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Darkover Magic by K A Woods

Format: Novella
Chapters: 14
Word Count: 40,108
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action, Humor, General, Angst, Mystery, Drama
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, Neville, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Luna, Lucius, Seamus, Pansy

First Published: 02/14/2005
Last Chapter: 06/28/2005
Last Updated: 06/28/2005

A prosaic story of the Final Year for Harry Potter and his friends- interlaced with romance, and the thin line that is drawn between good and evil that is crossed in order to win the ultimate battle. A good read for the reader who is enthralled with Harry Potter and the relationships, some unlikelier then others, that bond the characters together.



Hermione traipsed into the Head Common Room with her spirits higher then they had been in a while. Harry and Ron both and dates to the dance and Ron had asked her to save him a dance- something Hermione thought Ron would never be capable of. A moaning coming from the highbacked chair in front of the fire soon interrupted Hermione’s thoughts of Ron.
She tiptoed towards the chair to find Draco slumped over obviously in a rough sleep. As much as what Hermione had found out today scared her, she still could not help but think that something had changed between them.
The episode in the hall, working so hard on the dance, saving her life, staying by her at the hospital, even getting Harry and Ron… something was different about him, and he looked so crestfallen when he admitted to wanting her dead back in their second year.
She had to know how he truly felt about her… and with that, Hermione tried to wake him up, “Draco?” she whispered softly.

Several more times she tried this tactic, but to no avail. She gently put her hand on his and tried on last time before slowly standing up. In a flash, he had gripped tightly on to her wrist.
“No Father, I will not let you hurt her…” Draco spoke softly as he slept before loosening his grip enough on Hermione’s wrist that she could pull it away.

“Hurt who Draco?” Hermione questioned, fear rising in her voice. Draco gave no reply but the letter he had been grasping floated out of his hand and close to the fire that was still roaring in the fireplace. Afraid the letter might burn, Hermione grabbed it quickly and kneeled there next to Draco for a couple of minutes apprehensively but when he said nothing her attention focused back onto the letter still in her hand.

After some contemplation, she took the letter out of the already opened envelope and began to read, tears welling up in her eyes.

I presume you are still aware of what it means to uphold the name of Malfoy. If you are not aware of this then I must have failed miserably in your upbringing but can assure you that I will not make that mistake again.
This brings me to the reason for my letter – you are, under no circumstances, to be befriending, fornicating, or otherwise associating with Mudbloods- this definitely applies to saving their lives. I have spent the greater part of my life trying to purge the Wizarding World of them and my own flesh and blood heroically saves one of their lives! I do not know what you were playing at son but I can guarantee you there will be consequences for such an action as this.
You have disappointed me beyond belief Draco- you should be lucky I am not removing you from that school of yours- and were you not Head Boy I would be. Do not let me here of such actions again boy or you will be out of there. You are in enough trouble as it is; do not make it worse for yourself.

p.s. Do not forget what it means to be a Malfoy, Draco, or I will most certainly have to remind you. And trust me the remembrance will be a high price to pay.

Hermione folded up the letter shakily as she looked down at Draco with fear and hurt in her eyes. He saved her life, but ruined his own… Hermione was glad of one thing though…this apparently was not some plan to get close to Harry… to harm him.
But the letter did present another dilemma, Draco had obviously saved and befriended her of his own accord… so did that mean he had changed?
Was he not the same snotty boy from second year who had wanted her dead? A smile played across Hermione’s softening face, she already knew the answer to that question- and with that last thought, Hermione set the envelope down on the coffee table and ran up to her chambers to get ready for the dance.

About two and a half hours later Hermione came gliding down the stairs of her chamber looking ravishing for the Halloween Dance. Her hair was swept up in an up do with curls cascading down, her face delicately powdered and her make up perfect.

She lifted up the bottom of her dress in order to walk down the last couple of steps in order to prevent a repeat of the other night and was not surprised to see Draco still sleeping in the chair.
A little smile spread across her red velvet lips as she walked over towards a table with a quill, ink and parchment sitting knowingly on top of it. She quickly scribbled a note to Draco and pinned it on the door before leaving.
As soon as the door to the Heads Common Room had closed behind Hermione, Draco’s eyes had fluttered open in surprise.

The first thing to come to his mind was Hermione and his eyes darted over towards the huge Grandfather clock on the wall.
“OH CRAP! THE DANCE STARTS IN THIRTY MINUTES!” Draco yelled aloud to himself as he darted off to the shower.

