once they had each other they would make it through.

“I don’t think I have ever been more proud of anyone Minerva,” Dumbledore said. “They are really something special. I have never seen anyone go through so much for someone they love, and still come out the other end with a smile.”

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