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As readers and writers of fanfiction, we want to share some of our favorite writing tools with you. The 7 tools we've listed will help with everything from creating characters, plotlines, and story arcs to writing and editing your fanfiction. We would also love for you to share your favorite tools with each other. This helps create a community of writers, from beginners to those who have been at it for years - we can all learn something from each other.


A program that can be downloaded free (or paid for extra features) and added directly to
your internet browser. It helps find grammar errors and provides corrections immediately.
You can also copy and paste text in the program itself for grammar checking


This is one of our favorite tools when writing anything, specifically fanfiction. The features
within Draft are not only convenient but necessary to help writers grow their story and
their craft.


This is extremely helpful in checking the ‘readability’ of your story, which can make or
break it. There are other features when going ‘pro’, but the simple text analysis is what fan
fiction writers will find most helpful.

Scrivener (Downloadable on the App Store)

This is sort of a do all/be all in terms of writing fanfiction. It functions as everything from
your writing tool, to your research tool, to your note-taking tool. You can outline your
story, write in sections rather than worrying about writer's block because you’re working
beginning to end, and even create character notes/traits and keep them close when

iA Writer

A Writer is a tool that makes it easy to write without the distractions of an otherwise busy
laptop or tablet.


An easy to use website to check any grammar problems you may run into and find
solutions for them. It’s like a textbook at your fingertips.

Please feel free to share your favorite writing tools below. We'll add them to our list of resources.
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