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A Zabini Revealed by dracoismyhottie55

Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 17,081
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Lavender, Draco/Hermione

First Published: 03/06/2006
Last Chapter: 09/27/2007
Last Updated: 09/27/2007


BIG THANX TO MISSY PADFOOT:PANDORA'S CLOSET FOR THE AH-MAZING BANNER!! LUV U!! Hermione Granger always thought she was a muggleborn. However, one fateful day she turns into Mia Isabelle Zabini. Her life is perfect unitl she realizes that  she has one mystery to solve… Who kidnapped her? TO FIND OUT READ AND REVIEW!!!

Chapter 8: Pranks and Truth or Dare

A/N: hahaha.. a lot of ppl thought I had put a cliffie.. u won’t find out the plan for quite a few chappies… now… for chappie 8 {funny chappie}... keep the reviews coming...

Chapter 8

That morning, all 8 Slytherins went blearily to the Great Hall, tired from last night’s party. They had danced, drank, and some people went a little further than kissing let’s just say.

Today, Dumbledore stood up to make an announcement while clapping his hands.

“Excuse me, excuse me. Can I please have your attention?” asked Professor Dumbledore.

All of a sudden the room was so silent you could have heard a pin drop.

“Thank you. Now, this year, the staff and I have decided to do something new. Like in the muggle world you have senior prank day. At Hogwarts, we will have a prank war for 7th years only. The prank war starts tomorrow. Right now, I will pick out a name from this cup which has 4 pieces of paper in it. I will pick two pieces of paper and the first two picked will have a prank war against each other. The remaining two houses will have a prank war as well” said Dumbledore.

Professor Flitwick brought out a cardboard box filled with fluffy pillows and velour blankets. With flourish, Professor Dumbledore removed the blankets and a gold cup with black accents stood gleaming on a bunch of frilly pillows in a plain cardboard box.

“Now, I will pick out the first piece of paper which is…GRYFFINDOR! Now, the next piece of paper is…SLYTHERIN!” shouted Dumbledore.

Everyone gaped. This was going to be very exciting because everyone knew that Gryffindor and Slytherin were arch enemies.

“It is obvious that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw will be playing each other. Now, the rules are outside the Great Hall so you may go and look after your breakfast. Thank you” announced Dumbledore.

“It’s also obvious that Slytherin and Ravenclaw are going to be the two champions” said Mia, smirking.

The Slytherin table howled with laughter. There was a scraping of bowls from seventh years as they all finished their breakfast as quickly as possible so they could go see the rules. The 1st-6th years looked on wistfully. The 8 Slytherins quickly finished their breakfast and ran out towards the entrance hall. They quickly pushed everyone out of the way and stood before the rules. This is what they said:


1. You must never play a prank on the houses you are not assigned to prank.
2. The 2 houses with the funniest pranks will be awarded the Prank War trophy monogrammed with your house’s name and your graduating year in pure gold.
3. The judge’s {the staff} will be watching the pranks being played.
4. There will be no partialness by the judges.
5. If a child becomes injured during the war, Madam Pomfrey will be more that happy to attend to you.
6. The Prank War will last 2 days and the winner will be announced at dinnertime on the second day.
7. You must wear your house robes so other students can identify you.
8. Remember, HAVE FUN!
9. If you have any questions, please visit your house leader.

“OK SLYTHERINS, WE ARE GONNA KICK GRYFFINDOR’S ASSES! GOT IT?” shouted Mia to her seven fellow Slytherins.

“Jeez, we all had perfect hearing until you screamed” said Draco.

Mia stuck her tongue out at him and said “you guys, I have the perfect plan to demolish Gryffindor.”

Mia quickly went to the Slytherin common room and scrawled on 2 pieces of paper: Meet Mia Zabini and Co. in the Slytherin Common Room at 7 p.m. tonight because she has the perfect plan to kick Gryffindor’s asses.

Then she rushed up to the seventh year boy’s and girl’s rooms and taped the signs to their doors.

Meanwhile, in the Gryffindor Common Room:

“OK guys. We have to beat Slytherin. If we can beat them at Quidditch we can beat them at a prank war. Now here’s the plan” said Harry pacing up and down.


The day of the Prank War dawned bright and sunny. Mia woke up groggily and felt like going back to sleep but them remembered the Prank War. Yesterday night, the Slytherins hadn’t exactly planned anything. Instead, they decided to go see what the Gryffindors were doing. Mia quickly got out of bed and called out all the boys and girls. Mia and the Slytherins decided to walk onto the damp grass and onto the Quidditch field where Lavender and Parvati and their friends were playing cards and watching Harry, Ron, Dean, and Seamus and their friends play Quidditch. The Slytherins walked over to the giggling girls. The boys, seeing them, quickly descended and ran over to Parvati, Lavender, and their group.

