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A Change of Thought by glorygirlXOX14

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 17,430
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 08/04/2006
Last Chapter: 07/11/2007
Last Updated: 07/11/2007

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THANK YOU HP_RULES FOR THE BANNER!!!Hermione doesn't want any trouble to happen with Harry and Ron.  She wants as many people safe as possible, even Draco Malfoy. And Draco doesn't want to be the kind of guy he was raised to be anymore. He first just wanted to live, now his only choice is to be dead to everyone. OVER 6600 READ! PLEASE READ AND REVIEW, it really helps me!!

Chapter 1: Because she's Granger

Hermione was now more confused then ever, she always went by facts she read in books, barely ever on her opinion. Normally Harry’s weird conclusions never ended up being right, but during their sixth year at Hogwarts, everything, well, mostly everything Harry assumed was right. Professor Snape is still a Death Eater and Draco Malfoy was instructed by Lord Voldemort, to kill Dumbledore.


Hermione got home from the train station. She didn’t have anything to say. Hermione finally took in the fact that the world, not just the wizarding world, but the whole world is in serious danger, now that Dumbledore is gone. Then, along with all of this, a months goes by, and she's at her parents, every day having letters back and forth with Harry and Ron. Harry birthday then passes and now the whole golden trio is 17 years old. Harry left the Dursley's the moment he could, having nothing of a hard time leaving, since the Dursleys were more then happy to see him leave. Hermione promised Harry, along with Ron, to come with him to find the missing horcruzes, but now, she just didn’t want to leave her family.

Hermione cares for Harry and Ron more then most, but she just had a felling that she had to stay with her mother and father just for a little longer.

"I know Bill and Fleur’s wedding is in three days, Ron," said Hermione to Ron and Harry, with a sorry look in her eye. Ron and Harry came to Hermione’s house once she didn’t show up two days earlier, like they planed. "I just want to stay at home just for another day or two, I promise I’ll be there, don’t worry."

"But Hermione," said Harry looking concerned, "We have to go, you’re not safe alone."

"Neither are my mum or dad, and plus I just have a feeling I need to stay," said Hermione, "Please, two more days, I promise."

"I don’t know Hermione," said Ron, who, when Hermione looked at him, seemed like he was leaving a helpless baby all by itself in dangerous streets.

"Ronald," said Hermione seriously, "Two days."

Harry and Ron exchanged looks, and then Ron said, regreting it, "Two days, max."

"Thank you so much," said Hermione flinging her arms around Ron and hugging him. Ron started to blush.

"Just be careful." said Ron, and then Harry and Ron mounted their brooms and went off.


Hundreds of miles away, in Wiltshire, England, was Draco Malfoy, in his room, in the Malfoy Manor. He was trying to grab everything in his room that he needed into his one suitcase, for that was all he can carry at the moment, for his right hand was for his wand to be at the ready at every moment.

Suddenly Malfoy heard a door being busted open with a loud BANG, somewhere in his house, Draco became terrified.

"Damn, they’re here," Malfoy went to his window and saw hooded figures coming in thought the front door.

"DRACO!" screamed a raspy male voice from down stairs, "WE KNOW YOU’RE HERE SOMEWHERE!"

Malfoy’s face suddenly went more white then normal, as if he was about to die. He then went and grabbed his broom from the floor and waited to make sure there was no one left outside. Once he was sure he couldn’t see anyone else, he opened his window, very slowly, to make sure no one could hear him, grabbed a hold of his suitcase in one hand and wand and broom in the other, and he slowly glided out of his window, and slowly closed it behind him. He tried his best to stay out of sight and once he thought he was far enough he zoomed off as fast he could.


The next morning, at Hermione’s house, Hermione woke up to an empty house. She entered the kitchen and there was a note on the refrigerator,


Your mother and I had to go to work early. There is a Mr. Miller who insisted on a check-up. One of his molars was hurting him. Sorry we don’t get to be with you as long as we thought before you have to leave.
P.S. Your mother left a grocery list, if you don’t mind picking up a few things.

"Just my plan," said Hermione sarcastically, throwing away her father’s note and grabbing the grocery list that was next to it, "Help protect my family while they’re at work and I’m stuck her." Hermione then went to grab some money from her room and then set off to the store.


Draco was tired, he flew nonstop all night. He didn't have a single clue to where he was going, just knowing he wanted to be as far away from those who were after him as possible.

He was starving, he hasn’t eaten in three days, not since they started going after him. He was now resting near some tall firm trees in some town park he saw, in a muggle town, knowing for sure they wouldn’t find him there.

Draco only rested for about two hours until something woke him up. He felt a weird sensation on his saide, like someone cased a spell on him. And then he couldn’t move, horror just struck him, he was caught.

"Draco Malfoy," said a female voice, he couldn’t see her though, but she sound vaguely familiar.

Next thing he knew, he was unfrozen, but then secured by what seemed like invisible ropes.

"What in bloody hell are you doing here, and so close to my house none the less!"

