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A Zabini Revealed by dracoismyhottie55

Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 17,081
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Lavender, Draco/Hermione

First Published: 03/06/2006
Last Chapter: 09/27/2007
Last Updated: 09/27/2007


BIG THANX TO MISSY PADFOOT:PANDORA'S CLOSET FOR THE AH-MAZING BANNER!! LUV U!! Hermione Granger always thought she was a muggleborn. However, one fateful day she turns into Mia Isabelle Zabini. Her life is perfect unitl she realizes that  she has one mystery to solve… Who kidnapped her? TO FIND OUT READ AND REVIEW!!!

Chapter 6: The Death Eater's Circle

A/N: Hey.. I’m back.. and pretty fast too.. hehe.. lucky 4 u (:

Anyways here’s the story:


Landing neatly on Mia’s desk, it began hooting. Mia slowly got up and took off a letter from the owl’s leg. Angrily hooting at her for taking a long time, the owl flew out the window.

Mia opened the letter and read:

Chapter 6

Dearest Mia,

The Dark Lord wishes to meet you next Friday, Halloween, at 9:00 p.m. during the feast so no one will know you are gone. He wants to see if you are ready to pass to make a death eater. Tell Blaise, Draco, Pansy, Casey, Kyle, Jonah, and Allison to meet you at the Head’s Common Room, the only untracked fire in the school. Once you meet, say the words” Riddle Manor” with the floo powder I have sent you. Be careful not to spill a drop because I have given you about the exact amount. Once you arrive, you will be met by the Fawcetts who will take you to the Death Eaters circle where all the other Death Eaters including your father and I will meet you. Good luck, sweetheart. See you Friday and send my love to Blaise.



Mia just stood, stunned. The, she ran out the room, bumping into Draco.

“Whoa, Mia, where are you going in a rush like that?” asked Draco, concerned.

“Look” said Mia, shoving the letter in his face.

Draco quickly scanned the letter and then said “we better go tell every one else. This is major.”

Nodding, Mia and Draco ran to the Slytherin Common Room.

Sputtering out the password{Mudblood Filth} Draco and Mia ran into the common room.

The common room had green wallpaper with silver snakes and black carpet. There was actually a fire and there were green, comfy armchairs.

“Father had this room renovated so it would be more comfortable for my hippogriff bite. Before there was cold, hard floors and it was freezing” explained Draco, seeing the shock on Mia’s face as she had expected it to be more dark and evil-like.

Luckily, Pansy, Blaise, Kyle, Jonah, Allison, and Casey were all in the same place, the common room.

Mia shoved the letter in Blaise’s face who, shocked, passed it on to every one else.

“My god Mia, what are we going to do?” asked Pansy, concerned.

“Well, we have to go” said Mia sadly, thinking about how she was betraying Ron and Harry.

“Don’t worry about it. They’ll forgive you.” whispered Draco.

Mia looked at him blankly but he just shrugged and walked away.

The next two weeks quickly rolled by and before anyone knew it, it was Halloween.

Nervously, the six to-be death eaters rolled out of bed unwillingly.

The day went by quickly and normally and no one noticed the six Slytherins glancing at each other and then the clock through out the day.

Finally, it was time for the feast. Mia swore there were butterflies in her stomach by the time Dumbledore said “Tuck In!”

Nodding at her friends, Mia and the rest of her friends quickly filed out of the Great Hall, at different intervals so it wouldn’t cause attraction.

When they all regrouped outside the Great Hall, the girls waved their wands and their clothes changed from their school robes to black miniskirts and black lace corset tops. They also had black eyeliner and mascara. The boys waved their wands as well and their outfits changed from school robes to black t-shirts with a few buttons unbuttoned and a pair of pants.

Then, they quickly sprinted up to the Heads Common Room and gathered near the fire place.

“Okay, here’s the floo powder. Each one of us will take a pinch and say “Riddle Manor”. Once all of us get there, we will wait until everyone comes and then move on” said Mia plucking a green, velvet bag from a holder on the mantelpiece and holding it out so everyone could take some floo powder.

Draco went first, then Casey, then Kyle, then Jonah, then Allison, then Blaise, then Pansy, then Mia, taking a deep breath spoke the words as clearly as she could, “Riddle Manor”.

Mia tumbled out of the fireplace coughing and hacking and Kyle helped her to her feet. They walked for a little bit and then suddenly notice Mia’s foster parents, the Fawcetts.

“Hello, Mia and everyone else. Follow us. I’m so glad you followed in your parents’ footsteps. Good luck” Said Jane.

“Jane? John? You guys are death eaters?” asked Mia in surprise.

“Yeah, we forgot to tell you” said John.

“Oh” said Mia sadly.

“Anyways, you better go in. The Dark Lord doesn’t like to be kept waiting” said Jane, pushing them in through a set of doors which had the letters ‘RM’ in gold and a circle around them.