And not too long later he was walking down his own stone stair case looking rather dashing indeed in his all black attire with a velvet black cape cascading down the back. He was almost at the door when his steel grey eyes focused on the note Hermione had pinned on the door:

I read the note from your father. Please meet on the hallway (you know which one) before the dance.

Draco’s heart seemed to skip a beat as he looked at the Grandfather clock; he only had 5 minutes to get to there.

With that thought, he raced down the stairs towards the hallway- completely disregarding what his father had told him- all that he could think about right now was getting to the hallway that led to the Arithmancy classroom- and the fact that Hermione had chosen that hallway to meet, the hallway where they had had their ‘moment.’

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Draco skidded onto the long dark hallway but saw no one.

His heart seemed to sink into his chest as he took a couple of steps down the hallway, “Hermione?” Draco questioned aloud.
However, he got no response. Almost as though on cue, the Great Hall erupted into a torrent of clapping signalling the start of the ball.

“I missed her.” Draco stated aloud to himself as he slumped down into the corner to think for a moment.
He had asked no one to the ball and was seriously considering just going back up to the Common Room when the door to the Great Hall burst open and the sound of someone running towards the hallway could be heard approaching rather fast.

Draco got to his feet quickly as the footfall stopped right at the edge of the hallway.
“Who’s there?” Draco shot at the person icily as he peered down the dimly lit hall. He in no way wanted anyone to see him in such a defeated state.

“And here I expected punctuality from you, Malfoy.” Hermione stated nonchalantly with a little scoff as she took a few steps down the hallway- stopping right next to one of the sconces.

Hearing Hermione’s voice, Draco peered in her direction and saw her standing there and his heart seemed to jump into his throat. She looked so elegant in her black silk ball gown and her hair all done up in curls. His eyes then drifted down to the corset top of the dress with delicately pushed up her chest and he felt his heart beat loudly in his chest- causing him to be unable to speak as he began to walk towards her.

“You know Draco, what I don’t understand is how people can change so suddenly or how the past doesn’t seem to matter once you have changed…” Hermione continued pompously as she glided towards him. “… I have thought a lot about what I found out today and I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter to me.” Hermione finished as she stopped and looked up at him with a little smile.

Draco on the other hand was gawking at her speechless.

“Cat got your tongue Malfoy?” Hermione spoke teasingly.

“You don’t care Hermione?” Draco asked bracingly, still in apparent disbelief.

“No Draco I don’t… You saved my life and well, you’ve changed and I don’t know I just want to be friends, confidants….” Hermione trailed off as she looked into his steel eyes hoping she hadn’t made a mistake and that this really was a changed Draco Malfoy.

“You know Granger I don’t know the reason I have changed but I know I have and… well I want to be friends too…” Draco finished as he looked at Hermione in all her glory, she looked so beautiful that he couldn’t help but think he wanted to be more then friends... but there was no way in hell that he would put that into words- this was unreal enough. Asking for anything more might shatter such a fragile moment.

They were both acting as though they were walking on eggshells as it was.
Moreover, a smile crept across Hermione’s delicate face and before she knew what she was doing, she embraced Draco in a hug.

Time seemed to stand still as they embraced and everything faded away, all that mattered was that she felt safe in Draco’s strong arms.

After what seemed like an eternity later the two parted – not saying a word but neither needing to – “Well Hermione, I am very anxious to see what you lot have done with the place.” Draco joked as the pair of them walked up to the two great oak doors leading into the Great Hall.

“Come and see…” Hermione said with a playful smile at Draco as she pushed open the doors and Draco let out a gasp of approval…

“… AND ON THAT NOTE I WOULD LIKE YOU ALL TO WELCOME TO THIS YEARS HALLOWEEN DANCE, THE HEAD BOY AND GIRL OF HOGWARTS!” The booming voice of none other then Professor Dumbledore rang out across the expanse of the Great Hall as Hermione and Draco entered- Hermione smiling brightly and Draco looking around speechless.

The Great Hall erupted into a wave of applause as they walked down the centre towards the stage that was set up in place of the Teacher’s usual table- though a torrent of whispers also started to blossom as Draco held out his arm for Hermione to grasp- which she did instinctively.

“So what are you suppose to be?” Draco whispered smartly as they glided across the parted crowd of people.

“If you must know Malfoy, I was lacking creativity so I chose the best black dress I could find.” Hermione whispered back through clenched teeth as she continued to smile and wave at the crowd.

