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Harry Potter and the Final Prophecy by Modern Marauders

Format: Short story
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 15,947
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Action, General
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George, Tonks, Luna, M. McGonagall

First Published: 05/24/2005
Last Chapter: 06/19/2005
Last Updated: 01/06/2006

It's Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, and things couldn't get wierder. First, there's a new girl who seems to be worse than Malfoy, but somehow connected to Harry. A new prophecy that connects Harry and the new girl. A year full of new relationships, excitement, and mystery, by the end of it , Harry will have had no idea what hit him. Please read and review! my first fanfic, so it might not be that good. Over 1000 reads!

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: First Day

A/N- We don't own Harry Potter, just Catherine and the plot. On to chapter 5! Please read and review!

"Harry, HARRY!" Harry could hear his name being called in a desperate attempt by Ron, who was failing terribly. "Dean, go get McGonagall, Hurry!" Harry was thrashing around in his bed, screaming, his scar on fire.

"Mr.Weasley, what is the- Potter! What's wrong?" Professor McGonagall ran over to Harry's bed, her gray hair falling around her face. Seeing that she could not get Harry's attention by simply talking, she conjured up a bucket of cold water and dumped it on his head. He stopped screaming when the cold water hit his head.

"Sorry, Potter." McGonagall said drying his hair with a flick of her wand.

"That's alright, Professor. I need to see Professor Dumbledore, now." Harry said urgently staring McGonagall in the eye. She nodded and beckoned him to follow her. He jumped out of his bed and followed her to the common, where about the whole Gryffindor tower was standing, and staring at Harry.

"Alright, back to bed you lot!" McGonagall started to shoo away the students who seemed keen on finding out why Harry was screaming. He followed his Professor down the familiar corridors to Dumbledore's office.

When they finally came to the stone gargoyle, McGonagall said the password ("Chocolate Frogs"), and the two of them went on to the slowly moving staircase that would bring them to Dumbledore's office.

When they came near the office, Harry could hear faint voices coming from inside the room. One was Dumbledore's, and the other was an American voice that Harry didn't reconize.

"You know my story. That's why I'm in Slytherin. Look, I'm happy about it. It doesn't matter anyway, I'd rather be in Slytherin then Gryffindor."

"The hat simply made a mistake. I'll talk to him. He must have a reasonable answer-"

"I know you wanted me to be in Gryffindor to meet Potter. This is better. It will make me less suspicious-" McGonagall cut off the speaker's last words as she rapped on the door with her old knuckles.

"We'll discuss this later. Enter." McGonagall opened the door, allowing Harry in first. He was surprised to find out that the other person in the room was the new girl, Catherine. She was staring at him with a blank expression, showing no emotion. 'Wow, she's good at that, I wish I could hide my emotion.' Harry thought.

"I'm well practiced." He stared at the girl confused.

"Harry, this is Catherine Parker. Catherine, Harry Potter." Dumbledore introduced the two of them. Catherine stuck out her hand.

"It's Cat. Pleasure." She spat, looking at him with malace and hate.

"You too." Harry shook Cat's hand, disliking her already.

"Harry, Catherine is a transfer student from the Salem Instute of Witchcraft and Wizardry in America. Seems that her school couldn't teach her anymore. The American magic is much less advanced then ours is. Cat'll be in your year. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Professor, Mr.Thomas ran to inform me that Potter was screaming and was muttering odd things in his sleep, again. I came to get him and he said that he needed to see you." McGonagall answered before Harry could. He felt his face growing red, he didn't like this girl knowing about his dreams, especially since she was a Slytherin.

"Well then, Harry we need to talk about this. Minerva, could you please escort Catherine back to the Slytherin common room?" She nodded and quickly led Cat out of the room and towards the staircase. When they left, Dumbledore turned to Harry. "Now Harry, please sit down and tell me about your dream."

"Well sir, it was more of a vision." Harry started as he launched into the full details about his vision. When he was done, Dumbledore looked troubled.

"So, you never got a look at her face?"

"No sir, there was sort of a black shadow over it. If I heard her voice again I know I could place it."

"Alright, Harry. I trust you can go back to your dormitory without a teacher's assitance?"

"Yeah." Harry got up from the chair and made his way to the door.

"Oh, and Harry." Dumbledore said. Harry paused in front of the door and turned around to look at Dumbledore. "If you reconize her voice, please tell me." He nodded and left the office.

When he was on the staircase going back down, Harry didn't regret his decision about not telling Dumbledore. He most certinly did know who spoke, and he wanted to figure out what he was doing with her for himself.
The next morning, Harry woke up to sunlight streaming in through the large window by his bed. He rubbed his eyes sleepily and got out of bed. He looked over at Ron's bed and saw a mess of sheets and pillows lying in a big lump. Harry put on his robes slowly, tried to tame his hair, grabbed his bag, and went down to the Great Hall.

