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Coding/Software Attributes
Based on an original script by Rivka. Extensively modified by Greengecko and Forgottenface.

Skinning & Design Attributes
The current site skin and logo were provided by Forgottenface. Images featured within stories are created by a variety of artists and it is their responsibility to confirm/obtain copyright if needed.

HPFF was founded in early 2001. Over the years it has seen huge contributions from particular staff members that have made it the most popular dedicated HPFF site on the net. We regularly receive over 30 million hits per month and in September 2012 we reached our highest ever hit count, with 100 million. The following people, in no particular order, have contributed their time for free over the years and without their dedication and hard work, this site would not be as popular as it is today. (Added June 2016)

timeturner (Linda)

WeasleyTwinMom (Meg)

GryffinDuck (Sarah)

GeorgiaWeasley (Shanon)

BitterEpiphany (Kay)