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Nobody's Home by glPiItTtAer

Format: Short story
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 3,347

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Angst
Characters: Bellatrix, Narcissa
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 01/29/2006
Last Chapter: 07/15/2006
Last Updated: 07/15/2006

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A glPiItTtAer story...

Narcissa started crying, “Then you are homeless. WE are your family! This is your family! If we aren’t your family, and this isn’t your home, where do you belong? Don’t you love me?” Andromeda's fall from her family's grace. Go to my account at for more info...

Chapter 1: Part 1

Disclaimer: I don't own HP or "Nobody's Home" by Avril Lavigne. Please remember there are two parts to this song fic! SO READ PART TWO ALSO!

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Narcissa heard her sister’s sobs from the other room echo through the halls. Andromeda had experienced her first year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and, to their parent’s horrible dismay, she had been sorted into Ravenclaw.

Narcissa had lain on her bed for hours, listening to the screaming coming from the dining room. As their father screeched about family honor and Slytherin, etc., their mother had yelled about how Andromeda should have TOLD the hat where to place her.

Bellatrix had come to stand outside of Narcissa’s room during their parent’s tirade, “Take this as a lesson, Cissy. Don’t land yourself in any house other than Slytherin. You’d do well to be the meek and mild daughter.” Sneering, she walked away.

Platinum blond hair falling to her waist and light blue eyes wide, Narcissa silently slid from her room to Andromeda’s. When Narcissa was happy and perky, you could compare her to a Barbie doll. Now she looked like a ghostly shadow of the night.

“Andie? Are you alright?”

Dark, swollen blue eyes – almost black – looked at the blond. “I’ll be fine, Cissy.”

Narcissa sat on the side of the bed and stroked Andromeda’s long, light brown hair until the weeping girl fell into a sleep of nothingness.

“Sammy? Would you please bring me a glass of water?” Andromeda smiled sweetly at the elf.

Bellatrix looked furious, “How dare you talk to a servant like that! She isn’t human, she shouldn’t be treated like a human!” she kicked Sammy for emphasis. “Just give her direct orders like a proper pureblood and she’ll obey like a proper house elf.”

“Don’t kick her, Bella! That’s cruel!” Andromeda gasped.

“I’ll do what I like. At least I have the personality a proper pureblood should have.” Bellatrix was now absolutely gloating.

Narcissa looked worried, “What do you mean? I think she acts just as any pureblood should.”

“She hangs out with MUDBLOODS at school.”

Narcissa gasped. The girls’ father also happened to walk in at just that moment. And he happened to catch the last snippet of conversation.

“What’s this I hear? One of my daughter’s has mudbloods for friends?” he glared at Andromeda.

Narcissa sighed; she knew Andromeda was in for a beating and a whole lot of yelling from their parents. She and a very pleased Bellatrix slipped out of the kitchen.

I couldn't tell you why she felt that way,
She felt it everyday.
And I couldn't help her,
I just watched her make the same mistakes again.

Narcissa walked through the halls of Hogwarts. She spotted Andromeda chatting with Ravenclaw friends. Luckily, for Narcissa, she was sorted into Slytherin. Although the hat had considered Ravenclaw…

Andromeda was talking with MUDBLOODS Narcissa noticed now. An entire group of them. Well, most were halfbloods, and only one other was a pureblood.

Sparing a glance further down the hall, Narcissa saw Bellatrix eyeing the scene as well. Narcissa knew how Bellatrix would relish reporting this to their father.

“Andie! May we talk?” Narcissa grabbed Andromeda’s arm, rudely pulling her from her conversation.

“Cissy – what on earth?”

“You might want to be more careful. Bella’s watching.” Both the blond and brunette looked back down the hall again, as a dark haired beauty turned the corner.

“I don’t CARE! I will be friends with whomever I like! So what if my friends aren’t purebloods? So what if I don’t call them mudbloods? So what if I’m not as horrible and cruel as you, as picky about bloodlines and nosy and… and… oh! You’re just mean! I don’t care whether my friends are muggle born or half bloods!” Andromeda was competing with the girls’ parents in a screaming match. Just a few years before she would have never dared such a thing. But now Andromeda was fourteen, and teenagers will dare to do such things.

