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Darkness by bLuECoW219

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,328

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Angst, AU, Drama
Characters: OC

First Published: 05/15/2005
Last Chapter: 05/15/2005
Last Updated: 05/28/2005

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Consumed into the darkness, drawn into the dark abyss... The sad story of a girl named Susan. Susan Bones. [Awesometastic banner by THE AMAZING Iced_Cherriez!!!]

Chapter 1: Darkness

It was dark. It was always dark.


“Susan, come inside dear!” My mother was growing annoyed, I could tell. She was getting scared too though; the magical world wasn’t a very safe place, despite the fall of You-Know-Who. Night was falling, I remember.

I ignored her, continuing my game of Fairy Land. I spun around, going deeper and deeper into the woods. They always seemed so magical, so enticing, in the daylight. But, as I stopped for a moment, I noticed that they had taken on a new look.

The tangled branches struck out, scarring the sky above me. The grass was dead, leaving patches of dark brown earth that was pulling me downwards. A chill came over me, and I shuddered, turning to go inside. The light was rapidly disappearing into a deranged crescent moon, and my pace sped.

Being only a girl of seven, I began to panic. Where was my house?

A low whisper ran through my head, and the temperature dropped even more. Despite this, I felt myself sweating in large amounts. I cried out for my mother, running by then. “Susan…” It was in my head, this voice. Out of the sky, a monster loomed towards me, reaching for me.

I screamed. Darkness… so much darkness…

Closing my eyes tightly, I started to sob. My grandmother’s death, a voice saying it was my fault…

“SUSAN!” My mother was running to me, but her words never reached my ears. The cold, the pain – it swelled inside me. A cold, clammy hand clasped my shoulder, forcing my eyes wide open. A void, an endless abyss, faced me back in the form of the dementor’s mouth. I continued screaming, feeling my feelings, my emotions, my hope, sucked out of me. I stared straight into the mouth and was consumed by it.

That was years ago, and though I wasn’t fully aware of all of it and what it all was, I do now. I was too close, my mother too late.

I was blind.


I never saw again, stuck in the empty darkness that constantly surrounded me. I cried, sobbing my heart out as I reached into thin air. I tried to grasp something, anything, but I couldn’t. My eyesight was gone.

I didn’t get to see the rest of my birthday candles as I blew. I never faced the awe of seeing Hogwarts for the very first time. I never saw the faces of my peers, or anything for that matter.


I was sitting in the common room, minding my own business, when I heard a giggle. I looked up and around uselessly, but heard nothing else. Shrugging to myself, I continued doing nothing. Then I heard it again. And again.

Something paced over my face. A hand, a cold hand. Some shushes then a fit of giggles that pierced me. “Hey Susan, look over here!” One of the thoughtless girls called, and the shrill laughter that ensued pierced me.

“Come on Susan, can’t you see us?” Another taunted, blowing onto my face. Spit landed too in the process, and I looked down, wiping the spit away with my tears.

“Oh, I guess she doesn’t want us to be her friends then, if she can’t see us!” A silent sob shook my body, and I got up, crashing into one of the girls.

“Watch where you’re going!” she snapped, ice suddenly coming into her voice. I pushed them away with my hands, tripping my way over to the staircase. Their laughter roared again, and I ran up, pushing open the door I knew to be my dorm room.

“Hey, what are you doing up here?!” a voice yelled. A male voice.

I stood there, unseeing, as a block of lead fell into my stomach. In that instant, I hated myself. I hated everything about me, especially the stupid part of me that was so god damn stupid to become blind.

A tear slid down my cheek. Then another. Before I knew it, I had fallen onto my knees, sobbing out my soul again. It was too much, too much…


I still hate them, those girls. They continued to taunt me throughout the years of my education; as if my disability wasn’t enough. Too many names were said, and too many hexes shot. They thought it was funny if they made me deaf too, so I couldn’t even hear them calling me a disgrace, a cripple.


Graduation came soon enough, and with it came a wave of sorrow and reminiscing for the seventh years. These feelings did not affect me; I had no one and nothing to remember. I couldn’t think to be sad that I wouldn’t see any of it ever again; I still had yet to see it for the first time.

The ceremony was as all ceremonies are – a bit too serious for their own good. I couldn’t relate to half the memories mentioned in speeches, though I could hear sniffling around me. Finally, Dumbledore and the Head Boy and Girl had finished, and cheers erupted. I merely pushed my way out of the crowd, into the Entrance Hall where I was to meet my parents.

As I wheedled my way through the bodies (Which was a task that had become easy over the seven year span) I felt someone grip my arm. “Congratulations Susan!” someone said to me, giving me a hug I didn’t deserve. I didn’t even recognize who it was, and they were gone before I could ask.

Then, something interesting must have happened, because everyone went “Ooooh” and “Ahhhh”. I swiveled around, trying to figure out what it was. “Look at that!” someone near me said, and other phrases like that were being repeated all around me.

“I can’t believe my eyes!”
“Wow, you don’t see THAT every day!”

All the comments shot me, stabbed me. “No, I DON’T see every day!” I yelled, finally cracking. Somewhere at the back of my head, I was trying to stop myself. I had worked so hard to be neutral, to stay calm, just to break down then. “In fact, I don’t see at all! I’m fucking blind!” I shouted in the person’s general direction, and fled the room.


It still doesn’t effect me now though. It’s not like I can look back on it. My own words swam around my head though, for days, months, even years. I don’t see at all.

I sighed, clutching the pillow closer to my stomach. I was listening to the radio; a muggle device someone bought for me. I laid down, letting life pass me by each day.

…here’s to Goodbye - Tomorrow’s gonna come too soon…” A song was playing, but its words didn’t mean anything to me, until…

BANG! A crash shattered through the wall of my flat, and I could hear the glass shattering as someone came in. I whipped out my wand, holding it in front of me as I concentrated on listening.

A cloak swished as someone entered. I couldn’t have left if I wanted to; my living room was a dead end, and they never gave me my Apparation license.

“Ah, Susan Bones, my old classmate.” The voice drawled, coming over to stand where I presumed to be in front of me.

“Malfoy? Why are you here?” I asked, glaring at what I hoped to be him. He came forward, uncomfortably so for me.

“Why, that’s no way to greet a guest.” I could hear what had become his infamous smirk seeping into his voice. I felt something poke me in the chest. His wand.

I hadn’t thought it coming, the Killing Curse. The incantation barely reached my ears as a force hit me. Still though, my very own curse wasn’t lifted. I didn’t see the green, the green that gave other nightmares. A thousand deprived souls screamed in my soul before I passed, but still there was darkness.

It was still dark. It was, and still was, dark.