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Earth Shaker by InsaneLeprechaun

Format: Short story
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 7,630
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action, General, Drama
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Ron, Voldemort, Seamus, Peter Pettigrew, M. McGonagall
Pairings: Others

First Published: 05/02/2005
Last Chapter: 06/11/2005
Last Updated: 07/24/2005

*PRE HALF BLOOD PRINCE* Miranda Connelinne, not the most pretty girl ever, has just been transferred to Hogwarts from the Salem Witches Institute in the US. She meets Harry and the rest of "the gang", and is instanty befriended by them. But what they don't know, is that Miranda has a secret that could save them all. Now, if only she could use it without destroying herself.

Chapter 4: Of Dates and Threats

When Miranda opened her eyes, she was in a cool white room, and in a bed with light blue hangings. “Oh,” thought Miranda groggily, looking at her surroundings “I’m in the Hospital Wing….. GAK!! What’m I doing here??!!??” She looked down, and saw that on her arm was a wet, bluish purple sponge-like thing was strapped to her arm. She tried to take it off, but when she tried, she felt a sharp searing pain that reached into her veins and made her gasp. Gingerly, she tried again to pull it off, and experienced the searing pain again. Several minutes later, Madam Pomfrey came walking in, carrying a wad of cloth and her wand.
“Ah, you’re awake!” she sad briskly when she saw Miranda “No, don’t pull on that!!! It’s embedded in your vein, and it’s the only thing that’s been giving you any strength.” She cried when she saw Miranda tugging on the spongy object.
Madam Pomfrey strode toward Miranda, clamped down her hands upon the sponge as it emitted a large squelching noise, and grabbed her wand. “Evanseldia!” she boomed, and with a yank, the sponge came out. She quickly put the heavy wad of cloth on the place that the sponge had been inserted into, and wrapped a piece of medical tape around it. “There,” she said, panting “Now you’ll just have to stay here one more night and then, you can leave.” And she left the room, but not before motioning to some people in the doorway.
Ginny and Hermione walked awkwardly into the Wing, smiling and looking relieved when they saw that Miranda was awake. Ginny rushed over to Miranda and gave her a rib-crushing hug. “Urgh, Ginny-Can’t breathe!” Miranda gasped, and Ginny let go of her. “Mmm…. What happened?” asked Miranda; she was feeling very amnesiac (A/N: like she had amnesia). Hermione and Ginny both shot her incredulous looks. “Don’t you remember?” whispered Hermione in a shocked voice, peering at Miranda. “Uh….Nooooooooo……..” replied Miranda “All I remember was a Quidditch game, and Ginny scoring a goal…. You were awesome, Gin!” “Well,” said Hermione, speaking quietly and quickly as though she didn’t want eavesdropping bed sheets to hear, considering they were the only ones in this area of the Hospital Wing,
“It was really strange. Katie Bell’s broom broke, and she was up, like, three hundred feet. Dumbledore didn’t have time to do anything, so you, like, raced down to the end of the stands, and your eyes went all funny…. You made this huge pile of earth come out of the ground….” She paused “It was weird, how’d you do it? I mean I know hat you can do that with magic, but I didn’t expect that you would know ho-“ “Hermione!” interrupted Ginny “I’ll tell you later…. Can I tell her?” asked Ginny quietly. Miranda nodded, feeling dazed and confused.
But…... thought Miranda wildly If it was at the Quidditch game… OH MY GOD! Now everybody knows….. They’ll hate me, just like before...They’ll think I’m a dangerous freak! Tears were now streaming down Miranda’s face. Hermione wrapped her in a hug. “It’ll be okay.” She said soothingly.
Hermione was partially correct. Over the next few days, as Miranda walked along the corridors, people stared at her and whispered. She didn’t know how Harry handled it, but on the whole, she just ignored it, except for once when that Slytherin arse-hole Draco Malfoy started making fun f her and calling her a freak, and she started crying. Soon, though, she became immune to their stares and muttering, and one day when she was pretending not to hear them, she bumped into Harry in the Charms hallway.
“Hi Harry. Sorry about that.” She said brightly, bending down to help him pick up his ink bottles and books that had fallen and smashed to the floor.
“That’s okay…” he replied, going slightly pink. Miranda wondered why.
“So…” he said awkwardly, fiddling with a quill. “Are we.. uh.. still, er, you know…. Going to Hogsmeade together?”
Miranda was shocked; she had forgotten that they were going in the first place. Again, she wondered…. Why had he asked her out in the first place?
“Oh! Of course…” she replied “…. Can we meet in the Great Hall at 10:00 am or so?”
“Yeah. That sounds good.”
“…Okay, well, see you on Saturday, then.”
“Yeah, you too.”
And Miranda walked down to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, wondering what on Earth she was going to wear.”
“Okay, class,” boomed the D.A.D.A teacher, Professor Linningham. He was around fifty, with a wild mane of gray streaked, fading, red hair that made him look rather like an old lion. He also had wide, hazel eyes, that behind their horn-rimmed spectacles seemed to miss nothing. “Today, we will be working with boggarts!”……
On the morning of the Hogsmeade trip, Miranda woke up with a sense of mingled excitement, fear, and anticipation. She sprang out of bed loudly (much to the annoyance of her dorm-mates), and ran into the bathroom with the outfit she had picked out the night before. She carefully applied foundation, cover up, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, facial glitter, lipstick, and lip gloss, threw on her clothes and brushed her hair into it’s best form of glossy black-brown. When she stepped out of the bathroom, Ginny couldn’t cover up a snigger.
“What is it?!” asked Miranda, alarmed.
“You-hee hee- have on –ha- waaay too much makeup!” she said between chuckles
“Take-ha ha ha- off the glitter, eye shadow, and eye liner,-HA!- and you’ll be good.”
And Miranda, laughing good-naturedly, strode into the bathroom to adjust her amount of makeup.

