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The Eighth Day of May by scabbers_weasly

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,868

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Ron, Hermione
Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny

First Published: 05/11/2005
Last Chapter: 05/11/2005
Last Updated: 05/11/2005

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A story told in the first week of May. Ron and Hermione are trying so hard to become a family and are havinno luck...or are they? Re-written from the original version which was told in journal entries. Fluffiness abounds. Not at all like my other works.

Chapter 1: The Eighth Day of May

A/N: Written expressly for Mother’s Day! Enjoy!

A/N: It's a tad late in getting posted. That's my fault, but I hope you all like it just the same. The sentiment is still there! Ha!


I found Ron sitting on the edge of our bed when I arrived home that afternoon looking more apprehensive than I had ever seen him in all the years we had been together. I knew what he was wanting from me. He wanted an answer. An answer to a question that we had both been asking for about a month now. Had it finally happened?

“Please tell me, Hermione,” he said breathlessly. “Are we two to become three or four or…however many it is, I don’t care! I just want to know, are we….?” I saw his eyes dart obviously down to my abdomen. He was so excited; I didn’t want to have to tell him….

“I mean,” he went on, cutting me off as I had opened my mouth to speak. “Are you…are you pregnant?”

I crossed over to him, stood in front of him and held him close. My heart was breaking. I wanted this as much as he did…

“Not this time, sweetie.”

“Bu-but I don’t understand, Hermione,” he said, I could tell that he was fighting to keep his voice from trembling. “We read all of those books on conception…took the potions…cast the spells…the charms….”

I stroked his copper mane with my hand, one still cradling the back of his neck. “I know, I know,” I said softly. “I don’t know what’s wrong and neither do any of the Muggle doctors or Mediwizards that I have seen in the past few weeks.”

“So what do we do?” Ron asked, his voice sounded so far away that I had barely heard him; I had momentarily become lost in my own thoughts:

I’ve tried to suggest to you that maybe you should go and see a Mediwizard, not just me, and you vehemently refuse. I can’t say anything to you without your temper rearing its head. I don’t know what to do.

Trying not to show my frustration at this thought, I bowed down in front of him and kissed him on the lips. “We keep trying. That’s always the fun part, isn’t it?” I released him and began to walk out of the room, hoping my disappointment wasn’t oozing out of my pores like I was so sure that it was. “I’m starved. I’ll be in the kitchen cooking us lunch.”


After Hermione left the room, I just sat there alone on our bed, feeling lower than low. I really had thought that today was going to be the day that my wife would walk into our house and tell me that she was pregnant.

Looking back, I realized that I had been doing this since we had started trying to conceive. I had been getting my hopes up around this time every month for about three months now. I don’t know how I continued to do it when the result had been the same everytime. I suppose I just wasn’t one to lose hope.

I had been staring blankly at the floor and I don’t know what had made me look up, but when I did, I saw a familiar face in the fireplace across the room from me. It was Harry.

“How long have you been there?” I asked him, moving closer to the fireplace.

“Not long. Just now, actually. You looked deep in thought and I didn’t want to bother you. Thought I would just wait to see if you noticed me.”

“Me? Deep in thought?” I smirked, grinning at him, trying to make a joke despite how I felt. “Forgotten who you’re talking to, have you?”

“Yeah.” Harry replied, grinning back. “I just dropped in on my lunch break from work. Ginny owled me today and she reminded me what time of the month it is. She wanted me to check up on you and tell you that she would owl you once she got our son down for a nap.”

I nodded. The rumor in our small circle of friends and family was that Hermione had been confiding in Ginny, my younger and only sister, in great detail about the trouble we were having conceiving. Apparently Hermione thought this was all in secret, but little did she know that whatever Hermione told Ginny, Ginny would relay it to Harry and whether I wanted him to or not, Harry made it a goal in his life to relay it back to me. This annoyed me as well as helped me.

I was annoyed that my wife has seen fit to stop confiding me as she always had before. But it helped me in the sense that I still knew what she was thinking and feeling because Ginny was never one to keep a secret from me.

“She’s not pregnant,” I said with a heavy sigh. “She just got home a few minutes ago and told me.”

“Oh, mate, I’m sorry,” Harry said with a frown. “Where is Hermione now?”

