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The Dramas of Being a Teenage Witch by marni

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 7,085
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing)

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 07/19/2006
Last Chapter: 12/31/2006
Last Updated: 12/31/2006

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Arabella Lewis has always been a quite teenager, but it all changes when she goes on her summer holidays after 5th year. What will she do when two of the most popular boys fall for her and everyone starts to notice is her for the wrong reasons. A/N: This is my first fan fic so be nice... sorry im not very good at summaries.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 – First Day and the Letter

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Only the plot and the OC’s… Like I said before.


Chapter 2 – First Day and the Letter

Lily awoke early on their first day of 6th year. She looked around the dorm room and saw that Kaity had already awoken and was probably in the shower getting ready. She moved over towards the other girl’s beds to wake them up too. Kaity’s bed was the on the left of the door to their dorm. Gemma was next to her on the left. Lily’s bed was on one side of the window next to Gemma. Arabella was on the other side of the window next to Lily. On the left of Arabella was Aimee on the right side of the door.

Lily walked over to Gemma and began to shake her to wake her up. Gemma woke up easily and dragged her self out of bed and into the shower that Kaity had just walked out of.
“Morning Lils” Kaity said happily. Kaity was a morning person unlike the rest of them, that would rather have slept in till midday.
“Hey Kaity. Wanna help me wake up Ari and Aimee.” Lily said. Kaity walked over to Aimee and screamed in her ear.
“WOAH!” Kaity screamed. Aimee woke up straight away and sat up quickly. She was too quick for Kaity who was head butted by Aimee because she didn’t move in time. Lily laughed at them.
“Ouch! What you do that for?” Kaity asked while rubbing her head. Aimee just shrugged and lay down again to go back to sleep.
“Oh no you don’t! It’s the first day of term and I’m not going to let you sleep in and miss you first class.” Lily said and Kaity pulled the blankets off Aimee. After some struggle from Aimee she was finally up and making her way to the bathroom after Gemma had finished. Lily had been poking and trying to wake up Arabella for the past 5 minutes but she wouldn’t get up.
“ehh ugh. Ger off Lily.” Arabella said sleeply.
“Come on Ari! You have to get up! We’ll miss breakfast!” Lily said getting annoyed at her.
“Fine. I’m going to go have a shower and if you’re not up by the time you get up I’ll leave with out you!” Lily said before she stormed in to bathroom to shower. Arabella just rolled over and went back to sleep.

Lily came out 20 minutes later fully dressed and ready to go down to breakfast.
“gah” Ari murmured. Lily lost her tempter and pulled the blankets off Arabella.
“err Lily please 5 more minutes” Arabella said groggily trying to pull the blankets out of Lily’s hands.
“No Ari we have to go now!” Lily said impatiently.
“Ok ok. I’m getting up” Arabella said getting up slowly and walking into the shower. Half an hour later Arabella pulled her self out of the shower and got dressed. She put a drying spell on her hair and pulled it into a loose pony tail. She applied a small amount of make-up before gathering her books and climbing down the stairs into the common room. She was greeted by the pleasant voice of Sirius Black.
“Ah it’s the gorgeous Arabella! Did you sleep well, beautiful?” Sirius said happily.
“Ah Get off Sirius, I can’t handle you this early in the morning.” Arabella said before walking over to Lily so they could go down to breakfast.

