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Harry Potter and the Final Prophecy by Modern Marauders

Format: Short story
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 15,947
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Action, General
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George, Tonks, Luna, M. McGonagall

First Published: 05/24/2005
Last Chapter: 06/19/2005
Last Updated: 01/06/2006

It's Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, and things couldn't get wierder. First, there's a new girl who seems to be worse than Malfoy, but somehow connected to Harry. A new prophecy that connects Harry and the new girl. A year full of new relationships, excitement, and mystery, by the end of it , Harry will have had no idea what hit him. Please read and review! my first fanfic, so it might not be that good. Over 1000 reads!

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: A girl named Catherine

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The candles in the Great Hall were shinning unusually bright the night that Harry came back to Hogwarts. Everyone was rather happy as they walked into the Great Hall, laughing and talking about their summers, people that they wanted to ask out, and so on.

Harry didn't pay attention to the conversation that Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were having when the sat down at the Gryffindor table. His eyes were scanning the teacher's table looking for any new faces. He saw no one new for the whole length of the table until he came to the very end.

Sitting, barely visible in the right hand corner of the table, was a very small woman. She was sitting hunched over, seeming very interested in the wood of the table. Her old, wrinkly hands laid flat on the wood surface, and her long, white hair hung limply around her face, hiding it from view. She wore purple robes that seemed like they had been repaired many times, but they looked like nice robes compared to Lupin's.

"Harry, you okay?" A sweet and caring voice brought his eyes back to the table and onto Ginny, who was the one that had spoken.

"Yeah, just looking at that new teacher." Harry replied nodding over at the woman's direction.

"Speaking of teachers, where's Dumbledore?" Ron asked peering up and down the teacher's table.

Harry whipped his head around, and sure enough, Dumbledore was not in his normal seat in the middle of the table. " Dunno, maybe he had to do something for the Order." Harry suggested.

" Or, maybe something really bad happened to him." Ron said shaking at the very thought.

"Oh, honestly Ron. What do you think happened to Dumbledore? Voldemort killed him?" Hermione said sarcasticly.

"It could happen." Ron muttered. "And don't say his name!" He hissed.

"Oh, honestly-" Hermione was cut off by the great doors at the front of the hall opening, and seeing Professor McGongall and the many tiny first years following her in her wake. When they reached the front, Professor Flitwick brought out a three-legged stool on which a old battered hat was placed.
The brim of the hat opened wide, and began its song:
Over a thousand years ago,
ancient pacts were made,
some better than others,
but each one all the same.
Some made friendships
to help the weak,
others made friends to
reach their peak.
But, only four of them
so little it may seem,
made one for the good
that could be seen.
These friends four,
they each had their names,
and they each had one common goal,
and that was to teach the world
all their magical games.
One of them was Gryffindor, fearless,
proud, and strong,
another was Ravenclaw, who vowed
to be never wrong.
Yet another one was Hufflepuff, whose loyalty
went far beyond the rest,
and the last was Slytherin, who wanted to be
the very best.
These friends here they formed a school,
which you are now standing in,
but slowly, their pact decesed.
Each one left, one by one,
to never come back,
each one leaving something
behind that should have never
left its track.
So, I told you last year,
and I'll tell you again.
Never let their pact fool you,
do not let that happen again.

Around of applause followed the sorting hat's song, along with much whispering and discussions that slowly found their way along the four house tables.

"What the bloody hell was that all about?" Ron muttered to Harry as McGonagall got ready to speak. Harry just shrugged his shoulders, ever since last year, he had thought that hat to be a little crazy, and he never really cared what it said.

"Now when I call your name," Professor McGonagall started, picking up the sorting hat. "You will come forth, I will place the sorting hat on your head, and you will be sorted into your houses. Accosta, Michael." Unrolling a long piece of parchment, McGonagall read off the name of the first new student to be sorted; a small boy with long blonde hair that reached his shoulders. After a few moments, the hat shouted, "SLYTHERIN!" The Slytherin table clapped loudly, as the Michael Accosta came to sit at their table.

The sorting seemed to go one forever, and by the time that the hat sorted its last student, (Zebiack, Taylor into Ravenclaw) Harry and Ron's facial expressions, as they stared at their plates, matched Dudley's perfectly. The doors in the Great Hall suddenly opened with a loud BANG and everyone turned around to see who was the one who had entered late.

Professor Dumbledore strode into the Great Hall, in long, flowing emerald green robes, his bright blue eyes twinkling behind his half-moon spectales. A girl that couldn't be a year older than Ginny looked around the hall with a blank and bored expression on her face, as she followed Dumbledore into the hall.

She had medium length brown hair that was pulled back into a tight braid, skin as pale as alabastor, and piercing emerald eyes that reminded Harry a lot of his own. She wore plain black robes that were two sizes too big, and hung off her like clothes would hang off a hanger. She had a thick black leather bracelet on her left wrist, and wore beat up brown boots. She followed Dumbledore to the front of the teacher's table, where the sorting hat lay waiting for her on the stool. She sat down on it warily, her hair hitting the light as she did.