“She’s downstairs cooking lunch for the two of us.”

Harry nodded. “Well,” he began slowly; I could tell that he was trying to approach me bit by bit with what he wanted to say next. I knew what it was before he even got the words out, his tone gave him away. He always acted like this when he was about to suggest that I go to see a Mediwizard. “Maybe if you…you know, went to see a…a Mediwizard…maybe the problem isn’t Hermione…”

“No! I refuse to believe that!” I told him, as I had been telling him for three months now.

Harry looked defeated. “Ok, fine, Ron. Whatever you say. Look, my lunch break is over. I have to get back to work. I’ll talk to you later.”

And with that, he was gone.

“Ron! Lunch is ready!” Hermione called from downstairs.

In an attempt to work off some of the frustration before I went down, I paced the room and shook myself from the neck down. It didn’t seem to be helping. No matter how I tried not to, I couldn’t help but think:

I know she’s disappointed with me because I can’t seem to get her pregnant. I don’t know what’s wrong. I wish I did. She wants me to go see a Mediwizard because she thinks I’m the one with the problem and not her....

“Ron! Hurry up; it’s going to get cold! I made your favorite! Dragon steak and potatoes!”

I would never tell her this, but I’m beginning to think that she may be right. She’s so perfect; it has to be me and not her. She has asked me so many times to get a check up and so many times, we have argued over this issue. Why can’t I just admit to her that I’m scared that I won’t ever be able to give her the baby that she wants? Scared to tell her that I want a baby as much as she does and that she doesn’t need to be disappointed in me because I already am. Enough for the both of us.

For once in my life, I didn’t have an appetite. However, putting on a good front for Hermione right now was important. Taking a deep breath and letting it out, I headed downstairs for lunch.


“So I woke up in the middle of the night lastnight and Ron was gone,” I told Ginny out of the blue over tea as we sat in a little shop in Diagon Alley. We had been having idle chit chat about the weather and miscellaneous things that were printed in The Daily Prophet, things of no real importance, when I said this.

“Gone? What do you mean he was gone?”

“I mean that he wasn’t sleeping in the same bed as me. I went looking for him and found him in our spare room.”

Ginny lifted her cup to her lips and took a long sip, her eyes never leaving me. “Why?”

I lightly shifted my cup from one hand to the other, now avoiding her eyes, feeling awkward. “It’s my fault. I think I’m putting too much pressure on him in the bedroom.”

“Do you just automatically forget who I am when you talk about Ron like that to me?” Ginny asked abruptly, her tone a little harsh. She sounded annoyed. It was so strange, it caught me off guard because I had been confiding to her for months about Ron and I being unable to conceive, in great detail even, and she had never really said anything until now.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused by her question.

“No offense, Hermione, but Ron happens to be my older brother and it’s like you forget that when you talk about him in the sexual sense. I don’t want know about that side of him. It’s just…”she wriggled in her chair, crinkling her nose. “Uncomfortable.”

“”But, Gin, I don’t know where else to go. I can’t talk to Ron about this because he’ll just get mad and we’ll fight. You know how sensitive he is. I can’t go to Harry because…well, I guess it would be like if you tried to confide something like this to one of your other brothers or even Ron himself, and going to my Mum is just…well, she doesn’t understand. She didn’t have any trouble getting pregnant with me.” I reached across the table and placed my hand over hers, pleading with her. “You’re all I’ve got.”

Putting down her tea, Ginny said, “Ok. Just try not to be so graphic anymore. I get these mental images that I don’t want and by the time I get rid of them, it’s time to discuss the issue again because another month has come and you still aren’t pregnant.”

I probably should have been offended by that, but found that I wasn’t. I understood where she was coming from and appreciated her candid attitude about it. “Fine. Just stop me if I’m crossing a line. Promise?”

Ginny nodded. “Promise. I just wanted to get that out in the open. It’s been bugging me for two months,” she gave a light chuckle in which she sounded relieved. “So go ahead and tell me what you were going to say.”

