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A Change of Thought by glorygirlXOX14

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 17,430
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 08/04/2006
Last Chapter: 07/11/2007
Last Updated: 07/11/2007

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THANK YOU HP_RULES FOR THE BANNER!!!Hermione doesn't want any trouble to happen with Harry and Ron.  She wants as many people safe as possible, even Draco Malfoy. And Draco doesn't want to be the kind of guy he was raised to be anymore. He first just wanted to live, now his only choice is to be dead to everyone. OVER 6600 READ! PLEASE READ AND REVIEW, it really helps me!!

Chapter 3: Except you

“Malfoy, can I ask you something?” said Hermione.


“What’s going to happen to the Malfoy name, I mean since your parents are dead and you’re on the run?” said Hermione.

“Why do you seem so interested?” said Mafloy, with a big grin on his face.

“I was just wondering,” said Hermione.

“You and that big brain of yours, you never want to stop knowing more,” said Malfoy, “Well personally I have no clue what going to happen with my family name, and really, I couldn’t care less.”

“Why?” said Hermoine.

“Why? Have you not heard any word I’ve said today? The Death Eaters are out to kill me! At the moment I couldn’t care less on how my family’s name is going to live on, it’s not the name I want to live on, it’s me!”

“It’s just family name and reputation is normally everything for the Malfoy family,” said Hermione, “As far as I know at least.”

“Then you don’t know that much about my family then you thought,” said Malfoy, “Mostly, family name and reputation meant everything to my dad, my mum actually didn’t care and I only acted like I cared because I was raised to.”

“Your dad raised you to pretend to care about your family?” said Hermione in a laugh.

“No,” said Mafloy, laughing back, “I was raised to care, and for a while I did. But for practically the last five-six years I stopped. I acted like I cared, only for my father to believe I really did.”

“Then what do you care about?” said Hermione, “Other then you might be getting killed by Death Eaters.”

“At the moment,” said Malfoy, thinking, “Nothing”

“That’s really selfish,” said Hermione, “But that’s how you are, I didn’t expect better.”

Right then, the door opened and Tonks came waling in, with navy blue hair instead of bubble gum pink, like she normally has it.

“Now, now, now. Look who we have here, little baby cousin Draco,” said Tonks.

“Nymph?” said Draco, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Do not call me Nymph, it’s Tonks,” said Tonks, walking up to Malfoy and sticking her finger in his face, “And I should be asking you that question, I just arrived and I was informed you were here. And with my opinion, I think you shouldn’t even be here or anywhere around here. Personally I think Hermoin should of kept you in that park and let you be found by someone else, anyone else.”

“Tonks?!” said Hermione, “He’s your cousin.”

“So?” said Tonks, “I hated my aunt Narcissa and her family, so did my mum. We also hated my aunt Belatrix and her family. The Malfoys and Lestranges were mostly why I wanted to become an Auror.”

“I love you, too Nymph,” said Malfoy.

And without saying anything else, Tonks walked back out of the room.

“That was strange,” said Hermione.

“Was it?” said Malfoy, “That’s exactly what I expected from her.”

“Well, I thought that was really uncalled for,” said Hermoine.

“Well, that’s really nice of you,” said Malfoy, "But that’s my family for you.”

“But Tonks is normally such a nice person,” said Hermione, “I wouldn’t ever think she would say something like that, especially to family.”

“It’s just my effect on people,” said Mafloy, frowning, “The longer you know me the more you hate me, and Nymph has known me my whole life.”

“Well, I’m not sure about that,” said Hermione, “Almost a lot of the things I thought I knew about you have changed in less then an hour. The hatred I normally have on you is now a bit different.”

“Hatred?” said Malfoy, “I don’t like that word, I don’t know why, I just don’t. It’s just I here it all the time, since so many people hate me.”

“For some reason you’re making me feel so much sorry for you.” Said Hermione.

“Really?” said Malfoy, raising an eyebrow in surprise, “That’s a first, and not just for you for saying that, but for anyone.”

What about Crabbe and Goyle?” said Hermione.

“What about them?” said Mafloy.

“Do they know about this? Don’t they feel sorry about you?”

“You kidding?” said Malfoy, “They are the clueless two you can ever meet, they would most likely forget I told them what’s happening to me after ten seconds of telling them.”

“So they don’t know?”

“They probably think I’m dead somewhere after that day last month,” said Malfoy.

“So you have no one?” said Hermione.

“Not one,” said Mafloy, “Except you.”