“Well you’re beautiful…uh I mean the dress is beautiful, well when I say- it’s just… you look beautiful in the dress.” Draco finished clumsily as he cleared his throat and his cheeks reddened a little.

Hermione smiled to herself, thoroughly enjoying the compliment, “Thanks Draco… and what are you suppose to be? Gothic? A vicar? Or dare I say, Professor Snape?” Hermione retorted.

“My father, actually.” Draco replied solemnly. Hermione turned and studied him and there was silence, “… I wanted to have one of the scariest costumes here…” Draco trailed off with a forced laugh that did not reach his steel grey eyes. For all of his joking, Hermione knew what he was trying to say, he was scared of his father. Who wouldn’t be? His father had just written him a letter saying that he was going to beat him for his indiscretions with a muggle-born and that if he stepped out of line again he would be facing expulsion from Hogwarts… along with a far worse beating then the one he already had coming. Then another thought crossed Hermione’s mind, she was the reason for the letter… and his upcoming beating.

Finally, the two reached the stage and took their place in behind two strategically placed microphones, and the Halloween Dance began…

“Ron, close your mouth.” Ginny sharply directed at Ron as she walked up beside where him and Harry were standing while Hermione and Draco walked down the Great Hall.

“Wow, Hermione looks hot!” Anthony Goldstein proclaimed thickly from beside Ginny, causing Ginny and Ron to look over at him dangerously. “…But you look so much better babe…” Anthony added as he tried putting an arm around Ginny’s waist.

“Save it for someone else Romeo, lets just go dance.” Ginny stated to Anthony as she gave Harry a coy smile and walked off with Anthony.

“What was with the look mate?” Ron questioned Harry as soon as Ginny was out of earshot.

“What? Oh, I don’t know I guess we just understand each other…that’s all.” Harry mumbled back as he looked down at his feet.

Noticing the tension arising Hannah slipped her arm into Harry’s, “Well now Harry try and understand me when I say lets dance!” Hannah remarked with a reassuring smile at Harry and winked at Susan as she did the same to Ron and all four of them walked out onto the dance floor, just as a fast song started up.

“Hermione and Malfoy did a great job planning this dance!” Hannah shouted over the music to Harry as the two danced. “The DJ is awesome!”

Harry looked up to the stage where a young wizard with spiky green hair and shiny black robes that had been strategically torn had his wand out directing discs this way and that. Then his gaze averted to Draco and Hermione who were laughing on stage with the two microphones in their hands. They looked so happy, so content with one another, as if the last seven years had never happened- Harry did not know whether to be happy, sad or worried by this scene. Harry looked over to Ron, he was looking up at Hermione and Draco- his face set in an expressionless stare. Then the music stopped, Hermione cleared her voice and it seemed the whole hall was now looking at her and Draco.

“ALRIGHT IT IS TIME FOR OUR FIRST INTERHOUSE COMPETITION OF THE NIGHT!” Hermione spoke over the microphone before motioning to Draco.


“THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE A TWENTY GALLEON GIFT CERTIFICATE TO GLADRAGS WIZARDWEAR IN HOGSMEADE!” Hermione stated with a broad smile, accompanied by a rather loud round of applause.

“NOW THE HEAD GIRL AND I ARE GOING TO WALK THROUGH WHILE YOU ARE DANCING AND IF WE TAP YOU ON THE SHOULDER PLEASE WALK ONTO THE STAGE.” Draco finished as he nodded towards the DJ who immediately started the music, and everyone went back to dancing.

Hannah and Harry were dancing rather close when Hermione came up and tapped him on the shoulder, to both Hannah and Harry’s utter surprise.

“Wow that is the best Harry Potter costume I have seen all night- you must go on the stage!” Hermione spoke jokingly in Harry’s ear as he whipped around to face her with a smile.

Harry peered over at her to make sure she was joking. “How are you doing Hermione?” Harry asked empathetically.

“Oh I’m fine… having the time of my life, I think I like hosting these things more then actually going to them.” Hermione said honestly with a knowing smile at Harry, the last dance they went to, the Yule Ball, was definitely not the most memorable of experiences. Images of her and Ron’s row afterward floated into Harry’s head and he gave Hermione an empathetic smile.

“You look absolutely ravishing Hermione.” Hannah interjected with a sweet smile at Hermione that only the Hufflepuff could produce.

