Using These 8 Words - November 2019

Ashley Marie

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Create a short story using these 8 words. Bonus points if you can use the first word, first!

Quota, shop, object, survey, admission, letter, eternal, ostracize


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'According to our quota,' a bank clerk continued, 'we can't support your shop. Besides, you need more operating funds...'

Jacob grinned wide and put a case that contained extremely lucky objects on the desk. 'I'd like to use them for a business loan. Please have a look at them.'

The bank clerk was going to open the case gingerly to have a survey on the documents the man in front of him brought in. He didn't expect much. The process would be simple. What he needed was saying 'No'. Then he changed his mind immediately when silver egg shells came into view.

'You gained admission to our list, Mr. 'Kowalski'. He took a quill pen and filled in the form letter to his boss.

Jacob smiled at his promising future and he wondered if he had been ostracized from the other was vague and just like a dream, but he was sure he could have or would get eternal friendship. He tried to remember something important...a beautiful woman and a reckless English man. It was just a vision, he couldn't fathom what they meant.
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