When Harry walked into the Great Hall, he saw that the sky today was rather gray and cloudy, not a day to be going out. 'I hope I don't have Care of Magical Creatures today.' He quickly found Ron, Hermione, and Ginny sitting in the middle of the table, eating breakfast quietly.

"Hi, Harry. Over here!" Ginny smiled and waved Harry over to the group. He sat down next to Ron and across from Hermione.

"Morning, mate. Sleep well?" Ron asked, pieces of scrambled egg hanging off his chin.

"Alright. You?"

"It's the first day of school. How do you think I slept?"

"Ron, you are unbelieveable." Hermione said, barely looking over the top of her book. "Here, Harry. It's your timetable." Hermione handed the piece of parchment over to Harry with her eyes still fixed on the page.

"Thanks. Damn, double potions with the Slytherins first thing in the morning."

"Ha, I dropped it. Got an A instead of an O. I have Charms this period. Sorry, mate. Guess you have to stick it out with Hermione then." Ron gave a Harry a symphatic pat on the back as he said this.

"Come, on. We should get going." Ginny said standing up and exiting the Great Hall.

"She's right, come on Harry." Hermione slung her bag over her shoulder and followed Ginny out of the Great Hall.

"Good luck." Ron called to Harry as he started walking towards the dungeons.

When Harry arrived, there were very few students from other houses standing at the dungeon doors. Of course, the magority of them were Slytherins, a handful of Hufflepuffs, ten Ravenclaws, and two Gryffindors.

"Potter. You actually got into this class?" Malfoy drawled as he walked up with his croonies in tow. Before Harry could fire back a retort, a voice from the shadows spoke up.

"No, Dumbledore had to bribe the O.W.L. test scorers to raise his grade up from an A to an O." Cat stepped out from the shadows, her arms crossed over her chest, with a smug look on her face. "Isn't that right, Potter?"

"You wish, Parker." Harry said, this voice deathly low. His emerald eyes glared into hers, with anger and embaressment. Her eyes were blank, again, showing no emotion what so ever.

"It's not good to show that I made you angry, Potter. Good Aurors never show emotion." The Slytherins were howling with laughter from her two retorts, and hadn't stopped when Snape came around the corner.

"Settle, down now class." Snape opened the door as the students rushed in to get the seats they wanted most. Harry slid into the bench in the very last row, as far away from the Slytherins as possible.

"Just ignore them." Hermione whispered in his ear.

The class went by far too slow for Harry's liking. His Sneezing potion was messed up when Cat walked by and "accidently" dropped a dragon claw in, causing the potion to erupt and set several tables on fire, costing Gryffindor 30 points. Snape then kept asking Harry useless questions that made no sense, loosing Gryffindore another 15 points. Their homework was then to write a three parchment essay about the history of the potion, and what its main uses were today. He walked out of the class tired, angry, and grumpy, and Hemione's constant lecturing didn't make him feel any better. When they came to the Great Hall for lunch, Ron looked just as mad as Harry was.

"I can't do the bloody spell, and he asks me to do it in front of the class! Then I mess up on it, loosing 5 points because I accidently hit Dean with the spell, and now we have to write a three parchment essay on it!"

"What was the charm, Ron?" Hermione asked impatiently

"Bione Notte."

"Oh, Ron. The Sleeping Charm? That's easy. Bione Notte." Hermione pointed her wand at Ron, and his head dropped right onto the table loudly. "Bione Ginore." Hermione said the awakinging spell, and his head came right back up.

"Don't do that Hermione! Stop showing off! I'm going to Potions." Ron huffed as he grabbed his bag rather focefully, and marched out of the Great Hall.

"Wonder what's wrong with him." Hermione said confused. Harry rolled his eyes, for a brilliant girl, Hermione could also be a little blind.
After lunch, Harry and Hermione went to Charms class. Professor Flitwick had them practicing the same spell that Ron had told them about. Of course, Hermione had already mastered it, and almost the whole class mastered it by the time class was over. Harry felt rather proud of himself, for the first time, he had mastered a spell during class, and didn't have to practice it for homework. Unfortunately, they still had to write an essay, but Professor Flitwick shortened it to a two parchments.

By the time dinner came around, Harry was so hungry he could eat a hippogriff. He ate as much as he could (almost beating Ron) and when dinner was over, he climbed into bed hoping for an untroubled sleep.

Harry was screaming in pain. He could feel his life slipping away. He had to fight, he had to get away.
"Very good, Potter. You have been taught well. GOYLE! Bring her out."
"Let her GO!"
"Now, you see Potter. I can't do that. Much to your misfortune. Yes, Potter I know about you and her. I'll make a deal with you. Your life for hers. Do you except?"

A/N- Hope you like. We know the remarks that Cat makes aren't the best. Just so you guys know, when I said that American magic isn't advanced as British magic, it is NOT an offense to Americans! We wouldn't dare do that, because we're Americans. We just needed it to be that way for the story. Please review!