As soon as Arabella sat down to breakfast the owls arrived. A grey owl landed in front of Arabella and stuck out its leg for her to take the letter that was attached to it. She took the letter and gave the owl a bit of the toast that she was munching on before it flew away. It was her family’s owl so she wasn’t surprised that it had turned up. It was just her mother checking up on her. A few minutes later a black owl landed in front of her. It too stuck out its leg out for Arabella. She recognised the owl from when she was in Paris. She couldn’t help but smile when she realised whose owl it was. She took the letter from it and gave it a piece of bacons from the platter in front of her.
“Who’s owl is that?” asked Aimee as she watched the magnificent black owl fly gracefully out of the Great Hall.
“A person I met in Paris” Arabella said. She spoke into her food so that no one saw the blush that was slowly creeping up into her cheeks.
“Oh look its Professor McGonagall with our timetables.” Lily said trying to change the topic because she saw Arabella looking uncomfortable with the current topic. They were all handed their timetables.
“What subjects are you guys doing?” Kaity asked.
“Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Ancient Runes, Herbology” Lily said proudly. Lily had received Outstanding in all her classes last year so was able to choose her subjects easily.
“Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, Ancient Runes, Defence Against the Dark Arts and History of Magic, ooh I got the same as you Lils” Arabella said consulting her timetable. She groaned when she got to History of Magic.
“Yeh I got the same as you guys” Gemma said.
“Yeh same” Kaity said while consulting her timetable. “I can’t believe I actually passed History of Magic! Why am I even doing it!” Everyone else nodded in agreement. None of them really liked History of Magic but it was easy enough because you just had to remember a lot of dates.
“Hm…I got Ancient Runes, Herbology, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, History of Magic. I didn’t get a high enough mark for Transfiguration or Potions” Aimee said sadly.
“Aw Aimee, that’s alright. You don’t like those classes anyways.” Lily said comforting her. “We have most of our classes together today so that’s good. We have Potions first, then Herbology and then after lunch we have double History of Magic.” Lily continued.
“Oh you got to be joking! Potions and double History of Magic! Could this day get any worse!?” Kaity said throwing her hands up into the air dramatically. At that moment the Marauders came up to the girls to see what subjects they had today. Sirius slid in next to Lily and Arabella and James kissed Lily.
“Can you handle me now beautiful?” Sirius asked cheekily. Arabella just rolled her eyes.
“Come on we should go or we’ll be late for class.” Arabella said. They all left the Great Hall except Aimee and Peter, who headed up to the Gryffindor Tower because they had a spare and the rest headed to the dungeons. The Marauders had the same classes as the girls so they all headed off together.

Arabella and Lily were standing alone outside of the History of Magic class room.
“So Ari, are you going to tell me what happened on the holidays?” Lily asked.
Arabella looked around uncertain of what to say. Her eyes landed on the approaching students.
“Later, If Histroy of Magic is too boring I’ll write you a letter. I don’t want to talk about it.” Arabella said.
“Why can’t we just talk about it?” Lily exclaimed.
“Because I don’t want anyone to hear…” Arabella said.

Arabella was sat in History of Magic trying to take notes on what ever Professor Binns was droning on about. She took out a separate piece of parchment and began writing on it.

Dear Lils

I’m so sorry I had to write this in a letter to you. Please don’t get angry at me I’m just scared about what the others will think. I don’t know what I would do if the hated me for this. Don’t say just be yourself and everyone will love you Lils, cause you know it’s not that easy. Anyways on with what happened on holidays…

On the second week of holidays Ella, my cousin and I, went to France to see her sister. Do you remember Beck? I think you met her once during our 4 year summer holidays. Beck was the girl with the fashion designer husband. Beck and her husband went to France cause he got a job there working for this really big muggle designer company. So Ella and I went to see them.

We stayed in Paris. Lily, it was so beautiful! I think we should live there after we finish school. We visited all the muggle tourists’ sites. My favourite was the Louvre. The art was beautiful. We spent the day their discussing the art. As you know Ella is an art genius. The Eiffel Tower was amazing at night when it was all lit up! I have photos I want to show you!

When we were there my cousin met up with her friends that had gone on a trip to Paris as well. They were really nice people and a lot like Ella. They were all dressed in all this cute clothing from all the boutiques. We went shopping and that’s when I got my new wardrobe. I got close to one of the people. They were really nice. They had the most beautiful smile and every time I saw it I couldn’t help but smile myself. We would talk for hours and never get bored. We talked about everything. It was amazing! I went around to most of the historic places with them and we discussed all the art and history of the muggles. They are a magical by the way. They graduated from Hogwarts last year. You actually might know them. They are really smart and they were in Gryffindor.

I fell in love, Lils.

Arabella looked up cautiously. She was afraid that someone was watching what she was writing. At that moment the bell sounded for the end of the lesson. Arabella stuffed the letter into her bag and made her way out of the classroom with her friends. ‘I’ll write the rest latter’ she thought to herself as she walked out into the corridor.


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