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From Hate To Love And Back Again by Irish_Ginny

Format: Novel
Chapters: 27
Word Count: 66,986

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 05/31/2006
Last Chapter: 10/23/2006
Last Updated: 11/01/2006

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This takes place during James and Lily's 7th Year. After James is once again rejected by Lily he asks the other Marauders for help. But is this a good idea? Especially if Sirius is helping? Join James, Lily and their friends as they tackle their last year and everything it brings; love, loss and laughter. PLEASE REVIEW!!!! I really need you to tell me what you think!!

Chapter 16: Chapter 16: Surprises

Chapter 16: Surprises
Lily walked out of her room with her bag and the letter still clutched in her hand. Her friends looked at her when she came in.

“What is that? Did you actually keep that letter this morning?” Jo asked. Lily shook her head and handed the letter to her friends. They read it and Jo burst out laughing.

“Please don’t tell me that you are worried about what a group of over obsessive freaks are telling you are you?”

“I….well, no….not really,” Lily said.

“Lily, they are just idiots who think they are in love with James and hate the fact you are going out with him. They won’t do anything to you. James would kill them if they did!” Jo told her.

Alice was looking thoughtfully at the letter. “Do you know who K.C is?”

“No. Do you? I know J.P.F.C is the James Potter Fan Club but-”

“And how would you know Lily? Are you a member?” Jo asked her smiling. She clearly thought this whole thing was stupid.

“NO! What self respecting person would be in a Fan Club devoted to a student?” Lily asked.

“But you were a member last year and the year before, right? When you said you were going to ‘Prefect Duties’ you were really going to a meeting, weren’t you?”

“Jo shut up! Who would be a member of an obsessed Fan Club?” Lily asked her friend annoyed.

“Aine and Mairead from our dorm,” Alice said. “Mairead is apparently Head of the S.B.F.C and Aine is a member of the R.L.F.C.”

“There is a R.L.F.C.? Lily asked

“Yeah, all the Marauders have their own Fan Clubs. Well, James, Remus and Black all have one, I’m not so sure about Peter,” Jo said.

“Ohh! So it’s Black again is it? Following his Fan Club are you Jo? Looking to be a member?” Alice asked her friend with a sly smile. She knew Jo liked Sirius, even if it was against her better judgement. She loved being right about everything.

“I thought I made it clear at breakfast? I DO NOT LIKE BLACK! Why won’t you all believe me! He is an arrogant, self-obsessed jerk!” Jo shouted at her friends who fell onto the sofa laughing. They had wanted to laugh this morning but held it in because Jo would have killed them, but they couldn’t hold it anymore.

“You did make it clear Jo,” Alice said.

“Clear you like him!” Lily laughed.

“I do not like Black. Now lets change the subject before I jinx both of you! Lily, you are not to worry about that letter, do you hear me?” Jo said, still red from shouting and being accused again of liking Sirius.

“Both of them Lil. Neither of them should make you feel bad or uncomfortable. The Fan Club girls are just jealous that you are going out with James and Petunia is trying to saddle all the guilt on you so she doesn’t have to deal with it. So please don’t worry about them,” Alice said to her.

Lily nodded and the three girls left the Head Dorm and made their way to class.

“The only thing I was wondering was, how did Petunia get an owl to send you that letter?” Jo asked Lily.

“Oh, that. When I started Hogwarts we sent a letter to the Ministry saying that if any letters arrived in the Muggle post that were addressed to me would they be sent by owl to Hogwarts,” Lily explained. Seeing the confused looks on her friends’ faces she continued.

“The Ministry has people in Muggle post offices to look out for any mail for wizards in case anyone is trying to do anything illegal using Muggle post. So since my parents didn’t have an owl of their own they set up a system, with the help of Dumbledore, with the Ministry so that any letters they sent would be delivered to me by owl. Obviously Petunia just sent the letter by Muggle post and the Ministry sent it to me,” Lily told them. Alice and Jo nodded their heads to show they understood before entering the classroom. Lily sat with James in the middle of the class (Lily had refused to sit at the back and James said there was no way he would be caught dead at the top of the class, so the compromised and now they sat in the middle), Alice went off and sat with her boyfriend Frank, and Jo was left to sit with Sirius because Remus was sitting with Peter. She threw him an evil glare before sitting down beside him, slamming her bag on the table.

