Why didit Dumbledore just not send muggle borns home?.


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Why didit Dumbledore just not send muggle borns home?.

I get there would it be any story otherwise but after re reading book it did make wonder why Dumbledore just send all muggle borns home once chamber was open again?.

Only possible reason i can think of is exposure and that is if Dumbledore had send them home and then muggles borns would had go back to there muggle school and too many muggles would started asking questions on where there went to school and Dumbledore might worried they might let slip something about Hogwarts or Wizard World. and expose wizard world.

But even if that was reason it still would been obvious thing to do is just send them home and made safety come first.
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The thing is, Dumbledore knew the chamber was opened before and he knew the fatality rate was low, also when sending kids home, you have to assume all the other things, like what would happen to the school and paperwork etc. Another reason is that sending kids home would start unnecessary chaos.


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Perhaps because Dumbledore believed it wouldn't have mattered. If he sent the muggle-borns home, the monster would just have attacked others who didn't meet Salazar Slytherin's ideal (Hagrid? Filch?) or would have gone after those who were simply less than pure blood. Salazar would only have been happy if there were only pure-bloods at Hogwarts.

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Perhaps sending the muggles home would not fit with the plot of the story which centers on the terror employed by Voldemort and his minions to bend others into submission and Harry’s growing realization that he will have to act to put an end to it.

Also, note the role of Ginny in the story—from tag along little sister to the significant person she becomes for Harry. This is where Harry first takes any notice of her. It is Ginny who is given the diary and Ginny who is taken into the chamber and it is Ginny who Harry rescues in this his second battle with Voldemort.

That the danger is to the muggle born is a red herring; there is no shield against the danger other than to confront it, even for the muggle born.

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I think that the Basilisk and Tom Riddle would have just attacked other students until it was only pure bloods and non-blood traitors in Hogwarts. Also, it would be a little unfair to send all of the Muggleborns home and let the other students stay. They might think that Dumbledore was against them because they weren't pure bloods. I know that the safety of the students was important to him and not the fairness, but it is still an idea.


:mumbles: because dumbledore doesn't actually care about student safety...

i actually think that one of dumbledore's flaws is that the falls in love with his own plans too often. i don't think that he's straight up evil or anything, but i do think that he sees himself as being smarter than everybody else. i think he had a pretty good idea of what was going down with the chamber of secrets, and he let it play out so that he could suss out voldemort's plan (and the location of the chamber itself). he probably also didn't want to deal with the panic that sending home the muggle born students might have caused. can you imagine how hard it might have been to convince the parents to send the back afterwards?