Dumbledore walked to his seat at the teacher's table, and sat down in his seat calmly, watching this girl get sorted over the tops of his spectacles. McGonagall picked up the hat said the girl's name, "Parker, Catherine." and placed the sorting hat on her head.

Harry watched this girl getting sorted with much interest, his stomach hunger completely forgotten. He was amazed at her eyes, they were just like his, and looked as if they held a great secret, one that could mean life and death if it was told, but she wanted to tell someone. He saw her close her eyes tightly, and move her mouth as if talking or arguing with the sorting hat. After about two minutes, the sorting hat made its decision: "SLYTHERIN!"

The girl shut her eyes again tightly, took a deep breath, opened her eyes and walked towards the clapping Slytherin table. Harry watched her sit on the very end, where no one was and stare down at her gleaming gold plate. Harry looked over at Dumbledore, whose expression was in what some people would say, extremely surprising.

Dumbledore looked between a mixture of anger and fright. His eyes showed saddness, and anger, while his facial expressions seemed scared stiff. Harry looked at Dumbledore confused, until he stood up to begin the start of term speech.

"Welcome, everyone to another year at Hogwarts! To the new faces, welcome, to the old, welcome back! I would like to welcome our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor L. E. Murphy. Good luck, professor." The old woman stood up, and gave the students a small wave as they gave a polite applause. "As you know, the Forbidden Forest is off-limits to every student, and I believe that our caretaker, Mr.Filch, has a list of about four hundred items that are not allowed in the school. You can view the list of the items, if you wish, in his office. As you also know, Lord Voldemort has returned to the wizarding world, and I must ask each and every one of you to remain cautious. There will be more security measures, and such and such that you don't want to hear about now, so tuck in." Dumbledore sat down, his eyes no longer twinkling as the platers and platers of food came to each house table.

Harry looked around. Kidney stew, salad, chicken, mashed potatos, lamb, and much more filled the tables and brought delicious smells to everyone's noses. Ron quickly grabbed all the food within his reach, ploped it onto his plate, and started to shovel it into his mouth. Hermione was calmly and slowly eating some mashed potatoes, chicken, and salad, and occasionly giving Ron disgusted looks. Harry was about to take some kidney stew when something new caught his eye.

"What's that?" He asked pointing to a large bowl filled with pasta, cheese, and some kind of red sauce.

"Baked Ziti." Hermione answered. "I have a cousin who lives in Italy, she makes it all the time. It's really good." Hearing the word 'good' having to do with food, Ron took a large spoonful of the baked ziti and started shoveling it into his mouth.

" Mione's righ. This is goo stuuff." Ron said to Harry, his mouth full. Harry picked up the spoon and put some on his plate next to his mashed potatoes and chicken. He brought a spoonful to his mouth and tasted it. 'Surprisingly good' He thought as he ate more of it.

A little while later, the main course disappeared and the dessert came. Cakes, trecale tarts, fudge, scones, and many more sweets filled the tables where the hot food had been just a few moments before. Ron, once again, loded his plate with all of his favorites, and again started shoveling them into his mouth.

"Ron, were you ever taught table manners?" Hermione asked disgusted.

"No." Small bits of treacle tart came flying out of his mouth as he said this, landing on Hermione's face.

"Ron!" She spat angrily, wipping bits of the dessert from her nose, and under her eyes with her pointer finger.


Hermione let out a small growl and rolled her eyes as she continued eating her dessert. Ron looked over at Harry and raised his eyebrows at him. Harry just shrugged his shoulders in response, it was scary sometimes how oblivious Ron could be.

Some time later, the dessets were cleared, and the students were happily full and sleepy. Dumbledore stood up and let everyone go up to their dorms for the night.

Ron, Hermione, and Ginny went up to the Gryffindor tower sleepy, full, and talking about the new term. Harry walked slowly up to the tower a long way behind his friends. He was thinking about the new girl, Catherine. The coincidence that her eyes were exactly like his, was just too creepy. Either she was a unknown relative, or it was just a crazy coincidence. "Better watch your back Potter, you'll never know who'll be behind it" Malfoy's words echoed in his head. 'Is she who Malfoy was talking about?' Harry quickly shook this thought from his head figuring that he would think about it when he actually had met the girl. When Harry got to Gryffindor tower, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron had already gone to their dorms, and he felt that he should do the same.

When he found the door marked 'Sixth Years', Harry opened the door and went to his bed. He quickly changed into his pajamas, and got into bed. He was so happy to be home, that sleep over came him quickly. Just as Harry closed his eyes though, a strange vision came into his head.
"Harry, I'm not leaving." A girl with blood stained robes said. Harry couldn't see the girl's face, and he didn't reconize her voice.
"You have to go, they'll be here soon. You have to get yourself out." Harry grabbed the girl's arms and tried to push her out a big oak door.
"I can't leave you. You know what I have to do, I have to do it. I can't watch you die, I-"
"Well, well, well. Look who has come for a visit." Harry turned around and saw the smiling face of Voldemort before he woke up screaming.

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