“Hey Zabini, do you and your friends want to play poker?” asked Lavender, giggling.

“You bet” said Mia, smirking.

Mia quickly sat down on the grass with the Slytherins sitting behind her. Lavender sat across from her with the Gryffindors behind her.

Lavender deled out the cards like an expert. Mia picked up her cards and the Slytherins looked at each other, smirking.

Lavender picked up her cards and the Gryffindors started chuckling.

They quickly started playing. Once they were out of items, Lavender decided to make a deal.

“Hey, how about whoever loses has to jump in the lake with the giant squid”

“Naked” added Mia.

“Perfect”, Lavender said, laying out her cards,” start unzipping Zabini”

“After you, Your Highness” said Mia, laying down her cards.

Blaise and Draco did an imitation of a trumpet blowing.

The Gryffindors, not wanting to see this, went inside. The Slytherins stood outside laughing and giving each other high fives as Lavender shivered. She turned around and glared at Mia. Then, she jumped into the lake.

Mia quickly whispered “Quick let’s take her clothes and give them to Peeves”

The Slytherins gathered up her clothes and ran off.

When Lavender floated back to the top, she ran out and thought ‘I’m gonna sit by the fire for the rest of my life.’

But all she found was her shoes and socks.

“Grrr… that bitch is gonna pay” said Lavender angrily.

Lavender stormed up to the common room followed by whistles. She took a nice warm shower, changed and then announced “THE SLYTHERINS ARE GOING DOWN!”

Meanwhile, back in the Slytherin Common Room:

“Ha Ha Mia, good trick. God Lavender must be pissed. We are totally gonna win this prank thing” said Blaise cackling.

“I wonder what they are gonna plan next” said Mia thoughtfully.

During lunch, some of the Gryffindors skipped lunch so they could play their prank. They quickly got into the Slytherin common room {the password was mudbloods are filth} and levitated all their furniture out of the room and into some unused classroom.

“Ha, that should teach them not to mess with us” said Harry triumphantly.

Tired, the Slytherins walked up to their common room ready to crash but found no furniture.

“I bet those low down scumbag Gryffindors took our furniture” said Pansy angrily.

Sighing, Mia muttered “ACCIO SLYTHERIN FURNITURE!”

Everyone ducked as the furniture flew in and everyone collapsed onto the couches.

“OK everyone, they may have gotten us this time but this was really not that funny! Our plan starts tonight. Here’s what it is…” said Jonah in quick decision.

That night, all the Slytherins snuck out of the Slytherin Common Room with bags full of supplies and they quickly muttered the Gryffindor password {all houses are given a temporary password of their rival house which will change back after the prank war is over} and snuck in.

The Slytherin girls went into the Gryffindor 7th year girl’s dormitory and the Slytherin boys went into the Gryffindor 7th year boy’s dormitory. The girls took out a bottle of whipped cream and sprayed it around the girls’ heads. They then poured oil all over the floor and Allison magically made spider webs {with no spiders} all over the room.

Meanwhile, the boys glued down the boys’ bodies to their beds and poured oil all over their floor. They also let invisible rats loose so the boys would feel things as the walked.

Over the entrances to the girls’ and boys’ dormitories, they but a huge bucket of maple syrup so when someone walked out and opened the door, they would get maple syrup all over them. Every 7th year would get this.

In the common room, the girls attached water balloons everywhere and the boys attached GIANT water balloons to the entrance. The floor was oily and the couches had invisible rats that bit you when you sat down.

Giggling and careful not to let the water balloons fall on them, they left the room.

The next morning, the 7th year Gryffindors woke up slightly late. In the girls’ dorm, Parvati, Lavender, Mary, and Kelsey woke up to find whipped cream soaking their hair. There were spider webs all over the room and as they got down, they stuck to their hair. They slipped and slide towards the door falling down and getting their PJ’s dirty with spider webs and oil. They quickly piled out the door and felt a HUGE bucket of maple syrup drip onto them. Now they were oily, sticky, with white hair and spider webs all over them. Screaming, they got up and saw…

Harry, Ron, Seamus, Neville, and Dean woke up as well. Suspecting nothing they tried to stand up but found themselves glued to their beds. They pulled really hard and their PJ’s and boxers tore off leaving them naked. Blushing, they quickly got up but fell onto the floor from the oil and they felt objects biting and tickling them they started scratching and found some of their body parts swollen from the biting. They pushed open the door and felt a HUGE bucket of maple syrup fall onto them. Now they were naked {the Slytherins took their clothes}, sticky, all red from rats biting them, and thoroughly embarrassed since the girls were staring at them. They all ran to the common room but were plummeted with water balloons, magicked to fall when the 9 Gryffindors walked into the room.