“Thank you Hannah, you too do as well.” Hermione said genuinely as she peered over Hannah and Harry’s costume, Cinderella and Prince charming. Harry and Hermione shared a look of understanding before Hermione excused herself, and Harry and Hannah began dancing again.

Hermione then walked up behind another familiar face only about three feet away and gently slipped her hands over his eyes. “Ronald Weasley, what do you think you are doing in those dreadful green robes?” Hermione asked Ron sharply in the best ‘Mrs. Weasley’ voice she could muster.

“Well Hermione, if you must know Susan picked these out for me in Gladrags…” Ron retorted with a smile, his eyes still covered by Hermione’s soft hands, though Hermione was feeling a little awkward.

“Oh and what are you two suppose to be?” Hermione asked delicately as she released Ron from her grasp.

“Slytherins.” Susan interposed with a coy smile and all three of them erupted into laughter.

“Well, I must be getting back up to the stage- I don’t know if Draco could handle the costume contest by himself.” Hermione remarked with a little laugh.

“The two of you did a great job on this dance.” Susan replied with a smile.

“Yes, it was definitely a joint effort-” Hermione responded avoiding Ron’s eyes.

“Well it’s great, and if I may say the two of you look rather good up there as well-” Susan continued, not even noticing Hermione’s cheeks flush pink as she looked down at her feet. “- I mean, don’t they look great up there Ron?” Susan continued.

“Yes Susan, they look great.” Ron answered with a smile that did not reach his eyes as he looked at Hermione.

“Excuse me.” Hermione stated softly before turning on her heel and walking away at a rather fast pace.

Hermione’s head was swimming, why did Susan have to bring up me and Draco looking good together in front on Ron? Now he is really going to hate me! And, the way he looked at me! Hermione continued her journey towards the stage as a hand grabbed hers and she whirled around.

“Hermione, um… don’t forget about that dance you promised me.” Ron said with a genuine smile as their eyes met.

“I won’t.” Hermione spoke back, a little above a whisper. With that, Ron gave her hand a little squeeze before turning and walking back towards Susan, leaving Hermione standing there with a grin across her face. Finally, she came back to reality, and walked up to join Draco on the stage, still smiling like a ninny.

“What’s with the smile Granger?” Draco whispered to Hermione. However, Hermione did not answer as she lined up the five contestants to start the costume contest…

After some considerable debate and several shenanigans Seamus Finnegan, who had dressed like Professor Snape, won the contest with Dean, who had dressed like Umbridge, following in a close second.


Hermione turned sharply and looked at Draco, what was he playing at? Draco caught Hermione’s look and stalked across the stage toward her.

“Wasn’t this what you wanted... A chance to dance with Weasley?” Draco whispered to Hermione with a sad smile.

Hermione studied him for a second before giving him a smile back and walking off stage to find Ron…

Harry jaw dropped as he watched the scene between Draco and Hermione unfold, Draco did that for Hermione? What was going on here?

Harry peered up at the stage to see Draco just standing there, looking…sad- As though he had just lost something dear to him…

.... then Pansey motioned to Draco off stage and Draco jumped down to dance with her, but not before giving Hermione one last fleeting glance.

Harry turned away and looked down at his feet, oh how things had changed. Suddenly, Harry became very aware that he was standing in the middle of the dance floor by himself.
Then, someone tapped him on his shoulder, a feeling rose up in Harry as he turned…it could not be her. He thought to himself anxiously, but was immediately crestfallen to find Hannah Abbot staring back at him.

“Um Harry, do you suppose it would be alright if I danced with Justin for this dance?” Hannah asked cautiously.

“What…oh, of course Hannah.” Harry stated distracted as he looked around the Great Hall.

It was too good to be true. By now she was probably off dancing with one of the 6th year Gryffindor boys… you are the farthest thing from her mind.

Harry took a deep breath and was about to start walking away when another tap on his shoulder sent shockwaves through his entire body…this had to be her.

“Um excuse me sir, but I was wondering if I might have the pleasure of this dance.” Ginny stated wittingly with a little smile as she looked into Harry’s emerald eyes.