Harry paced nervously around the entrance to the Great Hall, waiting for Miranda. Just then, she walked over to Harry, dressed in her Muggle best: a red, screen print tee-shirt bearing the words “Simple Plan”, and a gray mini-skirt. Harry felt awkward in his gray sweatshirt and jeans, but did a pretty good job covering it up.
“Hey ‘Rands” he said, smiling when she came over.
“Hi!” replied Miranda breathlessly, going a bit pink.
“Soooooo………. Let’s go!”
As Harry and Miranda walked through Hogsmeade, sipping butterbeers, Miranda was having the time of her life. She couldn’t believe that a guy as hot, nice, and funny had actually asked HER out. About half way through the date, they met up with Ron and Hermione, for they had come into Hogsmeade without Harry knowing. At first, Miranda felt a little awkward around the “cool” Sixth Years (A/N: they were so much taller than her!) , but went along with them anyway. As Ron, Miranda, Hermione, and Harry stepped into the Three Broomsticks, Miranda was immediately bombarded by Malfoy’s jeering cries.
“Hey look everyone! It’s the dangerous American bird! I wonder why she’s staring at me like that. Uh-oh, don’t wanna get her mad.” Malfoy smirked “After all..” he said slowly, a malicious glint in his eye “I don’t want to end up like those people in that earthquake near Tutshill …..”
Miranda couldn’t believe it: How did he know about that? It was the final straw; she was tired of being verbally abused by this prat.
“Hey Malfoy,” she called, as Malfoy spun around. “Yeas, my apocalyptic child?” he answered arrogantly, causing Crabbe and Goyle to guffaw stupidly.
“Becovius!” cried Miranda, and from the tip of her wand came a light pink haze, which Malfoy inhaled, and made him faint. Miranda then said some not-so-nice things to him and exited the establishment in a huff, Harry, Ron, and Hermione trailing after her.
“Miranda you are officially bowing-down-worthy!” cried Ron in delight “That was so cool! I love you!” and he hugged her, as Miranda muttered something awkwardly. Hermione looked at him angrily, and he went back to her side, going red and muttering an apology.
The rest of their time was spent in the Hog’s Head, sipping (more) butterbeers and exclaiming over the Quidditch match. At one point, Harry thanked her sincerely, causing Miranda to blush and mumble something related to “No big deal..” They joked, groaned, laughed, and talked together, and Miranda couldn’t stifle a feeling of intense happiness at being with them and feeling accepted.
As they walked back, Miranda noticed that Hermione and Ron were (A/N: we all saw that coming!) holding hands, a little shyly, but still linked together. Apparently, Harry noticed too, and he awkwardly grabbed Miranda’s delicate (A/N: Miranda is a little short) hand, and placed it in his slightly larger one, much to Miranda’s delight, despite feeling nervous about whether or not he would care that her hand was hot and sweaty.
As they entered the castle around 5:00, Ron and Hermione immediately went to the Gryffindor Common Room without Harry, though not before Ron whispered “Good luck, mate.” In Harry’s ear. Still holding hands, Miranda and Harry walked leisurely around the castle, until returning to the Common Room around 7:00. As they walked in, they noticed something going on, on the couches.
Hermione and Ron had arms around each other, as they snogged each other passionately. They didn’t look up as Harry and Miranda entered the Common Room, sniggering. Mirada caroled a line from one of the songs that Miranda had let Ron listen to, called “Geeks Get the Girls” by American Hi-Fi. “Tonight’s the night, he’s gonna get it right. Even losers can get lucky sometime. All the freaks got a winning streak, shouting all around the world ‘cause the geek’s got the girl.” Ron and Hermione quickly broke apart, going very red, as Harry and Miranda laughed good-naturedly, and telling them to “have fun” as they left the room.
They were still laughing as they reached the stairway to the Girls Dormitories, but suddenly became quiet and awkward.
“I had a great time tonight, Harry.” Said Miranda quietly, looking into Harry’s emerald eyes.
“Yeah, me too. Ummm…. Good night, then.” Harry returned shyly, smiling at Miranda.
And then Miranda did something completely out of character for her:
She stood on her toes and kissed Harry lightly on the cheek, before walking briskly up
The stairs to her bedroom, where she collapsed on to the bed.