At the desk in front of her, Lily was having a silent fit of laughter, hoping her friend wouldn’t notice.

“What is so funny?” James asked her happily. He was glad she was getting back to herself and wasn’t worrying about the letter. He didn’t however know that Lily had received another letter and was worrying about them both, despite all her friends comments.

“Jo gave another lecture about how she thinks Sirius is a vain idiot when we were in our room,” Lily laughed.

“Like the ones you used to give about me?” he asked her mockingly.

“Yes, except she keeps it a bit more civil and doesn’t go on as long as I did. Hers are usually short and sharp. Mine were long and shouted at the top of my voice. I also threw in loads more insults. Like how you are an arrogant, self centered, big-headed, bullying toerag. I may have used more but I can’t remember. I will tell you if I can though!” she smiled at him.

“Then you realised I am the most handsome, intelligent, funny, talented guy you ever met and you couldn’t resist my charms!” James said.

“Not really, you have the characteristics right but Remus was taken so I had to take the second best!” Lily told him trying hard not to laugh at the look on his face. She loved when she out-witted him. It was so much fun to watch him struggle with what she had just said.

“MOONY! How could you even think like that? Choose him over….Wait, when was Moony taken?” James asked shocked.

“Moony has taken what? I told you not to poison my friends Evans!” Sirius said from behind them.

“I didn’t poison him!” Lily told him.

“Then what?”

“Apparently Padfoot, our little Moony has a girlfriend!” James told his friend. He was shocked that Remus hadn’t told any of them about this.


“Calm down Padfoot. Asking him, or killing him won’t help. We have to make him tell us. Force it out of him. I think another plan is needed here my dear friend,” James said quietly.

“Ohh! What did you have in mind Prongs?” asked Sirius but before James could answer Professor McGonnagall came in and he mimed to Sirius that he would tell him after class.

Professor McGonnagall walked to the top of the class and told them they would be revising human transformation. James grinned at this. Being an animagi, he had no problem with human transfiguration. “Then again,” he thought to himself. “I have no problem with any type of Transfiguration, or anything else for that matter,”

He turned to Lily and smiled charmingly at her. Since he didn’t need to pay attention (“When do you ever?” said a voice in his head) he was going to use this class to get Lily to tell him who Remus’ new girlfriend was. Sirius apparently had the same idea because at that moment a piece of parchment in the shape of an owl came flying at him and landed on the desk in front of him. He unfolded the owl (though it put up a fight, biting his fingers) and read the message Sirius wrote.

WHO IS SHE? Do you know? Force the answer out of Evans if you have to because I need to know! I can’t believe he kept something like this from us! Padfoot!
P.S. Do you like the owl? He is my new experiment!

James looked up from the note and laughed. Sirius loved to show off. He wrote back to him.

I don’t know who she is but I’m working on it. Prongs!
P.S. The owl was excellent, though a bit vicious. It kept biting my fingers when I tried to open it!

After he finished the owl reassembled itself and took off to Sirius. James turned his attention back to Lily who was trying to suppress a smile. She knew the boys were annoyed that Remus didn’t tell them about his new girlfriend and that she knew who it was. She looked at James who was smiling at her again.

“Shouldn’t you be paying attention instead of looking at me?” she asked him.

“How can I pay attention when you are sitting beside me?” he said continuing to smile.

“Thank you, but flattery will get you no where. If Remus hasn’t told you yet, that is his business. I am not going to betray his, or her trust in me,” she told him turning back to McGonnagall, still trying to hide a smile. But James was definitely going to give up that easily. He never did.

“So he told you he was seeing someone? You didn’t just find out by accident?”

“No, actually I introduced him to her. She told me ages ago she liked him so I decided to-”

“Play match-maker? Come on Lils, please tell me?” he asked her reaching for her hand.

“No. He will tell you when he wants to. And holding my hand or doing anything for that matter is not going to make me tell you,”

“Ms Evans? Mr Potter? Is there a problem?” Professor McGonnagall asked the two of them.

“No Professor,” said Lily

“Then please pay attention to the lesson at hand and not what is going on in your own lives,” McGonnagall told them before continuing telling the class about the complications of human transfiguration.