“Well,” I began slowly, trying to choose my words as I went. “I’ve had him on a schedule, I guess you would say. We used to…you know…:”I looked at her pointedly and she merely nodded, urging me to go on, “whenever we wanted to, kind of spontaneous. And since we’ve decided to try and have a baby, it’s been for that reason, and that reason alone. I’ve been taking my temperature and keeping a close check on my body, calculating the exact times we should be together, the times it’s easiest for me to conceive.”

“What does Ron have to say about all of this?”

“I don’t know,” I told her, feeling frustrated. “He won’t talk to me like he used to. But the fact that he slept alone lastnight speaks volumes, don’t you think? Do you know if he has said anything to Harry?”

Ginny shrugged, looking sympathetic. “I’m sorry. No.”

“Maybe I just need to stop, you know? Just forget all of this nonsense and if it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”


“Yeah. He hasn’t tried to touch me in a while, Gin. Not since we were together a couple of weeks ago. I think I’m losing him because of this.”


“You slept alone? Ron…” Harry said. Ginny and Hermione had left to spend the day together in Diagon Alley and Harry had dropped by to visit while they were gone. “If you’re worried that this is going to come between the two of you, like you said, that was the worst thing to do.”

I nodded, knowing that he was right. “I just can’t face her anymore, Harry…” I looked down into my cup of coffee, staring at nothing, really, debating on whether or not to tell him what I really felt. Did I really want him to know that I thought I was the one with the problem?

“So…what happened after Hermione found you? Anything?”

“Yeah,” I said glumly. “She made breakfast.”

“You know what I mean, Ron. Did you two talk…anything?”

“No,” I told Harry honestly. “Nothing happened.”

Finally deciding that I really didn’t care anymore, I began to confide in Harry what I really thought, really felt. He sat and patiently listened as I spoke.

“And I think we’re falling apart because of this. I can’t lose her, Harry. I don’t want to lose her.”

“Then you know what you need to do,” Harry said reasonably. “Make an appointment and see…”

Before he could finish, there was a small pop! from the opposite corner of the kitchen, where we had been sitting at the table. Hermione and Ginny has arrived. Giving me one last glare, and mouthing the word “go” to me, he stood and crossed over to Ginny, taking her bags and kissing her on the cheek, then doing the same to Hermione.

“Hello, ladies.”

Returning the kisses, they spoke in unison: “Hi.”

“How was Diagon Alley?” I asked.

“Fine,” Ginny answered.

I looked at my watch, puzzled. They had said before that they were going to be gone until at least four and it was only one-thirty in the afternoon. “You’re early,” I said.

“I’m not feeling so great,” Hermione said. It was then that I noticed that she actually did look a little pale. “I hope I’m not coming down with anything. I’m supposed to go visit Mum on Sunday, the eighth.”

Harry, Ginny and I stared back at her in confusion. It was evident that we were all wondering the same thing.

“That’s tomorrow. What’s the significance of that date?” Harry asked.

“You don’t know?” Hermione countered, wavering a bit on the spot and then ambling over to the table to sit beside me. “It’s Mothers Day.. It’s a Muggle holiday.”

“Oh, ok,” we all three said to her. She placed her head on my shoulder and massaged her temples with her hand.

“Maybe you should go lie down,” I suggested to her.

“I don’t want to be rude,” she said.

“Hermione, it’s fine. We understand.” Harry told her.

Hermione nodded and got to her feet, looking a little more wary than before. She looked like she was shaking. As I helped her walk past the table and towards our bedroom, she addressed us all: “I don’t know what came over me. It was so sudden. Ginny and I were having tea and were about to leave. I got up to go to the bathroom and it was like I wanted to pass out. I saw a plate of spaghetti on someone’s table and knew that I thought it looked delicious, but I caught a smell of it and that just made matters worse.”

“Maybe it’s a bug going around. Go lie down and I’ll be in to check on you in a bit. If you need me, yell for me.” I told her as I went to sit back down with Harry and my sister.

“Is she going to be ok?” Ginny asked.

“I hope so.”

“We should probably go,” Ginny said in a small voice and stood up from her place. When Harry didn’t seem to be moving, I caught her tugging on the shoulder of his shirt, attempting to bring him to his feet. He gave her an awkward look and then conceded, giving me a pointed look once more.

Ginny walked over to me and kissed my cheek. As I returned the kiss, she said: “I hope she feels better soon. If you two need anything, owl us.”