Draco rolled around to see the girl, and there she was, Hermione Granger, dressed in casual muggle clothing, holding a grocery bag in one hand and her wand pointing at him in the other.

"Answer me!" screamed Hermione.

"Granger? Out of everyone, you captured me?" said Malfoy with a smile.

"Don’t smile at me, answer me! Why are you here?" screamed Hermione, looking even angrier then she already was.

"I’ll tell you if you give me some of your food you have there, I haven’t eaten in days," said Draco, still smiling.

"How about you tell me first, and then I’ll give you something to eat," said Hermione, "maybe."

"Well, mudblood, since I’m starving, I’ll tell you," said Malfoy, " The Dark Lord and the Death Eaters are after me, and they won’t stop until they know I’m dead. I’ve been flying all night long and I just stopped here to rest, not please mudblood, I’m hungry."

"One, if you want me to give you some food, try not calling me a mudblood right before. Two, Voldemort and the Death Eaters?"

"Yes Granger, now food please," said Malfoy staring at the grocery bag.

Hermione hesitated for a moment, she looked at Malfoy, who she thought didn't look like the normal him. He had bags under his eyes, as if he hadn't slept for days, and he looked paler then normal, and his face looked thin, as if he hadn't eaten for days either, just like he said. Hermione then set down the grocery bag and took out an apple and threw it at Malfoy. Malfoy tried to get the apple but his arms were still secure be the invisible ropes.

"Why are they after you? I thought you were on their side," said Hermione sitting down, staring at Malfoy struggling to get the apple.

"I didn’t do what I was assigned to do. Now, Granger can’t you just take the spell off so I can eat the apple please."

Hermione then pointed at the apple and levitated it into Malfoy’s mouth so he could take a bite out of it. Hermione sat there, keeping the apple levitated, so Malfoy could finish eating it. Once he finished the apple, and after a flick of Hermione's wand, it vanished.

"Better?" said Hermione.

"Much," said Malfoy, "Now, Granger, what are you going to do with me now? Report me? Put me somewhere so the Death Eaters can find me and kill me? Or bring me to Potty and Weasel, so they can figure out what to do with me?"

Hermione then got up, walked to Malfoy’s suitcase and picked it up.

"Don’t touch my stuff Granger, I’m warning you," said Malfoy, with an evil glare.

"Oh, and what are you going to do about it?" said Hermione, walking to Malfoy and then starting to go through his cloak pocket, where she took out his wand.

But then the next thing Malfoy knew, he was lifted up to his feet and his legs weren’t secure anymore.

"Don’t you even think about moving," said Hermione, with a serious face, "I have all your stuff, plus your wand, and I’m bringing you to my house."

"I’m not setting a foot in your muggle house Granger," said Malfoy.

"You have no choice, Malfoy," said Hermione, "You stay here and you’ll be captured. And plus, you’re not even staying at my house long, I just need to get my things and leave a note for my parents and then apparate us to the Burrow."

"The Weasley’s dump, no way in hell," said Malfoy.

"That’s where everyone is, Ron’s brother Bill and Fleur Delacour are getting married in two days, and everyone’s helping getting ready. Professor McGonagall will figure out what to do with you, since she is head mistress and all."

"HA! A Weasley is getting married to that French girl from the Triwizard Tournament!" said Malfoy.

"Yeah," said Hermione, "Bill, the one who you thought died that night you ran off with Snape."

"He’s not dead?" said Malfoy, "But I thought Greyback –."

"Killed him? No, he just bit him," said Hermione, "Left some permanent scars though, but he won’t be a werewolf either. Now, come on, and don’t even bother screaming for someone to help you to get away from me, I’m going to put a silencing charm on you."

And she did. Hermione had Malfoy walk in front of her with his arms still secure and her wand at his back, hidden behind the grocery bag she was now holding again. Hermione let one of Malfoy’s hands free so he can hold his suitcase and she hold his broom in her free hand.

"My house is that one right there, go to it," said Hermione, and as Malfoy did, he mouthed the word ‘Wow.’

Once they set foot in the house, Hermione set the grocery bag down. She then pointed her wand at Malfoy and lifted the silencing charm.

"—being all alone, my life is---," Malfoy suddenly stopped, and turned around and faced Hermione, "You lifted the charm didn’t you?"


"You sure mastered those nonverbal spells," said Malfoy, "You haven’t said one spell yet."

"Yes, I master mostly everything I try," said Hermione, "Now if you don’t mind."

Hermione then pointed her wand towards the stairs and her trunk came gliding down the stairs, then she pointed her wand towards the grocery bag and glided it to the kitchen, and a piece of paper and a pencil came flying back. She grabbed the paper and pencil and started scribbling down a note to her parents.

And as Hermione wrote the note Malfoy was staring at her.

‘Is she helping me? Is she doing this because she doesn’t want me to be killed? Does she care?’ thought Malfoy, ‘Or is she just doing this because she’s Granger?'