“The pleasure would be all mine Ginny.” Harry responded as his hand slid onto Ginny’s hip and he pulled her close.
His mind was racing a mile a minute- this is Ron’s little sister, he said he would not mind, who cares about Ron, YOU LIKE HER! Look at her you stupid prat, she is beautiful! - And with that last thought, Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck and they looked into each other’s eyes, speechless as a dawn of understanding passed between them…

Ron, where are you? Hermione cried out in her mind. Hermione looked back to find Draco dancing with Pansey- but no Ron, to her right Seamus and Lavender were dancing- but no Ron, to her left Harry and GINNY?!
Hermione’s heart seemed to skip a beat as she watched the two of them- completely forgetting about Ron… this was too good to be true!

Hermione watched them for a second more before she realized that she was standing on the dance floor watching another couple dance- pathetic, I am the Head Girl and I cannot even get a partner for the dance!

Suddenly two strong hands slipped over Hermione’s eyes and she was in total darkness,
“You know ‘Mione I thought I would never find you.” Ron whispered in Hermione’s ear, removed his hands from her eyes and spun her around to face him.

“I was looking for you as well; you aren’t too easy to find yourself!” Hermione shot back icily, trying unsuccessfully to hide the fact that she was visibly shaken by their closeness.

"Well now you’ve found me… what are you going to about it?” Ron responded coyly as he wrapped his arms around Hermione’s slender hips, pulling her even closer.

“Well, I suppose I might wrap my arms around your neck like so-” Hermione replied with a smile as she draped her arms around his neck. “- and tell you that I have been waiting all night for this.” Hermione finished as she looked into Ron’s honest eyes.

“Well, then I suppose I might have to confess that I have been waiting over six years for this.” Ron replied with a weak smile.

Hermione studied him for a second before laying her head down on his shoulder- and they stayed like this for the next several songs.
Up on the stage Draco stood there looking like a deer in headlights. He didn’t know why seeing Ron and Hermione like this was bothering him so much but it was… it was as though Hermione could do better, hell, in his mind a house elf could do better then a Weasley. Whom was he kidding? He was a bit jealous, plain and simple… But why? Was it because, for once, he could not have something he wanted? No, he knew that feeling- he wanted the glory that Potter had but that was not about to happen anytime soon. No, he was jealous because he could not have something he had never wanted until now- an honest relationship. A relationship not based on greed, power or intrigue. A relationship like Ron and Hermione's… more or less a relationship with Hermione.
A tap on his shoulder roused Draco from his tempest of thoughts.

“Hey man this slow song mix is almost up, do you want to change it up for a little?” The DJ asked as he gave Draco an apprehensive look from behind his sunglasses with silver lenses.

Draco gave one last glance at Ron and Hermione still in each other’s arms and smiled coldly. “Yes, I suppose it is time we changed things up.”

“Rock on mate!” The DJ said exuberantly as he gave Draco a thumbs up and walked back over to his song mixer and began working feverishly while Draco walked over towards the microphone, nodded to the DJ, the music faded out, and a murmur of disapproval overcame the Great Hall.

“OH COME NOW, WE COULDN’T HAVE DONE THE SAME HOUSE THING ALL NIGHT!” Draco stated sarcastically while the hall snickered in unison with him and he shot a look at Ron and Hermione who were still wrapped in each other’s arms.

“What is Malfoy playing at?” Ginny asked Harry sharply as she lifted her crimson head up sharply from his shoulder.

It didn’t take Harry long to see Ron and Hermione dancing and Draco’s glares to put two and two together. “He’s jealous.” Harry murmured to himself amusedly, though just loud enough that Ginny could hear.

“What are you on about Harry?” Ginny questioned, sounding astonishingly lot like her mother.

“Oh Ginny don’t you see? He-” But Harry stopped mid sentence when he saw Ginny looking at him like he was crazy so he leaned closer in and began whispering his observations in to her ear.

“NOW FOR THESE NEXT SET OF SONGS WE ARE GOING TO MIX IT UP YET AGAIN… EVERYONE IS TO DANCE WITH SOMEONE FROM ANOTHER HOUSE, WHICH THEY DID NOT COME WITH!” Draco announced, and the Great Hall fell placidly silent for a few seconds before a faster pace music started and people started moving across to find partners.

A pleased smile spread across Draco’s face as he saw Ron and Hermione finally part…Ron giving Hermione’s hand a more then blatant little squeeze.

A few moments later Ron could be seen dancing with Padma Patil while, Hermione was walking alone towards the stage.

This is perfect, Draco thought slyly as he descended from the stage into the throngs of people bumping and grinding to the music.
When he finally reached Hermione the beginning notes of a fast Salsa song had begun to play and the Great Hall was going crazy…

“Oh move over!” Hermione directed at several fourth years who were dancing on each other in a rather ungodly manner while she tried to squeeze past them.