I nodded as I watched her walk over to Harry, join hands with him and Apparated from the room. I stood there, in the middle of our kitchen, for a few moments still pondering Harry’s urge to me to get a check up. I was lost in my own thoughts when I heard Hermione scream: “RON! Come here! Quick!”

Instinct causing me to note the alarm in her voice, I took my wand from my pocket and darted in the direction of her voice, which was coming from our bathroom. Not even stopping to think of anything, I magicked the closed door open with a bang to find Hermione standing over the sink, staring at something in a small tube on the basin, her eyes flooded with tears.

Confused and alarmed at the same time, I lowered my wand and stuck it back in my pocket. “Hermione…what the hell…? What is it?”

She stared at the vial for a little longer and then turned to me; I was still unable to decipher the meaning in her tears, even as she spoke: “R-Ron…I don’t know where-where to start…it was all with hope…chance…in-in mind. I didn’t know…Oh, Ron…”

Before I knew what was going on, she had flung herself at me and was kissing me as passionately as she ever had. Welcoming every moment of this, as it had been a while, I didn’t dare stop to ask what all the fuss was about. It could wait until later…


Hours had passed, I think. Many wonderful, perfect much-needed, assuring hours had passed since I had attacked my husband in the bathroom and we had made it to our bedroom where these sensational hours had been spent.

I was so ecstatic…I am so ecstatic…



“Ron, I’m pregnant,” I told him softly as we lay cuddled together, me playing with the curly red hairs that were sporadic on his chest.

He turned his head and looked at me, his eyes wide. “Already?” he joked.

I grinned and kissed him deeply. “No, silly. When I called you from the bathroom. That tube on the sink was a Muggle pregnancy test. I bought so many of them when we first started trying. I was sure it would turn out negative again…but I had decided to check anyway…just on the off chance that what I was feeling today was not a bug.”

Comprehension dawned on his face and he sat up on one elbow, his eyes wide. “Are you sure? It was right? We’re…you’re…?”

I giggled and nodded. “We’re going to be a family.”

Under the sheets, Ron grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to him, hugging me tightly.”Oh, Hermione. That’s wonderful! You’ve made me so happy! I can’t wait to tell…” The emotion in his eyes and voice went from excitement to concern, he abruptly, but gently let go of me, suddenly looking apologetic as he did so. “Oh, Merlin, I’m sorry... I hope I didn’t hurt…” he placed his hand protectively over my stomach.

Smiling at him, I sad, “It’s ok, you aren’t going to hurt her…or him,” I lightly laid my finger on his lips to silence him. It was then he looked at me with a questioning expression. “And as for telling people, not now. Let’s wait until tomorrow. It is Mother’s Day, after all. We can tell everyone then.”

Kissing my finger, he nodded.

“I just want us to lie here and enjoy the feeling together first, you know?” I said. “We’ve been trying so much, so hard, and it’s finally happened.”

“It’s like a dream,” Ron said softly. “How far along do you reckon you are?”

“I don’t know. I’ll get an appointment at St. Mungo’s Monday. I’m sure they can help us work out the details. But I’m going to venture a guess at the last time we made love, a few weeks ago. I’ve heard that when you have other things on your mind, you aren’t likely to realize what’s going on with your own body. I suppose that what’s happened with me.”

“I see.”

“Ron, I’m sorry for all the pressure I have put on you the last few months. I just wanted a baby so badly.”

He nodded and took my hand, kissing it. “It’s ok, Hermione. I understand,” and when he saw the skeptical look on my face, he went on, “I really do. I wanted a baby as much as you. And I was so afraid to tell you that I agreed with you. I thought you were right when you said I was the one with the problem,” he paused for a moment and then chuckled.


“I had made the decision to finally see a Mediwizard,” he said as a goofy grin crossed his face. “No real reason to now, you know?”

He ran his hand through my hair, smiling at me and a look in his eyes the likes of which I had not seen in a while but would decipher as content. “There are no words, Hermione. No words to explain to you how happy I am.” He kissed me softly but deeply on the lips and as he pressed his face against mine, I could have sworn that I felt tears running down his cheeks. “I love you.”