What's your current writing status?

What are you working on right now?

I'm currently 12 Chapters in my Novella The Forgotten Profhecy. Chapter 13 is on my agenda for the week. As well as a One Shot that I want to do about an unknown 4 year that died at the battle of Hogwarts. I also did a 460 word One Shot on a love letter from James to Lily.

2. Hows it Going?

Just a little thinking on how I want Chapter 13 to go, and I know what I want to say in the One Shot I'm doing about the 4th year. So hopefully by Friday I'll have both chapter 13 and the one shot up


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What are you working on right now?
Hi everyone. I am currently writing a story called The Girl in the Walls. I've been on a hiatus for a few months to take care of my mental health and try to get my life more or less back into a place of stability, but I'm back!
How's it going?
I mean... I love the story still. But right now I'm struggling with guilt over leaving it unfinished for so long with no updates, and for not letting people know the status. I plan to keep at it until it's done, but updates might be slower than what I used to sort of pride myself on, so I'm definitely struggling to feel as happy about it as I would normally hope!

But hey, one day at a time, right? My recent mantra has been "Two steps forward, one step back," which still ultimately nets in progress. Hopefully I don't disappear for numerous months again:)


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It is very strange how writer's block can work sometimes. Took me about 6 weeks to get to 1,000 words. In about 60 minutes this afternoon I've not got that up to 3,000 :LOL:


So... I had made the decision to rewrite the proposed prequel to "Harry Potter and the Philtre of Promise", and have now finally decided to drop the idea after finding so many secondary plot ends that probably should not have been included in the first place. So I took down what I had written (though I saved it 'just in case') and have started on the sequel instead.