Truth or dare


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I wouldn’t even have to TRIE and act like Tonks because I’m ALWAYS tripping lol
Inside, outside, and always nocking things down


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ohhhhhhhhhhh, now im said, WELL TrIP inside your house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did the Umbridge one on my brother. He got super annoyed with me at the end and threw a book at me. Then I did it on my friend when she chatted me. She played along, lol. But now I realise that was on a group chat with two people who don't know about Harry Potter... so they will be very confused when they see, "you know, I really hate children". Lol.

Oh, and if I did the Tonks one, my mom will think I'm dizzy and make me stay home from school. . .which I don't want to say home.