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Earth Shaker by InsaneLeprechaun

Format: Short story
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 7,630
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action, General, Drama
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Ron, Voldemort, Seamus, Peter Pettigrew, M. McGonagall
Pairings: Others

First Published: 05/02/2005
Last Chapter: 06/11/2005
Last Updated: 07/24/2005

*PRE HALF BLOOD PRINCE* Miranda Connelinne, not the most pretty girl ever, has just been transferred to Hogwarts from the Salem Witches Institute in the US. She meets Harry and the rest of "the gang", and is instanty befriended by them. But what they don't know, is that Miranda has a secret that could save them all. Now, if only she could use it without destroying herself.

Chapter 3: Secrets Revealed

Chapter Three
“D’you remember that earthquake that hit here a few months ago?”
Ginny stared at Miranda, utterly bewildered to what that had to do with anything. “Uh huh….” She said slowly, still tying to figure out Miranda’s cryptic statement. “Well… s-see……… that was m-my fault” Miranda stuttered quietly, looking at her fingernails.
“Well you see, I can.. I don’t really know how to say it in words… I can control the Earth. But, no like people or animals, or anything. Like the ground, and the trees and plants and stuff. Like, I can make trees grow at will and make a huge hill with my mind.”
Ginny was disturbed…. And she still didn’t get it. “So…. You can…. Make the Earth move and…. stuff?” asked a puzzled Ginny, frowning “Yeah. It’s weird.” “But…. Why? How?” Miranda shook her head “I don’t know.” she said quietly, sounding like she was going to cry. “There’s something else,” said Miranda suddenly I have to tell her; If she’s my friend, she won’t leave. she thought desperately. She took a deep breath. “….s-sometimes when I get… like, really uber, uber upset….. bad things happen. Like…. W-once when I was nine, my dad’s girlfriend split up with him, and she was really nice…. And I was so mad. I accidentally caused a tremor in the Earth that took our power out for two days…..” she trailed off “then, when I was… well, this was around January of this year... the boy I had liked since I was nine, Colin, got a girlfriend-my friend, Crystal. I was so mad and sad and upset…. I ran into my room, sobbing, and then… my room went dark, and this green, aura-like thingy surrounded me and my…. My eyes turned green. I like, yelled, and I feel the ground s-shaking.” Ginny sat, speechless, while tears were beginning to roll down Miranda’s cheeks. “Ginny, t-that earthq-quake k-k-killed three people. I-I killed t-them. Me and my st-stupid an-an-anger. Please still b-be my f-fr-friend. I s-swear I didn’t m-mean to. I c-c-couldn’t help it. And…. It h-hurt me too. Whenever I-I d-do it, it m-makes me r-really weak. That-that time, I was knocked out for five days.”
Ginny was dumbfounded. She caused that earthquake? Three people… dead. She didn’t’ mean to, I know… And really, she’s such a good friend… I can’t leave her. “Of course I’m still your friend,” she said, smiling weakly, wrapping her arms around Miranda. Later that night, Miranda was reading a manga, a Japanese comic book, when Ginny asked sleepily “Mira…. Can you show me your power? I mean… just a little bit, not like, anything big.” Miranda, startled, pondered this for a moment, and then replied. “Yeah… let’s do it now. I kinda wanted to go for a walk anyway, even though we’re not allowed.” Ginny protested “If McGonagall catches us…” “She won’t, I’ve done it lots of times at SWI.” Assured Miranda, and with that, she tied the waist of her robe, and grabbed Ginny.
When they were gone, a girl in their year, named Alice Kenzeys opened her eyes and stepped out of her hiding place. She had heard the whole thing, and Kenzeys’s father was a Death Eater. Alice knew exactly what to put in her next letter home.
They were walking on the grounds. It was beautiful; the pale moonlight shone on the landscape, making rocks look like sparkling diamonds, and the trees, oh, the trees! They were so majestic, standing there, the sweet night breeze blowing gently through their leafy green boughs. Mirada thought nothing (except, perhaps the Appalachians in the US) would ever be as beautiful and soothing. She and Ginny were running in their bare feet, overjoyed with their freedom. Miranda picked a lush spot in the valley, and told Ginny to stand back. She paced forward, stepping with the balls of he feet rather than her heels. She raised her hands up, and closed her eyes concentrating hard on the lush, sweet Earth. Slowly, a small twig grew out of the center of the ground, as Miranda’s eyes, which were now green, snapped open. The twig grew until it was a small sapling, just greeting it’s new leaves. The sapling grew taller and taller, until it became a fully grown tree, with glossy green leaves and warm, hard bark. Miranda’s eyes stopped glowing in the eerie way they had just been, and slowly, the tree stopped growing, too. Her eyes faded back to earthy, golden brown, and Miranda sank to the ground, out of breath. Ginny, amazed, Came sprinting over to her, red hair streaming out behind her. “Miranda! That was awesome! Are you okay?’ exclaimed Ginny, plopping down beside Miranda. Miranda smiled and nodded, took a shaky breath, and stood up. It was almost light, and with a jolt, she remembered that there was an early quidditch match (Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw), not to mention she still had Potions homework to complete. She grabbed Ginny, and she flew back to the Gryffindor Girls Dormitories for a few hours of sleep.
Miranda was shaken awake by Ginny, and after she threw on her robes and a scarf thinking “oh my God, oh my God, Harry’s gonna be there, he’s so hot, I love his hair, he’ll never like me” etc. etc., she ran down to the Gryffindor table, where she sat next to Ginny and gulped down an orange, a sausage, and a piece of toast. “Hmm…..” she thought “I wonder if they need any more players on the team….. Okay, listen, Miranda, you’re not that great, even though you’re an okay beater and chaser. Still, don’t try out, you’ll make fool of yourself. Besides, they probably don’t even need more players, anyway.”
