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Falling for Sirius by princesslily_36

Format: Novella
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 31,292

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 09/08/2006
Last Chapter: 09/17/2007
Last Updated: 03/26/2016


My name is Juliet Anna Potter. I'm James Potter's twin sister. Life has always been pretty normal for me. That is, until my friend Sirius decided to play matchmaker for my brother and Lily. Now we're supposed to act like we're dating - only it's all pretend...right? Everything's so messed up - especially since I started getting butterflies in my stomach whenever Sirius is around...47,000+ reads!! AMAZING Banner by .amaris @ TDA

Chapter 3: In The Commom Room

“Linatu Foreon!”

You guessed it! One of the crazy passwords to the Gryffindor common room. Yup we were back at school.

“Who sets these passwords anyway?” asked Kia. Kia had short, brown hair which was just below her ears. She wore half-rimmed glasses. She was a shy person who did not talk much but once you get to know her she is pretty cool.

“Some one who hates kids so much that they want revenge!” said Remus. Remus is another one of my best friends you haven’t met. Remus is closer to James and is a perfect gentleman. He has got awesomely smooth manners and very polite. He has got a mischievous side to him as well as a serious one. Like Lily. Explains why the two of them became prefects. He first became friends with James when he helped James and Sirius get out of trouble when they had done one of their tricks even though they hardly knew each other. And the most important part is that Remus is a werewolf. It’s no big deal. I mean other than that he is fine. And James and Sirius had once thought it was a cool idea to become animagi so that they would have the trill of sneaking out once a month. But I guess they dropped the idea because they thought it was too much sneaking around to handle. Did you see that? Not too stupid, not too impossible but too much of sneaking around. I swear…

Okay here comes the juicy part. Remus and Kia have liked each other like forever. But both of them are so shy they wouldn’t tell each other. And Kia hasn’t even admitted to us that she likes him… whenever will she tell Remus. And Remus hasn’t even been on his first date. I mean he is a handsome sandy-haired guy who made quite a few heads turn. But Remus has been a little awkward when it comes to girls and dates. He is close only to me, Lily and Kia only because we have known each other since first year.

We all sat down near the fireplace. Our usual place.

“It’s been a week since school started and we already have to do a foot-long essay on werewolves?” complained Sirius.

“AT least you didn’t take divination! That lady is crap!” said James.

“Why did you take divination anyway?” I asked him, leaning against Remus.

“Because Lily took it!”

We all groaned as Lily rolled her eyes.

“You are so obsessed mate! I mean give it up!” said Sirius.

“You are just jealous that you don’t have a crush on anyone!” What a stupid remark to make!

“I am jealous that I don’t go on any dates just because the girl I like won't go out with me?”

“Guys! I am right here!” said Lily. Yup it must be embarrassing for her.

“Sorry!” muttered Sirius.

“So Lily… what is this crap about tea-leaves anyway?” asked James. She looked up from her essay and pulled out her text book and started explaining. Yea ok, my brother was happy now. I knew that he cared nothing about tea leaves. He cared only about the fact that she was sitting next to him. Sirius knew that too. He caught my eye and winked. I knew he was going to tease them.

“Don’t Sirius!”

“What?” he asked me innocently.

As if he didn’t know.

“Poor Lily. She is embarrassed enough!”

“I wasn’t going to say anything!”

“Yea right!” scoffed Remus. I slapped a high-five with him.

“Asked out your girl yet Remus?” smirked Sirius. Ok, so Remus had told them. Or they guessed it. Whatever.

“No. not that it is any of your business…” he replied, blushing a little.

“Your girl huh?” I said suggestively, enjoying watching him turn even redder.

“What girl?” asked Kia, pushing her glasses back on her nose.

“Oh just this girl Remus has a crush on…” said Sirius casually, leaning back to get back to his essay.

“Which girl?”

“Can you drop it?” muttered Remus.

I just smiled smugly and watched the two of them.

“Which house is she in?”

“Gryffindor!” piped Sirius. You should have seen the glare Remus gave Sirius. If looks could kill, Sirius would have died, become a ghost and died again.

“Gryffindor huh? Which year?”

“Why are you bothered?” asked Sirius smirking. This guy was good! I love him! I mean not in that sense. Never. I just meant that he was laying the road for both of them to speak up. Kia blushed. Classic sign. Stupid Remus was too busy doing his own share of blushing that he didn’t notice her blush.

“No… I mean you know and Juliet knows… so I was just being curious…”

“Okay, she is our year!” said Sirius, avoiding Remus’ gaze. I bit my lip to keep myself from smiling hard.

“Our year and Gryffindor huh?” said Kia and I could see her getting a little bugged and a lot jealous, “What does her name start with?” Sirius was about to answer but Remus cut him in.

“I think that is enough mate!” he said in an unnecessarily loud voice.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lily looking up.

“Oh, Sirius was just threatening to tell Kia the girl Remus likes.” I said without thinking and earned a whack on the head from Remus.

“Oh! That girl…” smirked James and Lily winked at Remus.

“All right, I am going to bed!” he got up without a warning and walked away. Remember I was leaning against him? Ya so I lost my balance and hit my head against the floor. Or at least was about to. Sirius caught me in time and pushed me up.

“Juliet… did you do your essay?”


“Can I copy it?”

“No!” that was Lily. Sirius pouted, turning his head towards me. It was such a cute puppy dog look.

“Pleeease!” Okay I melted. It was hard not to. I mean you should have seen him.

“Pleeease!” I said turning to Lily. She shook her head at the two of us and turned back to her divination dairy. Sirius gleefully planted a kiss on my cheek as he copied off my parchment. There goes my 2 hours of hard work during history of magic!