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Good morning! Bonjour! (That’s the only French word I know XD) How are you guys?
Just updated my modern college AU, The Good Life. Check it out to see how Remus teaches philosophy classics like Thomas Hobbes, or why Sirius drives a Lamborghini! :p
Hello, I know this isn’t related to HP or HPFF, but do any of yo the violin? If so, can you give me some tips? Because I have to play American the Beautiful and I keep failing the last part...

Do any of you want any graphics? I will do any type. If you want me to make a graphic for a story, I will read that story so I can get a feel of the vibe you are trying to portray and use that for my piece. If you want an insight into my skills, check out my profile and I made all of those! My favourite to make are Signatures but I really don’t mind at all! Tell me if you need anything! If you don’t like what I’ve made, I will happily redo it to your taste as I love any kind of feedback.