Would you rather...

Laylani Malfoy

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This is hard!!! I would have to let them hate me! I would hate myself if I broke up the marauders! But then they would hate me!!! Ahhhhhh!

WYR date and break Sirius’s heart or date Remus
ahhh! I would want to date Sirius but not break his heart so I would choose to date Remus.

WYR date and break Remus's heart or date Voldemort

Laylani Malfoy

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I'm sorry lily...But...maybe you won't die?:oops:

I have to save Remus. :giggle:

WYR throw James in a pit of daggers or Sirius in a pit of daggers (to either's certain death)
(lol yea maybe she wont...)

OMG NO! James shall die for Sirius!

WYR lick Voldemort's toes or stab Remus with a knife (killing him)