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A Different Side Of Me by SlytherinSweetheart6

Format: Novel
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 10,015
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Crabbe Jr., Goyle Jr., Draco, OC
Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, Harry/OC

First Published: 07/20/2006
Last Chapter: 03/31/2007
Last Updated: 03/31/2007


The Porters and the Malfoys have been friends for generations, and Natalee grew up with Draco. Now, they are both sixteen and engaged. Natalee is sent to Hogwarts to be closer to Draco, but it is there where she reunites with someone from her past, someone who could change her future if she will let him. Many thanks to Smile06 for yet another beautiful banner!

Chapter 3: Who's the Boss?

"And I turned around, and she was gone! All that was left was her diaper!"

My mum grasped for breath as she laughed.

" Oh, you don't say!" Narcissa said, quite amused. "Draco used to do that all of the time! Of course, he doesn't do it any more, it's been like..."

"I believe it was last week." Lucius said in his usual mono tone voice.

"Oh Lucius!" Narcissa squealed, smacking her husbands arm.

Draco and I exchange embarrsed looks, it was now after breakfast and we were stuck listening to our parents tell embarrising storys from our childhood. Narcissa looked at the clock on the wall, and stood up abruptly.

"Oh my, you kids had better get a move on, it's 10:45!" Everyone stood up,

" Well, its too late to drive you there," Lucius said "You'll just have to use the port key."

He motioned for everyone to come and he walked into the front room where the port key was sitting on the matle. After I said a quick goodbye to my parents, and Draco got a quick lecture, We both grabbed ahold of the port key, waving untill they were gone. Suddenly we were standing on platform 9 3/4.

"What a rush!" Draco said. I felt dizzy and swayed about, he grabbed my arm and steadied me. "Are you okay?" he asked concerned.

" Yeah, I'm fine, port keys always make me dizzy. Behind me, the trains whistle sounded, signaling that it was time to board. Draco looked at the clock.

"Where are Crabbe and Goyle? They were supposed to meet us here at 10:55! I specifically said 10:55! Is that so hard to understand..."

I didn't hear the rest of his rant, because I had zoned it out, hoping to find Crabbe and Goyle, and make Draco shut up. Then I heard a voice coming from inside the candy shop.

"Oi! What do you mean you're out of Droobles? They're my favorite!"

I pulled on Draco's sleeve. " Found them." I said, pointing in their direction.

He smiled and walked up behind them quietly. Suddenly, he grabbed their necks and yelled into their ears."Hi guys!"

They both jumped a mile high and then turned around. "Draco!" Crabbe said, putting his hand on his heart. "You gave me a heart attack!"

Draco smiled, " Its time to go." he pulled them away and toward the train.

"But! " Crabbe squirmed trying to get away. " I was getting some substanance, you know how my bloodsugar is..."

Draco cut him off "Catch the trolley!"

We all got on the train and Draco led us to what he said was "the best car in the whole train." When he opened the door, I saw that there was three Hufflepuff girls inside. Draco didn't care, he just simply walked in and looked at them. "OUT!" The terrified girls rushed out crying. Draco turned to me and smiled. "Ladies first."

I walked in and took a seat by the window.

"Hey! I was gonna sit there!" Crabbe yelled at me. Draco turned and laughed at him evily, Crabbe laughed slightly.

" I was just kidding." he said as he sat on the opposite seat next to the door.

"So..." Goyle said sliding in next to me and putting his arm around my shoulder " You're the flavor of the month?"
"Excuse me?"
"You know, when you get tired of this guy, you and I should take in a Hogsmede weekend."
"Goyle!" Draco said, walking up to us, " Lets get one thing straight before we get to school. Natalee is my girlfriend and I dont plan on sharing her with you."

Goyle removed his arm and scooted down to the end of the seat. Draco looked satisfied and sat down next to me.