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Move Along by Jaggy

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 67,581
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Skeeter, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/Lily

First Published: 07/24/2006
Last Chapter: 01/12/2008
Last Updated: 01/12/2008

A companionship and somewhat awkward relationship one year in the making, finally becomes official. But the secretive love of Lily and Sirius is turned upside down as Lily finds a new bond in none other than James. In their sixth year, how is the number one guy in Lily's life changed from Sirius Black to James Potter?

Chapter 21: The Running Rat || Posted January 12, 2008
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Chapter 3: Death Eaters

A/N: This chapter is much shorter than my first two, it is, however, filled with quite a bit of action, so I think that you lot won't mind the length so much because of it. Anyways, enjoy!

~Jaggy/Rain/Evil Plotting Queen of the World next to JKR~

Sirius watched Lily leave and fought his desire to go and comfort her. Instead he turned his silver eyes to look at James, who was currently muttering darkly under his breath at Lily's retreating form. When Lily was out of sight, James' muttering continued, and he started pacing back and fourth, as was a habit of his when he was angry.

"She's right you know Prongs," Remus said. "You do have a tendency to spoil your conversations with her by asking her out; you know it annoys her."

James cut his eyes at Remus and Sirius distinctly heard him mutter 'traitor' at Remus.

"Come on Prongs, you know you can't stay mad at Evans forever," Sirius said in his joking tone, but the joking fell at the dark look James shot him too. "Ok Prongs, man, you made her mad. Technically speaking, she did the right thing."

"I don't want her to do it because it's the right thing!" James exploded at Sirius. "I want her to be my friend because she honestly wants to be my friend! Think about it Padfoot! She only said that because she felt sorry for me! I've seen that look on her face before! She wears it every time she talks to Snape. She's only friends with him because no one else will be, and he's so happy to have a girl talking to him he doesn't see that she pities him."

"That's not nice mate," Remus said.

"Yeah well we're not exactly saints towards Snivellus are we?" James continued, his tone still angered. "But I'm not as stupid as Snivellus! There's more to that girl than a friendship of pity, and that's what I want! She's just too stubborn to even try to let me in! She's so—!"

But James was cut off by a horrifying scream in the direction that Lily had disappeared in. And it didn't stop. It was pleading for mercy. It was...

"Lily," he breathed, before taking off down the road in the direction of the scream.

Remus, Peter and Sirius looked at each other fearfully before they followed James. Suddenly there were a lot more screams as something very bright shot into the sky and as Sirius looked up to see what it was. The Dark Mark. His stomach dropped, he felt his insides grow cold with fear. It couldn't be…He heard James shout again, and Sirius felt the fear within him triple.


They ran into a patch of road where several masked figures stood over a red headed girl who was withering on the ground emitting heart-wrenching screeches of pain. The hooded figures looked up when they heard James' voice. They were laughing.

"EXPELLIARMUS!" James roared at the Death Eater whose wand was aimed at Lily. Lily's screeches stopped instantly as the Death Eater's wand shot into the air.

"A Potter, oh and look at that! My blood traitor cousin," the same Death Eater's cruel voice called out from the group. Sirius stopped in his tracks behind James. That was Bellatrix's voice. "Sirius! What a wonderful surprise!"

Bellatrix stepped forward, and dropped her hood back. Her pointed face smirked at Sirius. She held the undisputable beauty of a Black woman. Her features were sharp and elegant. She had cold, blue eyes and her dark hair fell to her shoulders. The glare on her face, however showed that her heart was every bit as dark as her family's name.

"You haven't come to save the Mudblood have you?" she mocked her voice mimicking baby talk. "Ickle Sirius and his blood traitor friends have come to rescue the Mudblood, oh look, and they have brought along another Mudblood."

Her cold eyes landed on Remus, whose mother was a Muggle. Remus gripped his wand tightly and narrowed his eyes at Bellatrix, but he said nothing. Sirius could feel James tense up in front of him, and Peter trembled fearfully behind him and Remus.

"Leave them be Bellatrix," Sirius hissed at her. "You're battle isn't with them."

"Oh but baby cousin, it is. Their filth is poisoning your mind, particularly this cheeky redhead. However, it's still possible to redeem yourself," she taunted, her blue eyes flashing down at Lily again. "All you have to do is point your wand like this and say 'Crucio'!"

Lily's screams once more filled the air and Sirius lunged at Bellatrix, forgetting that she was a fully grown, certified, Dark witch and he was still a teenaged boy, not even finished with his schooling yet. All he knew was rage, and he paid dearly for his mistake as Bellatrix's curse moved from Lily's trembling form to his stronger one. Sirius heard his own voice's yelp of agony as the curse lit his body on fire with pain. His mind reeled to his father's wand as Bellatrix's curse held every ounce of malice that Orion's always did. He was back in Grimmauld Place and he couldn't escape the wrath of his father, only now his father was skinny and young and held the face of a beautiful woman. Bellatrix had learned her curse from her precious uncle.

And then it stopped. Sirius was on the ground panting with relief. He was free, and he was not home under his father's brutal wand. He was swaying between passing out and staying conscious. Somewhere he was aware that Lily's body was no longer beside his own, but as soon as he the fear of that registered in his mind, his world went blank, and he knew no more.

