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Complicated Hexagon by Jessi_Rose

Format: Novel
Chapters: 19
Word Count: 46,205

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 03/09/2006
Last Chapter: 01/20/2008
Last Updated: 01/20/2008

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A potion gone wrong sends Hermione back to the year 1978, right into the arms of Sirus Black and James Potter.  While her heart leads her astray, time continues to turn, taking Hermione forward to view her decisions and choices before they're even made.  Undergoing intense editing throughout September. *huggles Cache Dea*

Chapter 7: Two Can Play at That Game

Chapter 7 - Two Can Play At That Game

Many things happened over the next fortnight that left Hermione in a whirlwind. To start, Lily began studying harder than ever. It seemed that being shown up in class bruised a certain part of her ego. Remus was joining her in the library everyday, but by the end of the week was beginning to look peaky due to the coming full moon. Lily would give Hermione the cold shoulder, but the young werewolf would offer her a friendly smile. Neither Lily nor Remus spoke of the kiss on the Astronomy Tower, but both were secretly wishing the other would say something. Remus was becoming increasingly keen to Lily, who, before then had not seen Remus as the dating type. Remus knew, though, if he didn't talk to Lily about dating soon, someone else would.

Hermione was having bigger problems than Lily. Everytime she turned around, either James or Sirius were lurking over her shoulder. She was guessing that Lily told Remus, who in turn told the other two, that Snape had taken a liking to her. It was true; whenever she passed the Slytherin in the hallway, or answered a question in class, his black beetle eyes would immediately connect with hers. They had an unspoken understanding, but because of her involvment with the Marauders, she never had a chance to experience his friendship.

On Friday after lessons, Hermione excused herself from James and Sirius to go to the library. She was going to do her 'Bubble Head Charm' essay, though it wasn't due until Monday. She needed to get away from the two men - They were starting to drive her crazy. Not that they weren't funny and friendly, but they kept asking her about Snape and Lily and Remus, and kept making assinign jokes at Snapes expense. When she arrived in the library, she glanced around and saw Snape at a secluded table in the back. One more glance told her that Lily was actually not in the library on this day. She was probably with Remus in the Gryffindor common room; probably because Snape was there. Snape was sitting next to an oil lamp, scribbling on a piece of parchment, his Defense Against the Dark Arts book propped up against his other books. His black hair hung like a curtain over his face, casting an erie shadow over the other parts of his face that were showing. Hermione made herself comfortable at the table next to him. She began to unpack her backpack, taking out her charms book, some parchment and a quill, when she heard a hissing whisper from the next table.

"You can sit here if you like," Snape said, catching Hermione's eye. He moved his books over to make room for her things. When he saw her start to move her stuff, he went right back to his homework.

"Thank you," Hermione responded gratefully. She set her bag down and walked back to get her books. When she was walking back around the table, Snape muttered an incantation to float her books to the table for her.

"Why do you hang around those jerks," he asked lowly. Apparently he had caught Hermione off guard. Normally she would make a sneering comment, but hers came out rather nicely.

"Because they are nice and fun to be around."

Snape scoffed at the word 'nice.' "They," he emphasized, "Are no where near your intelligence. Except, possibly Lily. She has brains, but she is a Mudblood."

"Excuse...You know, nevermind. I'm not dealing with someone like you," Hermione yelled as she shoved her books away. "I should have known."

"You're a...You aren't pureblood?" He asked disbelievingly.

"No," she said snootily. "Goodbye." She left the library, anger shooting through her body. Snape just stared at her as she left; she didn't even look back. Why was it always about blood? Wasn't it possible for someone to be smart and muggleborn at the same time? Did no one understand that she didn't choose to be born to muggles?

Hermione reached the Head dorms and peaked her head inside. When she saw no one, she sighed relief and bounded up the stairs to her room. She layed on her bed, stomach down, and began writing her essay. A short time later, she heard a loud slam from down stairs. She walked to her door and listened closely to the two boys arguing downstairs.

"James, you can't do this! You're supposed to be in love with Lily," Sirius boomed.

"Keep your voice down! They could be here," James said in a strained whisper.

"No, mate. Lily is off with Moony in the Gryffindor commonroom. Mione is in the library."