“Oh, this is just useless…” Hermione sighed aloud as more students packed onto the dance floor, making it almost impossible for her to get out.

Then Hermione’s ears tuned into the Salsa song that was just beginning causing her to scoff and roll her eyes, “Oh now this is just wonderful…”

“Great minds must think alike Granger, because I was about to say the very same thing.” Draco spoke silkily from behind Hermione.
She whirled around and their eyes met, a shiver ran down Hermione’s spine. A shiver of lust and anticipation that Hermione tried, to no avail, to dismiss.

“What’s wrong Granger? Cat got your tongue?” Draco asked with a playful smile.

“Nothing Malfoy, just wondering when you are going to ask me to dance?” Hermione retorted back as the music picked up in tempo.

“Who said I was going to ask?” Draco snapped back with a grin as he slipped his hand into Hermione’s and spun her around so that when she was facing him again they were closer. “I don’t even know if you can salsa…” Draco continued with a smirk as he twirled Hermione around again, this time ending up behind her and brushed his hand across Hermione’s neck.

Hermione shivered yet again at his touch but regained her composure quickly.

“Oh I do alright for myself.” Hermione countered as she placed Draco’s hands on either side of her hips and then closed the space between them.

Draco leaned in towards Hermione’s ear so that she could feel his hot breath,
“Well then Granger, why don’t you prove it.” Draco challenged.

Almost instantaneously, the two began to dance with passion and vigour, their bodies becoming one with the rhythm of the music.
After a couple moments of dancing, it was quite clear that Draco and Hermione had lost all their inhibitions. They seemed to have fled reason and surrendered to passion, though it did not go unnoticed by those that surrounded them.

The rest of the students on the dance floor seemed to part like the Red Sea to admire the Head Girl and Boy dance. The music seemed to play louder and the energy reverberating throughout the room was intoxicating.

“Oh my word!” Lavender Brown whispered frantically into Pavarti’s ear as her and Seamus, who had completely ignored the partner rule, stopped dancing.

“What is it?” Pavarti hissed back clearly upset at someone ruining her dance with a rather dashing 6th year Hufflepuff. She didn’t have to wait long before Seamus cottoned on to Lavender’s observation.

“Merlin’s beard! Look at Malfoy and… GRANGER!? Bloody hell! They look like they are about to snog each other silly in the middle of the dance floor!” Seamus exclaimed with a broad grin before motioning to Dean Thomas, who was still caught up in a dance with a pretty little blonde Ravenclaw.

“So how am I doing Malfoy?” Hermione panted breathlessly as she rolled her hips into Draco’s and shook her beautiful curly hair back from her face.

Draco smirked and whipped Hermione around so that he was behind her before snaking his hand around her tiny waist. His breaths hot on her neck he whispered into her ear: “I would say you were a natural but…” Draco trailed off as he gently swept his hand across her neck.

“But what?” Hermione retorted as she struck a pose with her foot out to the side and Draco started to trace a hand up her leg before wrapping it around his waist and leaning to the side- taking Hermione with him.

Hermione let her back arch and her bosom was in full frontal view as Draco traced a line right down the centre- leaning in close and whispering: “… but I know you got it from a book, Granger.”

“Sensual Salsa for Sensual Sirens.” Hermione responded pompously as Draco began to spin her in broad circles across the dance floor- accompanied by several exuberant whispers from the now totally awe-struck inhabitants of the Great Hall.

“You would consider yourself a ‘sensual siren’, Granger?” Draco remarked slyly just as he tugged Hermione’s hand and she spun in towards him. He then spun her away before the two hit their final pose and the music came to an end. The whole place erupted into jubilant applause, as Hermione stayed plastered on Draco- the two panting heavily.

Hermione looked into Draco’s eyes that were alight with a sort of lust. The grey shining like a newly formed metal just taken from the fire whence it came.

“Yes I would Draco, and don’t call me Granger.” Hermione responded finally, still holding Draco’s lustful gaze- torn between excitement and exasperation.

Then a remark from someone in the hall abruptly tore Hermione’s gaze away.

It was Ron.

Hermione looked to the side just in time to see him turn sharply and push past several still gawking third years. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was bothering him. The excitement Hermione had been feeling moments earlier dropped out of her like a hundred pound weight and she soon found herself making her way through a plethora of costumed witches and wizards trying desperately to find Ron…