All 8 Slytherins looked around in awe at the Dark Lord’s lair. There were cold stone walls to match the floor. The Dark Lord was sitting in a black throne with two black nightstands. One with his wand and Nagini, his snake, and the other with some drinks and papers. There were a few steps leading up to the throne and as Voldemort stood up, Mia noticed ‘The Dark Lord- Be Afraid’ emblemized in green and the word were shinning brightly.

Surrounding the 8 teenagers were a circle of death eaters. Mia spotted her parents immediately and waved to them quickly.

“Hello, fellow death eaters. Tonight you will be performing a task to prove if you are ready to become a death eater or not. So, our first person is Mia Zabini. Please come up Zabini” said Voldemort silkily.

Mia walked to the center, her legs shaking. Voldemort quickly broke into her head and Mia replaced thoughts of good times with Harry and Ron into fights and anger against them.

“Very well. You now have to kill this mudblood child the best as you can” announced Voldemort after a few minutes.

Nervously, Mia brought her wand out, not wanting to kill this child at all.

Voldemort clapped is hands together and Jane and John brought out a girl that looked about 5 years old with dirty blond pigtails and huge blue eyes filled with tears.

Mia was horrified but she brought her wand up and said the dreaded curse; ‘AVADA KADAVERA!’

The girl dropped dead and Mia just stood there in shock, not believing she had just killed this innocent child.

Voldemort and everyone else started clapping.

“Good job. Now will Blaise Zabini come up here?” announced Voldemort.

Blaise came up and did the same and in the next half hour, Draco, Casey, Kyle, Jonah, Allison, and Pansy all performed for Voldemort. {not in the sexual way}

After everyone was finished, Voldemort stood up and said “Very good. All of you have made it and are now death eaters. You must all come up and stand next to me and make an oath to always be loyal to me and then you will each receive the Dark Mark.”

All 8 of them filed up to Voldemort and made an oath. Then, Mia walked up first to receive the Dark Mark. She was scared beyond belief.

She pulled her skirt down slightly and Voldemort put one pale, long fingertip on her perfectly tanned hip. He muttered a spell and Mia felt pain beyond belief but was wise not to show it.

Then, Voldemort called Draco up and Draco stuck his forearm out and Draco felt the same pain but then again, since when did he start showing emotions?

The other 6 went through the same steps and did not show any pain.

“Now, you may all return to Zabini Manor for the after-party and for all the 8 new death eaters, I have put invisible spells on your dark marks. So, girls, you can wear bikinis and boys you can wear short sleeve shirts. Good job tonight. Come Nagini” and with that, Voldemort stood up and every one bowed and he swept from the room and into a back door behind his throne with Nagini at his heels.

Mia and everyone else started hugging each other and many death eaters walked up to say congratulations.

Mia and Blaise’s parents walked up to the teens as well as Draco and Pansy’s parents.

“Congratulations. You guys acted very well” said Gabrielle with tears in her eyes.

“Come on, let’s get the party started at our house” said Brendan but stopped short as Gabrielle glared at him.

“Kids, we have to talk to you about top secret things when we got to Zabini Manor. So when you get there, wait for us and DO NOT go ANYWHERE” said Lucius firmly.

Quickly, all 12 death eaters vanished from Riddle Manor and into Zabini Manor where there were true death eaters everywhere.

Quietly, Narcissa motioned to follow Gabrielle and Brendan. They made their way quickly and quietly up the stairs without being spotted by using an invisibility charm and followed Gabrielle and Brendan to their room.

Quickly, they entered their gigantic blue and green bathroom and into their humongous carpeted walk-in-closet.

Gabrielle then dug through Brendan shirts, on hangers, as though looking for something.

She then grabbed at something and tugged. As she fell back, Brendan helped her to her feet and she then took Brendan’s shirts and threw them off the hangers.

“Hey, I just ironed those yesterday” he protested. {kind of like my dad hehehe}

But no one really cared about the shirts. All they noticed was this door with a dusty gold knob.

“Mom?” questioned Mia.

“Through these doors is a way we get through with the Order of the Phoenix. Yes, we’re spies for Dumbledore and we’re now recruiting all 8 of you in. Unfortunately, Casey, Kyle, Jonah, and Allison’s parents were on business for Voldemort. So, we’ve decided you’re old enough to understand. This room is under the Fidelius Charm and Dumbledore is the Secret-Keeper. However, we all know how old Dumbledore is and so I’ve decided that one of you can be the Secret-Keeper, the one who shows the most responsibility. Of course you must not tell ANYONE about this or the consequences are beyond deadly {if that’s even possible}. Now come on, quickly.” said Gabrielle.

The 8 Slytherins quickly filed into the room and saw………

A/N: hehehe another evil cliffie.. this time not AS evil.. I didn’t know if I should stop or keep going but I decided to stop.. don’t worry I’ll update quickly tho.. thanx 2 all my faithful reviewers.. ur a BIG help btw.. sry if u think it's kinda short.. i PROMISE the next one will be longer (: