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Friends or Foe? by Sunny_Hogwarts

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 19,863
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 02/11/2006
Last Chapter: 07/13/2007
Last Updated: 07/13/2007


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James didn't look too jokey at the moment. He said gently, "Why dont you like me Lily?" This was the first time he hadn't called me 'sweet' or 'angel'. I thought about it and said truthfully, "Its weird, you know? No one has ever really liked me this much before. Its surprising, I guess. I'm a little afraid really." I shocked myself and James by this confession. Over 8,000 reads! OMG I love you all!

Chapter 4: Maybe I love him - yet maybe I dont

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Do I like James Potter or not? I'm so confused, I dont know how I feel. After saturday, it's all been so confusing!

Okay, so I suppose I'll talk about the eventful day.

There we were all were, dining in the Great Hall monday morning.

Sally was hanging out with us, disscussing our weekend.

"So I said to Sirius, 'is this serious or not? Cause, honey, I need to know' and then he says, 'Babe,its serious. I wouldn't lead you on.' It was sooo cute!" Sally was telling us about her conversation with Sirus last night.

"Yeah? Well get this, Remus kissed me! It was the greatest feeling," Jas exclaimed gleefully.

Yes, it was true. Remus had kissed Jasmine last night. For quite a long time too.

"Lil, just ask James out. You know you love him, its just annoying seeing you longing for him and him for you. Guys love it when the girls make the first move." Jas seems to know everything about love. Just because shes got her first boyfriend.

"Jasmine! Would you stop it? If I want to ask him out I will!" I cried out, frustrated to the point of madness.

Jas got the point and backed off. Only for a moment.

Five minutes later:

"Lily, I'm just saying, but you like him right?" I glared at her furiously and she added quickly, "I'm just saying..." Her voice tralied off into nothing.

At that moment, James came over and slid onto the bench next to me. I held my breath, waiting for him to speak.

All he said was, "What do we have today?" All casual as he grabbed a bread roll and dropped it onto his plate.

I stared at him. How could he forget?

"Potions, transfiguration, charms and care of magical creatures." I replied tartly. Fine, I thought, if he's gonna forget, then so will I.

"Sounds interesting. Not." he said, not seeming to notice my anger. Oh, wait. He's got that smile. He's up to something.

There we go.The grin cant hide for long.
Okay, I get it now, hes teasing me! He's going to ask me something, like take a walk or do something. I bet he will.

.....Wait for it.............

"So do you wanna go for a walk later?"


So predictable.

"Hmmmm," I said smugly. Jasmine nudged me and I glanced at her. Her look clearly stated: 'Say yes, or I will kill you. Say yes. Now.' I sent her a look back, replying: 'He was teasing me before. Now its my turn.'

Jas understood and went back to her conversation with Sally.

"Sure. Why not? I only have a pile of homework waiting for me." I finally answered. James grinned again and gently held my hand under the table.

Yes! He hadn't forgotten.

After breakfast James and I walked out of the Hall and I could feel Jasmines eyes on me as I left.
"So," James said. So many emotions in one word. How awkward.

"Are we gonna talk about saturday? 'Cause I was thinking about it and.. uh.. um.." I said nervously, biting my lip. "Yeah? What did you think about it?" James persisted, eager to hear more.

"I was thinking about what it would be like if we... I dunno, if we went out?" I dared a glimpse at him.

He was smiling. More like grinning like a mad man. Good sign. Phew.

"I was thinking about that too," he replied. He's always thought that. He's liked me for ages. Well, I guess his wish may come true, one day.
I decided to tell him this peice of information.

"You've always thought about that."

"Yeah, and more sometimes," he laughed and I whacked on the arm, quite disgusted but laughing anyway. God he's twisted sometimes.

We sat down beneath the tree that I always thought was romantic. I believed I would get my first kiss there. One day.

"So do you wanna try going out?" he asked.

"Okay... as a test run maybe?" I answered, also in a question.

He looked into my eyes gently and I knew that was a yes.

"I s'pose we'll start now," he said quietly.

'Do I want this? I've always felt disgusted but now, I dont know what I want,' I thought frantically, 'What if it dosen't work? Oh, this is confusing!'
He leaned toward me, yet for some reason, I turned my head away, looking at the castle and biting my lip again. I was going to get a damn hole in it if I keep it up.

"We should get ready for our lessons, they start in -" I glanced at my watch, "Fifteen minutes."

He looked deep into my eyes, serching my feelings. Suddenly, I felt naked. I really did, there is no other way to describe it. As if nothing could protect me. He had gotton past my wall, into my soul. Was this a bad thing?

"I've always wanted this,and now its here, will it work? Do you really want this?" he asked, quiet again.

Oh my god. He would give up his dream of dating me, his whole life's ambition, just if I said so. Oh my god.

I tilted my head, squinting my eyes in the sunlight and whipered, "The truth? I dont know what I want. It seems like I'm under a spell, but a curse at the same time."

He nodded his head slowly, thinking about what I had said.

As if in a movie, we came together and just as our lips were going to meet, the bell sounded through lake and we jumped away, watching everyone gradually gather up their stuff and walk off to class.

It was startling to see everyone, it felt as if James and I were the last two people on the planet. How weird.
Anyway, the moment was ruined. I scolded myself for missing such an opportunity.

I could hear Jas calling my name, wondering where I was. I turned to James and said, "I have to get to class. I'm sorry."

Then I ran towards Jasmine, with Sally at her side. But just before I went through the doors, I glanced back at James.
There he was, standing, watching me leave. I could've burst into tears. It was just like a romance movie. Without the happy ending.

For now.