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Follow Your Heart by marygold

Format: Novella
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 37,064

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Neville, Draco, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC

First Published: 02/09/2006
Last Chapter: 07/24/2011
Last Updated: 07/24/2011


Thanks to Fantasy Dreamer for my great banner! Isabella left with her father after her mother's death. Now she's sixteen her father is also gone and she is forced to move back to England. What else will she be forced to change?

Chapter 13: Going Back

At noon we all headed back to Hogwarts, all including Harry. Draco and he talked a bit, but he later told me that it felt too weird. He was wearing his disguise, and well he was getting to see a side of Potter that he never had seen. I think that he was even scared that he might actually get along with him.

I don’t have a clue how we crammed into the Rover, but we did; all six of us and our bags. When we arrived at Hogwarts Hagrid was already at the lot waiting for us. He was surprised to see Harry, and well I think he actually blinked away some tears. They hugged and everything and then, he turned to Draco, “Hmm. Christopher, McGonagall wants to see you.”

Draco gave me a quick kiss, and whispered, “Everything is ok. I’ll see you later.” He then squeezed my hand and left with Hagrid.

We all then started unloading the Rover and sending our bags to the house. By the time we were done, I was getting nervous. What could McGonagall have wanted with Draco?


Dinner time came and still no Draco. Hermoine noticed that I was growing quieter by the minute and walked over to where I was sitting. “It will be ok, you know?” I nodded. She then grabbed my arm and pulled towards our door, “We have to go to dinner.” I let her pull me, although I honestly would have rather waited for Draco.

We made our way out, but were stopped by Neville. “Can you believe it? They let him back, this semester.”

Hermoine and I both looked confused. But, she was the first to ask, “Who?”

Neville rolled his eyes, “Draco Malfoy. I honestly can’t believe that they think his innocent.”

At that moment Harry, Ron and Ginny reached us. They had also heard. Harry looked as insulted as Neville, and Ron and Ginny just looked at me. I lowered my head, what would happen now?

I had heard some of the stories, but that wasn’t the Draco I had come to know. The Draco I knew wouldn’t hurt someone, just for the fun of it. I wanted to scream at them telling them how wrong their opinion was. But, I had met his one time friends, and as one of Anotnia’s old sayings went Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres. Roughly translated, Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you really are. And to top it, he had been their leader. I couldn’t help but wonder who was he, really?

By the time we reached the hall I was too nervous to walk through it’s doors, I just froze. I was going to walk through them and what? He would give me a hug wink and we’d all have dinner? Everything would be perfect?

Hermoine and Ron saw me and came over. Ron was the first to talk, “You don’t know what has happened, you don’t even know if he’s in there. And if he is, then we’ll just play it by ear.” Hermoine took my arm and smiled, “We’re here. We are not leaving you alone. And, worst case scenario we’ll say we are going to the bathroom and sneak out to Hagrid’s or something.”

I smiled at them and let them pull me into the Hall. Once inside, I made my way to my usual seat at the table. On the way I stopped to say hi to Luna, who I hadn’t seen since finals. “How did you do in potions?” She asked. I smiled and told her I had passed, and she said, “You and Chris did make a good team there. Speaking of Chris, where is he?” I shook my head and told her that I hadn’t seen him. She smiled and I kept on walking.

Once seated, I looked over to the Slytherin table and saw that Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy were already there. But, still no Draco. Where was he?

And then I got my answer. He walked in, looking like himself and all dressed up in Slytherin colors. He smirked at some remark that a Gryffindor had made and kept on walking towards his group. Crabbe and Goyle stood up and walked towards him, they both started talking to him at once, and I saw him put his hand up, and they quieted. So this was the Draco Malfoy that everyone had been talking about.

I looked down at my plate, not knowing if I could stomach it. A part of me just wanted to go back to Gryffindor. Go back to my bed and will time to move back. Another knew that running wouldn’t solve anything. Instead it would make it worst, and it would still be there tomorrow.

Knowing that I had to face the music, I looked back up. And then, I almost screamed. Pansy was kissing him, and he was kissing her back. I could hear Hermoine, Ron and Ginny trying to calm me, but their voices were muffled by the rage I was feeling. Without knowing what I was doing I levitated a glass full of water that had been in Goyle’s place setting and dropped it on their heads. They broke apart, Pansy started looking everywhere and screaming insults and threats to whoever had done it. Draco simply looked in my direction and smirked.

That had been even worst. I stood up, looking straight at him and started to say in an extremely hushed voice an old charm I had learned at Beabaxton’s. Pansy’s face started to turn a bit red and I could see Draco starting to scratch himself. He looked at me and raised his brow, I simply smiled took a piece of bread and sat back down, my eyes never wavering from his.

Hermoine had seen me and I think that she had even heard me. “What did you do Bella?” I smiled at her, “It feels like poison ivy. But, it wears off in less than a minute. See.” I pointed towards them they were no longer scratching and Pansy had turned back to normal.

After dinner was done with, we all started our way back to Gryffindor. I was talking to Ginny and suddenly tripped on something. I looked down and noticed a foot, looking up at it’s owner I noticed it was Pansy’s. I smirked at her, “What your feet grew over vacation and you still learning to handle them? Or was that a feat you have yet to master?”

She looked back and chuckled, “Poor little orphan girl. She drives one parent to commit suicide and then the other to be murdered. And then, she looses her boyfriend. Where’s Chris, Bella?”

At that moment I wanted to scream at her. Tell her that he was standing right behind her, that he had spent his whole vacation making sure I was happy. That I had seen him smile, and laugh, and even giggles. But, right now that all felt like a different reality. Like if I had been taken form one place and left in another one. I was about to answer her, when he spoke.

“So this is the little muggle you were telling me about. Seems like if she’s found her troupe.”

I looked at him. I saw his lips moving, but still I couldn’t believe he had said that. What the hell was going on? Ron, Hermoine, and Ginny must have been as stunned as I was, because it was Harry the one who had answered. “Draco why don’t you just go back and crawl into the little black whole that you came out from?” He then grabbed my arm and pulled me away from them.


And the honeymoon is over :( . Well, this is what I wrote over the weekend, and well after the hanger I thought to update soon. So... tell me Did you like it?