Back in the Boy’s Dormitories, Harry was getting ready to go down to breakfast, when Ron came out of the bathroom, looking pleased. “Well,” he said smugly “I asked Hermione out… and she said yes! Now you have to ask Miranda out! HA!” and he started to do a victory dance around the dormitory, to the confusion of Neville, Dean and Seamus. Harry’s stomach gave a jolt. “Great.” Said Harry vaguely, leaving a puzzled Ron in the Dorms as he headed down to breakfast.
“Do it now, just do it. It’ll all be over soon enough if you just do it now. COME ON, YOU IDIOT! Ask her, it won’t be hard. Besides, you only like her a bit, anyway. So just do it!” Harry was having a very fervent mental debate with himself at breakfast. One part of him wanted to go ask Miranda out and get it over with, but the other part of him wanted to bask in the warm comfort of procrastination. It was all very confusing, but in the end, the side of him for “Just Doing It” won. His face started to grow hot when he thought about asking Miranda out, especially in front of the whole school.
“Umm.. Miranda?” asked Harry cautiously.
“Huh.” Miranda replied, not looking up from her book on Herbs in Divination.
“Can I talk to you… over here?”
“Sure.” Replied Miranda, wondering what he wanted as he led her into a more secluded area of the Great Hall.
”So.. umm… there’s an-er- Hogsmeade Weekend coming up.” Harry began.
Miranda nodded; she already knew. But why on Earth was he telling her this?
“Well, uh, I was wondering… d’you wanna go with me?” he asked quickly, blushing red
“Oh! Uh, Sure. Sounds fun.” She said, ignoring the deafening cries of Ohmigod, Harry Potter, hottest guy in school (to me) just asked me out. Harry Potter just asked ME out!!!
That were sounding in her head.
“Okay, cool.” Said Harry in a would-be-casual way
“ Um, good luck today at the game.”
“Well…. Bye!”
“Yeah… seeya.”
Miranda walked away, feeling very confused, but excited none the less. When she got back to the table, Ginny asked “So… what did he want?”, while twirling a strand of hair around her finger, and chewing a muffin. “Umm.. he asked me out..” mumbled Miranda quietly. Ginny’s muffin plopped onto the floor as she shrieked “OH MY GOD!!!! HARRY LIKES YOU!!!!! WHAT DID YOU SAY??!!?”, causing many people to stare at her, though apparently she didn’t mind. “……I said yes…..” muttered Miranda, which resulted in Ginny doing a gleeful dance around the table, and Hermione to smile warmly, secretly hoping not to have a repeat of the “Cho Incident”.
At the Quidditch game that day, Miranda and Hermione were sitting at the top of the stands. Hermione was talking to Miranda about S.P.E.W, when the Quidditch teams came stomping on to the field. Harry (who was now the Captain of the team) went first, followed by Chaser Katie Bell, Beaters Andrew Kirke and Jack Sloper (whom had improved greatly over the summer, apparently), Ron, and the replacement Chasers: Ginny Weasley and Brooke Schettler, a third year. They marched out rather impressively, Harry’s dark hair gleaming in the bright sunlight.
Next, the Hufflepuff team trooped out, led by their Captain and Chaser, Zacharias Smith, Chasers Maryanne Lynch and Alex Quest, Seeker Allen Summerby, Beaters Andrew Schettler and Elizabeth Turner, and Keeper Charlie Mulltynne. Dean Thomas had taken Lee Jordan’s place as commentator and soon his voice rang out through the Quidditch pitch.
“The Quaffle has been released! There’re the Bludgers, and there goes the Snitch!” Cried Dean enthusiastically. The players sped into the air at the sound of Madam Hooch’s whistle, as the Chasers scrambled to grab the Quaffle. “Hufflepuff in possession, heading for Gryffindor’s right goalpost. Quest passes to Lynch, she shoots! Oh, blocked by Ron Weasley! Ginny Weasley in possession, dodges Turner’s Bludger, aims….. Blocked by Mulltynne!” Dean’s commentary rang out through the Quidditch pitch and the stands, as Hermione and Miranda craned their necks to see. “Gryffindor’s Bell in possession of the Quaffle. She’s racing for Hufflepuff’s goalposts. Speeds away from Turner’s Bludger, she’s soaring higher….. and higher.. and higher…good God, she must be almost three hundred feet high!”
Dean was right, Katie was now high above everybody else in the match.
“There goes Schettler, he looks mad. He’s flying up, followed by Ginny Weasley and Maryanne Lynch. Schettler aims a bludger towards Bell…. HOLY SHIT!!!!!” Dean swore loudly, though nobody cared at the moment, for Schettler’s bludger had gone barreling through Katie’s broom at a rapid speed, and had broken it down the middle. She was quickly falling towards the ground.
Miranda had only a few seconds to figure out what to do. She raced down to the end of he stands, and focused her energy on the ground as she closed her eyes. When she opened them, they were glowing bright green. She pointed her hands at the point in the ground that Katie was most likely to fall on. She felt a surge of power go through her, as a cylindrical column of hard earth came bursting out of the ground. Miranda was aware of the crowd talking and shrieking, but she didn’t care at the moment. All that mattered was for the column to get to Katie before she got to the ground. It rose steadily higher and higher, until it was about three feet away from Katie. Se fell on it with a slight “oof!”, and Katie was safe. The crowd breathed a sigh of relief as Miranda made the earth lower slowly into the ground. Once Katie climbed off, Miranda stopped focusing so hard, and her eyes faded back from vivid green to golden brown. She lowered her hands, and, feeling as if she was in a trance (which she probably was), saw McGonagall sprinting over to her, but before she could get to her, Miranda had passed out on to the cool ground.

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