Using These 8 Words - January 2020

Ashley Marie

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Create a work of fanfiction (any length) using these 8 words.

Rainstorm, blueberry, novel, grey, superficial, gnarly, float, and guitar.

Bonus points if you can use the first word, first.


Head of Ravenclaw House
It was a rare instance - a California rainstorm. As she chewed on a soft blueberry bagel, Luna watched the raindrops splatter across the sixth-story window, a window that made her ache for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had spent so many years in Ravenclaw Tower, quietly watching the snowflakes all alone, wishing that she could share those moments with a friend.

Fortunately, the years had treated her well. Rolf was sitting at the small breakfast bar across the studio apartment, turning the pages of a novel as they waited for the grey sky to change.

To Angelenos, they might have looked like a common couple - a superficial one, even, with Rolf's infinity scarf and Luna's enormous moon earrings twisting into her bright blonde locks. They were, however, only visitors, eager to find a creature that Californian Muggles did not even know existed.

"Whenever will this rain stop?" Rolf asked. "We'll have no chance of seeing a golden snallygaster in this dreadful weather."

"If it lasts through tomorrow, we can always Apparate to Maryland and see a common snallygaster," Luna said, dreamily.

"You mean the type of snallygaster that are already reported frequently - an already discovered species."

Luna sighed. "I suppose. If we could figure out how to use the Muggle television, we might be able to see what that nice weather fellow has to say. The boy I saw earlier said that the rain was going to 'be gnarly' until tomorrow."

"'Gnarly'?" Rolf repeated.

"I'm not sure what it means, but based on his tone, I have to assume it means that it's supposed to continue to rain."

"Wonderful," Rolf grumbled.

Then, as though on cue, Luna watched a feather float down from the heavens. She grinned.

"A feather - a sign of good luck," she pointed out.

Rolf chuckled. "My wife the optimist."

"It isn't optimism, really," Luna replied, "just observation."

"Well, if it is a sign of good luck, maybe we won't have to listen to another bloke playing guitar again while we're here. Never in my life have I heard so many awful musicians in a single place!"

Luna tapped her chin, thoughtfully. "Clearly, you have never been to a Celestina Warbeck's annual Christmas concert. I think they might have been good once upon a time, but I think she's fallen victim to rorborafs in old age, because she really has sounded terrible the past few years that I've went with Ginny and her mother."

"Rorborafs aren't real, Luna."

"You see, this is where you and I disagree."

He laughed. "Want to try and help me figure out that television?"

Luna nodded. "I think it won't take us long - not with the help of the fuggleworts."

Rolf did not know what a fugglewort was, but despite her many flaws, there was no one else he would rather spend a rainy California day with.


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After a rainstorm, Queenie was standing in Jacob's bakery. She was very happy to know that he had opened the bakery of his dream. She smiled at each pastry that resembled the magical creature they encountered before.
She took a blueberry muffin and a mooncalf-shaped apple pandowdy on the tray. In the novel she read last night, her sweetheart would notice her now and he would give her a good hearty hug.
Jacob behind the counter smiled at her. He wore a grey apron nicely with broad shoulders. She knew his smile wasn't superficial. He must have remembered something. His gnarly hands wrapped the pastries in an oiled paper. The sweet memories floated in her mind. She said,

'You are a guitar player, I am a singer.
You are No-Maji, I am your sweetheart.'

'A lovely poem, and you are...Queenie?'