“LET’S GO TO THE GREAT HALL” screamed Harry, forgetting he was naked {so did the girls}

The quickly ran out the room but 9 HUGE water balloons fell onto their heads. Soaked, they ran back into the common room and fell onto the couches. But suddenly, they jumped up. It was those invisible rats again. This time the girls were bitten and the boys were as big as grape fruit.

They ran out the door and burst into the Great Hall. Everyone stared at them, especially the boys, and started pointing and laughing. Dumbledore smiled knowingly and said “I think it’s time for a visit to Madam Pomfrey and Hogsmede for some clothes” he said eyeing the boys.
Beet red, they turned and sprinted to the Hospital Wing.

The Slytherins burst into laughter when they saw the 9 Gryffindors and gave each other high fives.

“Oh god, we are TOTALLY winning the trophy” gasped Kyle, shaking with laughter.

“All right, by lunch we will announce the two winners of the prank war” said Dumbledore.

Soon, it was time for lunch. Excited, all Hogwarts students rushed into the Great Hall. By 12:00 p.m., not a single student was seen in the hall!

“OK EVERYBODY”, announced Dumbledore in a magnified voice, “WE ARE FIRST GOING TO WATCH A VIDEO CLIP. THEN THE JUDGES {he gestured to the Professors} WILL HAND OUT THE TROPHY!”

Dumbledore waved his wand and a screen came up of the Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff war.

Mia thought Ravenclaw should win. Apparently so did the judges.


The whole Ravenclaw table clapped loudly as the 7th year Ravenclaws went to receive a blue, gold, and silver trophy of an eagle with ‘Ravenclaw 7th years: CLASS OF 2010 1st place in Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw Prank War’

“It will be put in the Ravenclaw Common Room” said Dumbledore, smiling.

Then, he turned on the clip of the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin war.

The judges handed Dumbledore another envelope.


The whole Slytherin table shook as there was a big round of applause.
The 8 Slytherins went to receive there silver, green, and gold trophy of a snake with ‘Slytherin 7th years: CLASS OF 2010 1st place in Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Prank War’

“This will be put in the Slytherin Common Room” announced Dumbledore with twinkling blue eyes.

“Let’s have a 7th year victory party in the Slytherin Common Room” suggested Jonah.

“Great, Blaise and I will bring the drinks” said Draco.

“And me and the girls will do the decorations” said Mia.

“All right, then Jonah and I will get the food” said Kyle

“Great, let’s get moving” said Blaise.

That night, after some dances and 7 Minutes in Heaven, everyone gathered around.

“Let’s play Truth or Dare” suggested Casey.

“All right, I’ll go first”, said Allison, “Kyle, truth or dare?”


“Tomorrow, go up to Snape and tell him you’ve loved him forever”

Kyle gaped at her and then shrugged.

“Jonah, truth or dare?”


“here’s the veritaserum” said Draco handing it over.

He quickly drank it.

“Who’s the first person you’ve ever had sex with?”

“Umm.. Allison” he said going very red.

Quickly changing the subject he asked “Casey, truth or dare?”


“At breakfast tomorrow, I dare you to stand on the staff table and strip to ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ by Shakira.

Casey blinked a few times and went red.

“Draco, truth or dare?”

“What do you think? DARE!”

Casey smirked and said “Flirt with Potter”

“What the hell? There’s no fucking way I’m doing that. Plus, you’re my girlfriend.”

“And I say do it.”

Everyone started laughing

“Mia, truth or dare?” he asked angrily.


“Tomorrow morning kiss me in front of everyone when they come out of the Great Hall”


Inside, both of them were leaping for joy.

“Blaise, truth or dare?”


“I dare you to go to a club and fuck every single person in there”

“ even boys?”


“Pansy, some help?”

“This is going to be hilarious”

Blaise groaned.

“Pansy, truth or dare”


“I dare you to fuck me tonight”

“God are you gonna be sore Blaise” said Mia, cracking up.

“Shut it Mia. Or does everyone want to some dirt on Mia?” Blaise growled.

“OK, Allison, truth or dare?” asked Mia quickly.


Mia handed her the veritaserum and she drank it.

“tell me your biggest secret”

“My biological father is Voldemort...”

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