Wreck by JMilz

Ashley Marie

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Wreck by @JMilz is a WIP that follows Hermione and Draco as their paths cross again, and it throws a wrench in Hermione's best-laid plans. It's Draco and Hermione, so of course, it isn't smooth sailing when those paths cross. It is emotional, though, and quite full of the kind of feeling that it seems they've both been lacking. This story also serves as a bit of a reminder that all that glitters isn't exactly gold, and sometimes those things that don't glitter right away have more value in the end. The story is still going, so we aren't sure exactly where it'll end, but we've got our fingers crossed for an ending that serves both characters the love they need.


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Thanks so much for posting this up! Big things are to come in the coming chapters, so I hope everyone enjoys!