Miles away, unknown to anybody, Peter Pettigrew rapped on the door to a modest shack. The door creaked open, and he stepped inside.
”Welcome, Wormtail. We’ve been expecting you.”
He spun around, and was greeted by the malicious stare of none other than Lord Voldemort himself.
“M-My Lord. Have-have you c-c-captured the man?” stuttered Wormtail, wincing at Voldemort’s hideous face.
“Yes, and quite easily at that.” Voldemort drawled in reply as he stroked his giant snake, Nagini’s, head. He motioned for Wormtail to follow him, and he walked inside a room.
Inside, a man was tied up. He looked to be around his late thirties, with blue eyes and glossy dark-brown hair. His face was contorted with pain, and as he was in the middle of a circle of a dozen or so Death Eaters, Wormtail knew why.
As the man gave Voldemort a defiant stare, Lucius Malfoy raised his wand and bellowed “CRUCIO!”
The man yelled into the darkness, as the Death Eaters, Wormtail, and Voldemort laughed evilly.
“So……” continued Voldemort, after Malfoy had stopped torturing the man, “are you going to tell us where the girl is or are we going to have to drag it out of you?”
The man raised his head to a defiant glare and whispered “You’ll kill her before she joins you. And if you want to get near her, you’ll have to kill me first.”
“Don’t be silly, Connelinne, I always planned to kill you, and as soon as the girl is persuaded, I will.”
The man shakily, stood up from his rope bindings. “KEEP AWAY FOM MY DAUGHTER, VOLDEMORT!!!!” he yelled, alarming Wormtail.
“Hmm….. And if I don’t what are you going to do? A mere half breed like yourself. CRUCIO!” Samuel Connelinne’s cries again filled the hut.
“Now, unless you tell me, I am going to assume your daughter s at Hogwarts.”
The man said nothing.
“Alright. Wormtail, prepare the correspondents And as for you, Connelinne…. CRUCIO!!”
and with that the Dark Lord’s mirthless laugh filled the hut
Back at Hogwarts, Harry woke up with a start