Lily had gotten up once the curse hit Sirius and his cries were echoing in the air. She moved weakly at first, but somehow she moved; she got away. And unnoticed by the Death Eaters she had crawled her way over to James, Remus, and Peter. James was in awe of her courageousness. He'd seen Sirius after being tortured by that curse many times, and if he hadn't seen her do it with his own eyes he wouldn't have believed it possible to get up after being hit by it.

"What are you doing?" she hissed at the three of them, visibly wincing. Whether from pain or from Sirius' screams, James didn't know. "FIGHT!"

She had her wand out and shot a stunning spell into the group of Death Eaters, whose attention was brought back to the four standing teenagers as one of their number fell. One Death Eater in particular stepped forward.

"Stubborn little Mudblood, aren't you?" a male Death Eater said crudely. "Well my wife was so kind as to introduce you to one Unforgivable; perhaps I should introduce you to another."

The Death Eater's brown eyes flashed maliciously as he raised his wand to Lily, but James beat him to the punch just as the words "Avada Kadavra" were about to escape his lips.

"STUPIFY!" he yelled, stunning Bellatrix's husband. There were now two unconscious Death Eaters. Bellatrix dropped the curse on Sirius, her attention now on her fallen husband. She looked at him a bit disgusted and motioned for the four remaining Death Eaters to follow her.

"Going to fight us Potter? You and the Mudbloods and another blood traitor?" she hissed. She flicked her wand, and Peter fell to the ground, bleeding profusely, but James couldn't react, he wanted to, but couldn't. No one could, they just had to leave Peter where he was. There was too much at stake to worry if he was alive or not. "Excuse me, you and the Mudbloods?"

The five Death Eaters were now closing in on the three standing teenagers. James placed himself in front of Remus and Lily, protectively. He narrowed his eyes at Bellatrix, and despite the fear in his racing heart, his voice was steady.

"Yes," he said, before he, Lily and Remus opened spell fire at the Death Eaters, two more fell, but so did Remus. Bellatrix had hit him with a spell that had a purple light. James didn't know what it was, but again he couldn't pay attention to his friend's peril. If James wasn't alive, there wouldn't be anything he could do to help his friends if they were still alive. His attention was instead focused on the three Death Eaters. Lily and James were now being backed into the woods.

"James," Lily hissed into his ear. "We have to work together. Block and attack."

James nodded, but Bellatrix spoke again. She was giving Lily a taunting glare.

"Tisk, tisk Mudblood!" Bellatrix said. "I thought you were enjoying the good time we were showing you. Teaching you a right lesson about tampering with the pureblooded Black line, weren't we? You are so fond of my baby cousin perhaps I should tell you more about him before I kill you. Tell me, did you know Sirius' first word was 'Mudblood'? Oh yes, didn't he tell you? He was supposed to be the greatest Black to ever live. Was going to bring more honor to the family name than any of the rest of us could have ever dreamed. His life would have been set for good. He would have been richer than any man in the Wizarding world as soon as my parents and his own were gone. He was going to inherit it all, even his brother wasn't going to get as much as Sirius, and he threw it all away for filth like you."

James felt his blood boil at Bellatrix's taunting words, but Lily gripped his arm. He eased at her touch, and did not react. But Bellatrix had seen him tense up, and her attention was now on him. Somehow, he preferred it that way.

"And Potter, tell me, do you know what Sirius' first bit of magic was?" her mouth curled into a cruel grimace. "He tortured his poor, defenseless puppy that he caught playing with some Muggle children. He showed so much promise."

"He was three, and your Uncle Orion told him to," James growled at her.

"Oh, but Potter, when you use an Unforgivable you've got to mean it or it doesn't work. He's a Black, Potter. Nothing you or your family can ever say or do will change that. He knows how to turn on his friends as he can turn on his family. It's planted in the brain of every Black how to torture and kill. It's what we do. Sirius knew then, as he knows now, how to use an Unforgivable. Like this," her voice dropped dangerously as she spoke. Her voice was joined with the voices of the other two Death Eaters, "Crucio!"

The three way curse hit both Lily and James, and both screamed out against the pain. But Lily stood her ground, and she grabbed James by the arm, preventing him from falling to the curse. Her mouth was shut now and she was denying the Death Eaters anymore screeches. Through her courage, James found it in himself to do the same, despite the pain he was feeling. Again, he was amazed at the abilities of this witch. Not only could she face this pain from three fully grown, authorized wizards, but she could help him do it too. Somewhere in him, James had a hunch that the only reason she could do this was because he was standing next to her. But he couldn't focus on that thought he was putting all of his thoughts to staying standing, even if he was using Lily for his strength, as she was using him.

"Together James," she hissed at him, pain etched in her voice.

James nodded to her against onslaught of agony his body was feeling, and they both raised their wands at the shocked Death Eaters.

"EXPELLIARMUS!!" they cried simultaneously, a silver light shooting out of both of their wands, hitting the Death Eaters and flinging them to the other side of the clearing that they were in. Three wands fell to the ground at Lily and James' feet. James looked over at Lily and got one look at her dazzling green eyes before she fell into his arms in a faint. James smiled briefly, only to feel his own legs give way beneath him.

"Damn," he breathed as he too collapsed into the world of unconsciousness, Lily still held tightly in his arms.