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Move Along by Jaggy

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 67,581
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Skeeter, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/Lily

First Published: 07/24/2006
Last Chapter: 01/12/2008
Last Updated: 01/12/2008

A companionship and somewhat awkward relationship one year in the making, finally becomes official. But the secretive love of Lily and Sirius is turned upside down as Lily finds a new bond in none other than James. In their sixth year, how is the number one guy in Lily's life changed from Sirius Black to James Potter?

Chapter 21: The Running Rat || Posted January 12, 2008
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Chapter 6: Size Matters

A/N: So I lied. This is fairly lengthy. You'll have to forgive me, I've done a LOT of editing and such to everything that I've written and haven't posted. The plot shifted a bit and I've had to rewrite some chapters (like this one) completely, so the chapters may be a bit slower coming for a while. ;) Anyways, I've delayed you from your reading long enough. Enjoy!


"I told you I could make you late," Sirius said, giving her a knowing smile. "You shouldn't challenge me when you know I'll win."

"Oh I so let you win," Lily teased, scrunching up her face. She gave him a slightly irritated glare. His silver eyes sparked mischievously sending shivers down Lily's spine. Shivers that where only magnified when he put a gentle hand to her back and pulled her closer to him. His lips hovered just above hers, and his breath tickled her lips.

"You couldn't resist me if you tried," he breathed in an amused voice.

"I can so. I choose not to."

"Admit it Lils, you're addicted to me."

"Call me Lils again and I'll show you addicted."

Sirius moved his hand very slowly down to the small of her back and Lily felt her breath catch in her throat. He drummed his fingers softly against her back, something he knew she loved. He gave her a look that clearly stated 'I-told-you-so', which successfully turned her on and irritated her. Deciding that being turned on was much more fun, Lily reached up a hand, grabbed Sirius' necktie and pulled him down so that his lips met hers. He smirked against her lips and she took advantage of it by letting her tongue lash out to meet his. He returned the favor and their tongues wrestled excitedly, both pressing harder, almost egging the other on.

"Addicted," he murmured when she pulled from his kisses, both breathing raggedly. "And you're still late."

Lily grumbled to herself, minutes later, as she practically flew through the corridors. She couldn't believe she was this late. Lily was never late. Ever. And for what? A good snog? was rather excellent kissing, if she did say so herself. Sirius certainly knew what he was doing, not that she didn't, but Sirius really knew what he was doing. She knew there was a reason she was dating him. None the less, she scolded herself, she knew Wednesdays were Prefects meetings and she shouldn't have let Sirius get her off track...

A slight screech escaped her lips as she felt her foot catch something on the ground. Lily shut her eyes and dropped the books she was carrying to stretch her arms out. She braced herself for a fall that never came. Instead of hard stone floors, she felt a strong pair of hands catch her by the waist. Lily froze for a few moments at her rescuer's touch. She could feel her face heat up as she opened her eyes and turned to face her rescuer.

"'Lo Potter," she said, sounding slightly winded. He gave her a bright smile, his hazel eyes sparkled with a satisfied glint in them. "Excellent timing, I must say."

"Any time Evans," he said, his voice sounding smug. Lily resisted rolling her eyes. "So, speaking of good timing, I was thinking that now was the perfect time to..."

"Tell you what," Lily cut him off, a subtle grin on her face. She kept talking as she reached down and picked up her dropped books. "You can tell me what this moment was perfect for later, I'm late for the Prefect's meeting and the Head Girl's a real stick in the mud for punctuality. I'd hate for Remus to get in trouble because I'm late. Like I said, she's crazy, she'll give him my work seeing as I'm his partner..."

"Ah, a few more seconds of tardiness isn't going to kill him."

"But he may kill me, I'll catch you later?"

This seemed to throw James off of his game a bit and it was Lily's turn to look smug. She never willingly said she'd see him later. It was a new curve ball for him. It might have been for that reason alone that Lily was able to escape from James quickly, but that really didn't matter to Lily. She really was late.

"EVANS!" screeched Amethea Ollerton, the Head Girl. Lily had just made it into the classroom the Prefects used for meetings. She shuttered as the older girl's acute eyes glared fiercely at her. "This meeting started twenty minutes ago! Where were you? You understand the concept of punctuality I think? Just because you have three different boyfriends to attend to does not mean—"

"Let her alone Ollerton," Damocles Belby, the Head Boy, said. He shook his dark hair out of his face and winked over at Lily, his deep blue eyes twinkling slightly. "This is the first time she's been late, and Lily's not the sort to date three guys at once! I can't believe you believe that rubbish Rita Skeeter published! And I'd had such high hopes about your attitude towards gossip," he glared at his fellow Head (who returned the glare full force) for a few moments more before he turned to Lily, his voice softened as he spoke to her. "You're partnered with Lupin, Lils."

Lily nodded, ignoring the irritation she felt for the nickname, and walked over to where Remus was sitting. Lily could hear Ollerton and Belby arguing in hushed whispers and she grinned slightly. She was glad that Damocles was on her side, though her mind twanged lightly with guilt. She and Damocles had dated briefly the previous year, however Lily had broken up with him after a rather...tempestuous...night in the company of Sirius Black. Granted, Damocles never did know why Lily had dumped him. All he'd known was that she had. A quaint smile formed on Lily's lips as memories of the one time she'd ever cheated on a boyfriend. It wasn't that she thought it'd had been a good idea, to her cheating was a horrible thing, but she was rather pleased with the end results.

"Taking a leaf out of the Marauders' book Lily?" Remus grinned at her as she sat down next to him. His voice pulled her from her light reminiscing of Sirius' touches from that night nearly a year ago. "Causing trouble wherever you go: the Great Hall, the Hospital Wing, here..."

"Shut up," she laughed swatting at him playfully. Remus dodged and, from the look on his face, was about to tease her even more when an unwelcome quote sounded behind them.

"Wheeling and dealing any gossip lately, Evans?" a hiss came from behind where Lily and Remus were sitting. Lily stiffened and turned to see who had spoken. Her eyes hardened as her gaze fell upon Evan Rosier, his silver and green Prefect badge was pinned on the front of his robes and his brown eyes twinkled with maliciousness.

"Can I help you Rosier?" she asked, stiffly.

Rosier's oblong face contorted slightly in a smirk, his crooked teeth were barely visible under his sneer. He wasn't all that attractive of a boy, but often gave off the air that he, at least, thought that he was.

"Not really, no. I was just wondering why Lupin is still hanging around a little tramp like you. I mean toying with all the Marauders Evans, I thought you had more class than that," he hissed again. "But I suppose Potter wouldn't care if you were banging his best friend. I mean the two of you are 'perfect together' don't you think?"

"Shut your face Rosier. Don't talk about things that don't concern you," Remus said calmly, but warningly.

"What's the matter half-breed?" Rosier taunted. "Evans not giving you enough attention?"

Remus rolled his amber eyes and Lily scoffed, giving Remus a look that stated she was not pleased with Rosier. Remus' features mirrored Lily's. His face suddenly lit up in a mischievous grin, and Lily was quick to follow.

"He really thinks he's onto something doesn't he?" Lily said to Remus for Rosier to hear. "What an idiot."

"Apparently he does," Remus said a pitying tone in his voice. "Poor bugger. Probably thinks Crumple-Horned Snorkacks are real too."

"So sad...someone might need to tell him that Father Christmas died a long time ago as well..."

"You can do the honors Lily; I always hate destroying someone's naïve point of view..."

"Hey! I'm doing the insulting here!" Rosier suddenly shot out, drawing the attention of the Heads. Lily smirked at him as Damocles started to yell at him for disrupting the meeting and for insulting in general. Rosier did not take kindly to this but did nothing about it until the meeting was over.

"Just you wait Evans," he hissed over her shoulder as she and Remus left to go back towards the Common Room. "I'll get you back for that."

With that Rosier turned on his heel and strode away, leaving Lily and Remus looking at each other in momentary silence. It was a full fifteen seconds before Lily's face lit up in a grin, and Remus' was quick to follow.

"Never do have any new lines, those Slytherins, do they?" Lily asked him in a tone that would have suited discussing the weather.

"Nope," Remus agreed, chuckling. "Barking mad the lot of them."

"Oh and the clowns you hang with are so stable."

"Stability's got nothing to do with it," Remus defended, amused. "The Marauder's aren't 'barking' mad...well maybe Sirius is, but the rest of us are just crazy on occasion."

"What makes Sirius special?"

"Well...he's a bit of a dog sometimes..."

Lily laughed at Remus' tease towards Sirius, completely unaware that Remus was being quite serious.

James was practically bouncing off the walls of the boys' dormitory. Sirius looked up from his school work, mildly irritated, mildly amused as James continued singing a song off key.

"And when that day comes, she'll always be mine!" he sang jumping on his bed. He looked very much like an overgrown, overly excited three year old. "She'll love me 'till my days are done, and we'll always walk that line; walk that line, yeah yeah!"

"Shut up Prongs! You're a Chaser, not a singer."

"You're just jealous," James laughed as he jumped from his bed onto Remus' empty one. "Lily Evans said she'd see ME later! I'm making progress man! She's in love with me!"

James grinned before continuing his singing.

"He's in denial, and he can't sing..." Peter mused from where he was sitting next to Sirius. ("Walking that liiiiiiiiiine!") Sirius chuckled in response and James threw Remus' pillow at the pair of them, but singing away anyways. "I'm only telling the truth James, 'I'll see you later' doesn't mean anything."

"What do you know?" James snapped lightly. He was still bouncing around energetically. He mildly noted the identical looks of relief on Peter and Sirius' faces that his singing had stopped. "It does mean something."

"And what's that Prongs? Because I assure you that it's not that Lily's in love with you," Sirius laughed.

James stuck his tongue out at Sirius but grinned enthusiastically all the same.

"It means that Lily Evans no longer hates me and that she looks forward to spending more time with me, which means that I still have a damn good chance of getting her!" he responded, his hazel eyes dancing happily. "Which means...?"

"That you're insane," Sirius shrugged simply, earning himself another well shot pillow at his head. "Ouch! I'm just saying Prongs, Lily's a sweet girl. Maybe she just felt sorry for you."

"No you dolt, it means that I'm the luckiest guy on the planet! Lily Evans! She's gonna be miiiiiine!" James sang again. "And we'll walk that oh-so-wonderful liiiiiiine!"

"Shut up Prongs!" Sirius yelled over James' singing as Peter threw a pillow towards the energetic boy's head. James caught the pillow and kept singing, holding the pillow like a gentle lover, causing his mates to laugh even more at him.

"Don't ruin his fun," came a fourth voice. Remus had just stepped into the dorm, his amber eyes were looking at the bouncing James with mild amusement. "Let him live in the world of maybe, you never know, Lily might change her mind about him someday."

"See, Remus is on my side!" James grinned at his sandy haired friend.

"Remus pities you too."

"Shut up Padfoot."

"Make me."

"I've got a wand, I can do it you know," James said holding his wand out for Sirius to see and pointing it at him with mock threats.

"Oh big deal, I've got one too," Sirius responded, pulling his own out.

"Mine's so longer."

"Mine gets more action."

The two boys grinned at the undeclared challenge.

"Oh big words for a little wand!"

"Screw you, it's not the size that matters it's what you do with it."

"If that's what they tell you then I should let you know, they only tell that to tiny wands to keep them from rioting. Size does matter damn it!"

"You're sick," Sirius said grinning, "but I like it! Let's have a go, right now. My wand will so kick your wand's arse."

"Let's do it," James chuckled. "What are the stakes? The usual?"

"But of course, loser streaks through Slytherin's next game. That way everyone will know how short your 'wand' really is."

"You're on Padfoot! And I'll have you know my 'wand' is far from short. But I'll enjoy laughing at your naked hide."

