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A Different Side Of Me by SlytherinSweetheart6

Format: Novel
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 10,015
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Crabbe Jr., Goyle Jr., Draco, OC
Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, Harry/OC

First Published: 07/20/2006
Last Chapter: 03/31/2007
Last Updated: 03/31/2007


The Porters and the Malfoys have been friends for generations, and Natalee grew up with Draco. Now, they are both sixteen and engaged. Natalee is sent to Hogwarts to be closer to Draco, but it is there where she reunites with someone from her past, someone who could change her future if she will let him. Many thanks to Smile06 for yet another beautiful banner!

Chapter 1: Eyes Up Here

Draco and I spent the rest of the day packing and just hanging out. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for dinner. I sighed as I opened the doors of my big walk in closet. I had quite a few formal dresses that you had worn this summer, but my favorite one, the one Draco bought for me in Paris, I had saved for last. It was a simple dress actually, I not into gaudy clothing. It was black with spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline. I pulled it out of the closet and used my wand to apply my make up and do up my hair. I walked out of my bedroom and into Draco's without bothering to knock. He was standing in front of a full length mirror adjusting his tie. He smiled when he saw me and turned around, giving me an up and down look.
"I love that dress." he said
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled. I do fill it up quite well."Gee," I said sarcasticly, " I wonder why."
He didn't respond, he just walked towards me, still staring.
"Honey" I grabbed his chin and pulled his face up
"Eyes up here!"
"Oh sorry." he said and offered me his arm
"Shall we?"
"We Shall."

Draco led me into the dining room. Narcissa sighed and elbowed her husband.
"Oh Lucius! Look at them! They are so cute together!" she said.
" Of course they are, why in the name of quidditch wouldn't they be? I told you, she's a perfect match for him."
You look across the table at Draco and roll your eyes. He chucked under his breath, he knew that you hated it when they talked about you like you weren't there. The house elves bring your food, and you begin to eat. The main course was tiny pieces of squishy meat. You put one in your mouth and chewed.
"Mm, this is good, what is it?" You asked Draco, he smiled
"Snails" Lucius said.
"Bloody Hell!" You reach for your napkin and spit the nasty goo out of your mouth. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Draco laughing at you.
" Stupid Jerk." you thought to yourself.
Lucius called for a house elf to remove your plates and then they brought you dessert. You dug into the chocolate pie, grateful for no more snails. Lucius cleared his throat.
"So I trust that everything is ready for your departure tomorrow?"
"Yes Father." Draco said
"Oh, Natalie, there's something I've - well we've been wanting to ask you." Narcissa said looking at her husband.
"Oh, is there?" You ask curious.
"Yes, well, Lucius and I feel that it would be best if you didn't wear your engagement ring while youre at school. It would start many unnecessary rumors. Not everyone has an arranged marriage these days, people might think..."
"People might think I'm pregnant." I thought to myself.
"Oh I understand Narcissa, that would be fine with me, as long as it's okay with Draco." you say looking at him, he looks very angry, but he wasn't about to argue with his parents.
" Yeah, fine. Whatever."
"Oh, good, now I think it's time for the two of you to go to bed now. You've got a big day tomorrow."
You nodded and said good night to the Malfoys. Taking Draco's arm the two of you walked up the stairs in silence. When you reached your bedroom door, you stoped.
"Are you sure you don't mind my not wearing the ring in school?" you ask him. He shook his head.
" I don't like it, it feels like they're ashamed of you." he said
" Well, their not, hon, they just want to protect us, ya know?"
He sighed " I guess, it's not like I can get you to wear it now anyway, you're too good."
" I know, I should really work on that." you said playfully. You kissed him gently, pulling the ring off of your finger.
" I love you Draco, and I don't care who knows it, but for now, let's just keep this a secret."
You said, sliding the ring into his hand.
"Keep this safe for me, cause as soon as we set foot out of Hogwarts for summer break, I'm putting it right back on."
" You bet." He smiled and kissed you again.
" Sweet dreams." he said pulling away.

You walk into your room and peel off your clothes. you pull a pair of pajamas out of your dresser and pull them on quickly. Walking over to your bed , you see the picture of Draco sitting on your nightstand. You kissed it, missing him already. You lay back in your bed and close your eyes. An hour passes, and you are just about to slip into dreamland, when your room suddenly filled with light. Sitting up straight in your bed, you shivered. Lightning. A very low, loud rumble of thunder sounded. You jump out of your bed and out of the room. Feeling your way down the dark hallway, you stop infront of Draco's door. Opening it slightly, you peeked inside. He was laying on his bed watching a Quidditch game on tv. He looked up at you and smiled.
" Couldn't stay away?" he teased. You shake your head
" It's storming." As if on que, there is another loud rumble of thunder, this time it shakes the whole house. Draco laughed again and held out his arms to you.
"Come here."
You climb into his bed and he wraps his arms around you.
" Youre safe here." he whispered. You close your eyes and as he gently plays with your hair, you fall asleep in his arms.