But even the teacher telling him to stop talking didn’t stop James. Lily received a note minutes later from him.

Please tell me who she is? We won’t tell anyone, we just want to know.

Lily looked at the note and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, like they won’t torment Remus for having a girlfriend,” she thought to herself. She wrote back to him.

NO! Did you ever think there was a reason he didn’t tell you about it? Quit pestering me about it, or I might have to re-think my decision to go out with you!

No you wouldn’t! I am irresistible, remember? You wouldn’t be able to leave me now! If you tell me I will repay you.
P.S. Do you know you roll your eyes too much? You do it at least four times a day!

I roll my eyes so often because I am with you. It is either roll my eyes or hit you. Do you want to try the other one for a while? And no matter what you do I am not going to tell you who Remus is going out with! So get over it and pay attention to class, you might learn something.

While James was reading the note from Lily, another arrived from Sirius. This time he had changed the shape to a snitch and it wouldn’t stay still long enough for James to open it. When he finally managed to grab it, he opened it and read the note inside.

Well? What did she say? Who is the mystery girl?

She won’t say. No matter what I do she won’t budge. What about you, did Jo tell you anything? James wrote on the back before it transformed back into a snitch and zoomed off. A few seconds later it returned in the shape of a bludger and hit James hard on the head.

If she told me anything do you think I would be asking you, you idiot? Anyway, what happened to The Potter Charm? The one you think no girl can resist? You have to get her to tell. Maybe you could get her to give you hints? JUST GET THE BLOODYY NAME! Padfoot!

James turned once again to Lily and wrote on a fresh piece of parchment:

Well if you can’t (or won’t) tell me out straight, could you give me a few hints. That way you aren’t breaking your promise to Mooney and I don’t get my head boxed in by Sirius. Please? Come on I am your boyfriend! It is your duty to tell me things!

One, you may be my boyfriend (at the moment) but that does not mean I have to tell you everything! And two, even if I gave you loads of hints you still wouldn’t get it, you don’t know her.

There is no girl in Hogwarts that Padfoot and I don’t know. Go on, just tell us if she is in Gryffindor.


Is that ‘no’ she isn’t in Gryffindor or ‘no’ you won’t tell us.

No she is not in Gryffindor, she is in Hufflepuff.

Ok, what year is she in?


Younger, that is ok. What colour hair does she have?

No, too much information. You have to do with that. Now let me, at least, get back to class.

Fine, fine, Ms Bossy. Anyway, if one of us doesn’t pay attention how will we know what homework we have?

Maybe you should give listening a try Potter, that way you wouldn’t have to depend on others to find out what is going on. You might actually LEARN something for once.

Hey! I already know everything so I don’t need to pay attention. I am brilliant, haven’t you noticed


That was harsh Evans. Ok we will leave you alone, for now.

James handed the last note to Lily before sending a new one to Sirius. Before sending it he looked at his friend who seemed to be having an argument with Jo. He laughed to himself trying to listen to what they were saying.

“For the last time Black, I DO NOT KNOW WHO SHE IS!! Ok, so drop it,” she whispered angrily to Sirius.

“Yes you do know. If Evans knows then so do you. Come on, if you tell me I will make it worth your while,”

“Black you are so….you’re so…,”

“Dashing?” Sirius asked her with a smile before she hit him over the head with her Transfiguration book. Sirius shut up quickly. James laughed and sent the note, but not before adding something.

Ok I got that she is a sixth year Hufflepuff but that is all Lily would tell me. She said we wouldn’t be able to guess who she was though. Any ideas?
P.S. What happened to The Black Charm? Jo seems pretty immune to it Padfoot!

Shut up Prongs! That girl is so stubborn! I have never met anyone like her before.

Sure you have, Lily! She is just as stubborn. Probably why they are friends, so they can make our lives difficult. But I thought you liked Jo, Padfoot?

I like ALL girls Prongs. I just hate when they act so stubborn, and smart, and conceited like they own Hogwarts.

Because that is your job, right Padfoot? Anyway, we are getting off topic. How are we going to get Mooney to tell us about this new girl?