"So, why is this a problem," James asked a little more loudly.

"Because, Prongs, you cannot have both! If you go after Mione, you are leaving Lily open for anyone. And if Mione goes back to the future and you're alone, Lily will be gone too."

"Maybe that's what I want!"

"You want Mione and Lily gone?"

"No, I want Lily off of my mind. It's never going to happen anyways."

"You are pathetic! Using another woman to get your mind off of the woman you love?"

"I think I know what this is about. You fancy her, don't you?"

Sirius recoiled a bit. His gray eyes darkened slightly. "Sorry, Prongs, Lily is not my type."

"I wasn't talking about Lily, Padfoot. I was talking about Mione," James yelled.

"Yes, okay? Mione is fanciable. I find her highly attractive."

'Uh-oh,' Hermione thought. 'This can't be good.'

"Padfoot, you can have any girl you want. Why does it have to be her?"

"She's different."

"Everyone is different. Leave her for me. I really like her."

"Well, mate, I really like her too. And, now, it's anyone's game."

Game? Hermione thought with a disgusted face.

"Listen, Prongs. You have been after Evans for a while now. She's warming up to you now that you've settled down. Try her again."

"I feel something for Mione. And I think she feels it too," James pleaded.

"You do know that this can only last until she has to leave?"

"Is that why you are so eager? That way you won't even have to dump her..."


Hermione jumped from her spot at the door and ran down the stairs to find a bloody lipped James. She put her arm out to help him up and sat him down on the couch.

"You're here," he asked, shocked.

"And, I heard every word," Hermione said truthfully. "I can't say you didn't deserve it."

"Oh," he said remorsefully. "Mione, I..."

"Where is Sirius?" She cut him off and looked around for Sirius. When she didn't see him, she became worried. She knew that when he was angry he did things that he would regret. And, she wanted to tell him off for decking his friend over her.

"He left," James said, getting to his feet. "Let's go get him."

Hermione nodded eagerly. They bounded from the Head dorm to find Sirius.


Sirius was beyond frustrated. Did his best friend really think that he was that shallow? Of course, he did love and leave quickly, but no girl ever sparked his interest like Hermione did. She was beautiful, clever, liked danger, and she had so many mysteries behind her honey eyes. It wasn't fair that James got two amazing women to fall in love with.

"Padfoot, what's wrong?" Asked a disshevled looking Remus.

"Nothing," he gruffed back. He pushed past Remus, heading in the opposite direction. "You alright?" He noticed that his friend was looking a bit jumpy.

"Lily and I had a row. She gets too irate when she is studying," he chuckled.

Sirius nodded and stalked off. At least it was just a girl and not your best friend. He had no idea where he was headed, he wanted to find somewhere where no one would look for him. He needed to let off steam. All of the ridicule from James turned into the hatred he felt towards his parents for the way they had always treated him. Before he knew it, he was mad at James how he was mad at his mother. They were both constantly judging his every move.

"Sirius," said a soft, friendly voice. "What are you doing in the library?"

"Didn't want anyone to find me," he sulked. "Who would look here for me?"

Lily laughed. "True. Too True." She stopped laughing and looked seriously at the saddened expression on Sirius' face. "What happened?"

"Potter and I--"

"Since when do you call him Potter?"

"Since he degraded my integrity," Sirius sneered. "Anyways, I punched him."

"You WHAT?"

"He deserved it," he said through gritted teeth.

Lily walked slowly to Sirius and put a hand on his shoulder. She knew that he was angry and she was hoping he would want to talk about it. But Sirius was always a closed book. At her touch, Sirius looked into Lily's emerald eyes, falling deep into them. He knew that he was just upset about James, and he shouldn't let himself get into Lily, but part of him wanted to hurt James. He stepped closer to her, causing her to catch her breath in her chest. His stone gray eyes darkened to the color of wet cement as he moved quickly towards her, filling in the small gap.

"," she whispered. Her hot breath was mixing with his. He pretended not to hear her and planted his lips on her full, soft ones. Several minutes passed before the kiss was broken.

"You son of a..." Sirius heard James yell from the door.

Sirius groaned into Lily's mouth. "I'll handle this," he whispered as he drew away and looked to James' beet red face.

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