Writing Challenges Information

Ashley Marie

Staff member
Each month, we'll have a number of writing challenges. These challenges will be to start more interaction on our site, to motivate us to get writing, and to hopefully inspire some of us to write new fanfiction or help us with our current stories.

We'll have a system for points with the coming weeks, so each month we'll have a series of new writing challenges. Please take part in as many, or as few, as you desire.

Ashley Marie

Staff member
Please don't forget to take part in this month's writing challenges! These points will eventually turn into house points and I'd love to run competitions and have giveaways as we grow!


Head of Ravenclaw House
how do I do the changelles
Hey there - sorry for the delay. To participate in challenges, follow these steps.

  1. Read the requirements of the challenge (word limit, required word usage, required inspiration, etc.)
  2. Write a story that meets the requirements of the challenge.
  3. If it is a short story, you can write it right in the thread. If it is a long story, it may make more sense to add your story and then create a hyperlink to it. Make sure you are posting to the right thread!
  4. Double-check the thread to make sure you've met all the requirements.
  5. Post your story, whether it's as plaintext or a hyperlink.