Welcome To Hogwarts

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Welcome to Hogwarts
(At least, sort of!)

When HPFF was created, the hope in the hearts of Gwen and Ronnie was to keep Fanfiction alive. For a style of writing that can seem taboo or easily shrugged off, there’s an entire realm of readers and writers across the world who flock to Fanfiction to see continued journeys of their favorite characters as well as new stories that blend old favorites with original characters and storylines. There’s a vast plain of endless possibility when it comes to Fanfiction, which is something we’ve all discovered, here.

After working with Gwen and Ronnie, their goal became mine, and within these forums, we only hope to reach more readers, writers, and fans of the magic that fanfiction can bring.

How would we get a group of people together and get them excited about the prospect of being part of that team that continues to breathe life into fanfiction? Well, our hope is that it’s this community right here.

Joining a community for the first time can be sort of unnerving, so we want to ease you into HPFF’s forums.

These train cars are an attempt to bring you deeper into the world of fanfiction with whatever suits your niche best. If you’re here because you love to read, we welcome you. If you’re here because you love to write, we welcome you. If you’re a Harry Potter fan who stumbled here and is trying to figure out your place, we welcome you.

Communities are best made with different people coming together with a common point of interest. It takes all kinds of people, goals, dreams, and personalities to successfully build a community and that’s why we’re so grateful for all of you.

We only ask a few things of you while you’re here with us. One being, please don’t spam. We want the content here to be engaging and exciting, and spam can flood the feed and make it hard to see what people are posting and creating. We will monitor accounts that spam and may offer a warning if it continues. Second, please show kindness to those around you. There are fans from all over the world within our forum; and we hope to make this a place to connect and feel comfortable.

We wanted to make these train cars more exciting and productive for our community, so we decided to cater them more to you - and to Rowling's magnificent universe. Each train car is dedicated to a house and will highlight characters from each house. Feel free to find the train car where you feel most comfortable, and join in! You may respond to more than one also, if you find yourself a fan of many characters (who doesn't?).

We look forward to expanding this adventure with you. Welcome to our little corner of this wizarding world.
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