Their father was turning red, “Muggle born?!? Muggle born?!? You mean mudblood!”

“No, I DON’T!” With that, Andromeda turned and ran to her room.

“No meals for three days!” their father yelled after her.

Andromeda’s door slammed just after she screamed back, “FINE!”

“So dramatic.” Bellatrix mumbled as she read a book about the Dark Arts. At sixteen, Bellatrix was so obsessed with the Dark Arts, it scared Narcissa AND Andromeda. Both sisters knew Bellatrix carried the Dark Mark on her left arm.

Narcissa glanced now at Bellatrix’s left arm before saying, “Well, she’s only experiencing a teenage moment,” and followed Andromeda up to the floor where the girls’ rooms were.

Knocking before entering, Narcissa walked softly into Andromeda’s room. Andromeda showed her pain differently now. She no longer sobbed on the bed. She was writing a letter, presumably to one of her Ravenclaw friends.

“Andie? You know, you really shouldn't yell at father, it only makes things worse.”

Andromeda looked up, as if she hadn’t noticed Narcissa before she spoke. “Shut the door.” Narcissa obliged. “I can do whatever I want; I have already gone out on enough of a limb that I can never go back. Father knows I am not the simpering daughter you are, or the pureblood obsessed daughter Bella is. I’m sorry Cissy, but I have to stand up for myself.”

“But, you need to respect your elders. Especially your parents. You shouldn’t talk back to or down to father or mother.” Narcissa pleaded.

“I don’t respect either of them, and I don’t consider them to be my parents at this point.”

Narcissa started crying, “Then you are homeless. WE are your family! This is your family! If we aren’t your family, and this isn’t your home, where do you belong? Don’t you love me?”

Andromeda sighed, looking up from her letter. Dark eyes gazed into tearful, light blue. “I love YOU Cissy, but eventually you will become one of them. You will comply with everything they say and ask you to do. You may admire some of the moves I make, but you won’t ever get up the guts to do the same. I have too many problems at this point. I don’t agree with our parents or Bella about anything. You, on the other hand, don’t have any opinions – you just want us to all get along. So – yes, Cissy. Basically, I am homeless. I have no place to go. I come here because it is expected of me by everyone. But my heart isn’t here. And once I turn seventeen, I will somehow find my REAL home. Other than Hogwarts of course.”

Narcissa sunk onto Andromeda’s bed. Andromeda sighed and went over to hug her.

“Trust me. In a few years, you won’t even be talking to me. Parent’s orders.”

What's wrong, what's wrong now?
Too many, too many problems.
Don't know where she belongs, where she belongs.
She wants to go home, but nobody's home.
It's where she lies, broken inside.
With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.
Broken inside.

Narcissa watched as Andromeda walked down the streets of Hogsmeade with Ted Tonks. He WAS very handsome. But he was also a mudblood. If their father found out…

Suddenly, someone tapped Narcissa on the shoulder. She whirled, her blond hair blinding her. The sight that greeted her was not pretty. Bellatrix stood before her with a twisted grin on her lips.

“Bella! What are you doing here! You graduated last year! I… I… you…” Narcissa blubbered.

Bellatrix’s eyes narrowed. “I’ve been sent by our parents to see what you two are up to on your Hogsmeade trip. Anything to hide?”

“No-o… no… no, of course not. Nothing at all. I – and Andromeda – have nothing to hide. So you can just go on along home and tell Mum and Dad.” Narcissa stuttered hopefully.

“You’re not getting off that easily Cissy. What’s Andie up to?” Bellatrix looked like Christmas had come early.

“I swear – nothing! We’re just in Hogsmeade, having fun! Go… get a butterbear or something!” Narcissa smiled innocently and ducked out of her sister’s grasp, running as quickly as her legs could carry her to warn Andromeda.

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