"First of all, I don't care to know the length of your 'wand' you sick-o. Secondly, I highly doubt you'll be laughing at my naked arse, Prongs, particularly since I'll be laughing too hard at yours," Sirius grinned. "Enough of this pointless argument, Common Room, me and you, now. I'll show you whose wand is boss."

"Great Hall."


"Guys, you might want to wait and have your duel later," Remus interrupted, stopping the two boys before they could leave the dorm. "Lily's been teased horribly about 'playing' with the Marauders the past few days and the two of you fighting, regardless if you are just playing or not, it's not going to help her situation any. So keep it in here or let it wait until Skeeter's article dies down."

"Still?" James said, suddenly outraged. "Who's still teasing her?"

"The Slytherins."

James looked over at Sirius, surprised he was the one to answer instead of Remus. A slight ruffle of two tiny ink dots made its way uncomfortably into James' thoughts.

"She talks to me too mate," he shrugged simply. "But Moony's right, it's probably not going to help Evans all that much if we're seen 'fighting' in the Great Hall."

"Or anywhere for that matter," Remus said, looking at the two sternly.

"What happened to make you think of that Moony?" Peter quipped lightly. At that question, Remus looked at Peter slightly shocked. James' curiosity rippled and continued to grow as Remus' silence grew. He wasn't answering.

"Moony? What happened?"

"Nothing," Remus said turning away from the other Marauders, and making to make up the bed that James had jumped on. James was entirely unconvinced, and the looks on Peter and Sirius' faces told him that they weren't either.

"Remus? What is it? What happened?" A look of comprehension appeared on Sirius' face and his voice dropped suddenly and James saw his eyes narrowed in defensive resentment. His words were nothing more than a dangerous growl, "Who threatened her?"

James jumped up, Sirius' words hitting him with force. Remus had frozen. So someone had threatened her. Anger pumped through James' chest.

"It wasn't a big deal guys, Rosier just got a bit mouthy is all..."

"Rosier threatened Lily?" James shot, his earlier jovial mood broken. His voice was rigid with fury. "I'll beat his sorry, Slytherin ass."

"I wouldn't do that either, mate," Remus advised, his amber eyes looking at James cautiously.

"Why not?"

"Because Lily wouldn't like it," Sirius said simply to James. "She's a strong girl; if you hurt someone for threatening her she's going to take it that you think she's weak and that she can't handle herself."

"I don't think that—" he responded, offended. He didn't think that at all. He could not even picture her weak. Lily was very strong, and he admired her courage greatly. It was Lily's spunk that drew James to her so much. Sirius interrupted James before he could finish explaining all of this.

"I know you don't Prongs, but I also know that's how Lily will take it. And you know she will too. Don't get me wrong mate, I'd kill someone before I'd let them hurt her, but if she's not asking for help, then don't try to give it to her. She's a smart girl; if she needs your protection then she'll ask you for it."

James nodded in agreement, though he felt the pangs of both disappointment and jealousy coursing through him. He wanted to be as close to Lily as Remus and Sirius were allowed to be. Another brief flash of Sirius and Lily's dots walking towards the Lake wondered into James' mind and he found himself wondering just how defensive of Lily Sirius was...

His thoughts were shot through suddenly as though the dots and his jealousy no longer mattered. He felt that he didn't need to be in the Boy's Dorm with the other Marauders anymore. He looked over at Remus, his hazel eyes blazing.

"Where did you leave her?" James asked abruptly, his voice was rough. Remus, Sirius, and Peter looked at him with startled expressions on their faces.

"She said she was going to the library Prongs, but I—what are you doing?"

Not bothering to answer, James grabbed the Marauder's Map, opened it and his eyes narrowed as his suspicions were confirmed. Sirius had looked over James' shoulder at the map. His grey eyes narrowed with James' hazel ones and both voiced the same thought at the same time.


Two small dots were standing in a classroom on the same floor as the library. One was labeled Lily Evans; the other: Evan Rosier.