What do you mean ‘new girl’? She is the FIRST girl for our Mooney. Ow! Our little Mooney is all grown up Prongs, it is so hard to watch him leave us. It only took him SEVEN YEARS! But I think a direct approach is best. What about you?

But if we just go and ask him straight out he will know Lily told us and he will get all angry at her. The last thing I need right now is my best friend angry at my over-tempered girlfriend. Maybe we should ask him little questions and try to get him to tell us?


James looked at his best friend trying to hold in his laughter. Sirius looked very indignant and was telling Jo who hit him on the head again. “God help Sirius. He will have his hands full with Plunkett, if he ever gets her. Not that I can talk, I have Lily. I love her and all, but that temper of hers can be quite scary sometimes,”

The bell rang a few minutes later and the class filed out of the classroom after McGonnagall had assigned them two rolls of parchment about the spells needed for human transfiguration and consequences if the spell is not preformed properly.

The seven friends left the class together and made their way down to the dungeons. James had his arm around Lily and was trying to get her to tell him who ‘She’ was but Lily still refused to say anything. Sirius decided to take matters into his own hands and ignore what James had said earlier about straight questions causing problems.

“So Moony, Evans tells us you have a new girl. Who is she?” Sirius asked his friend while avoiding three swipes at his head. “They have to think of something else besides hitting me on the head. What if they actually HURT me? Me good looks would be ruined!”

Remus went slightly pale at his question. He wasn’t sure how to answer it. He was going to tell his friends, he just wasn’t sure how they would react. He himself wasn’t entirely sure about the situation. He usually avoided relationships because he was afraid if they found out he was a werewolf they would run.

“Um….what….what did you say?” Remus asked shakily.

“I asked you who is your new girlfriend I have heard so much about from Evans?”

Lily wanted to kill Sirius. “Why can’t he keep his big mouth shut? I am going to kill him! And James!”

“Oh….um….that right, well…” Remus stuttered.

“Why didn’t you tell us about her Moony? We had to learn about it from Lily! That is bad,” said James. “Ow! What was that for Lil?”

“Just shut up Potter before I hurt you,” Lily told him.

“Yes dear,” James said hanging his head.

“Well Lily, I think you deserve an award. Someone has actually trained James Potter!” Jo said excitedly. Everyone laughed, including James who just put his head back up and his arm around Lily again.

“So Moony, tell us who she is. We are going no further until you tell us who she is. What happened to ‘Marauders don’t keep secrets from one another’?” Sirius asked again.

“Ok it is… is….Amelia Bones,” Remus said quietly. He looked up at everyone who were all smiling at him.

“Good on you mate. She is a nice girl, talked to her a few times during Prefect Meetings,” James said giving him a slap on the back.

“I told you you would like her Remus, and that no one would care,” Lily said smiling at him. Remus grinned back at his friends.

“Excuse me but he is not off the hook yet. He still kept it a secret from us. How long have you been going out for?” Sirius asked.

“Since Hogsmeade,” Remus told him.

“THAT WAS AGES AGO! I thought we didn’t keep secrets? None of us have any secrets. I have absolutely none what so ever!” Sirius said.

“Oh really? What about the fact that you really do like Jo? Isn’t that a secret?” Moony asked him, enjoying the look on his friends face.

“What? What do you mean?” asked Jo.

“We mean the fact that Padfoot here really does like you. More than anyone before. You should hear him go on. I thought I was bad,” James said laughing.

“Ok, Ok, so maybe you guys have a point. But it is no longer a secret,” Sirius said before walking over to Jo and kissing her, right there in the hall, surrounded by other students and members of the S.B.F.C. All of them were in shock form what they were seeing. Some girls broke down in tears, saying their hearts were broken.

Lily was jumping up and down and hugged Alice, before both fell to the floor with laughter.

“Ha! We told you! I knew you liked him!” Alice cried. But apparently Jo and Sirius couldn’t hear them, and if they could they weren’t listening.

"Well,” James thought happily. “A day at Hogwarts is always full of surprises, isn’t it?”

A/N: Ok i think you all saw that coming! Hehe! And with all the letters there between James and Lily, she wasn't really mad at him even though she was calling him Potter! they were just messing! just in case anyone thought they were fighting! Hope you all liked it and please review! Thank you! = )