Top Genres In Harry Potter Fanfiction

Ashley Marie

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Here, we'll discuss top genres in Harry Potter Fanfiction and what makes them popular with readers. We'll also provide examples of each genre, look for new ones each month, to help inspire you on your own writing adventure.


Sticking close to the storyline, many readers enjoy their stories to be canon or canon-compliant.

Canon Divergent

Again, close to the story up until a certain point where the author then diverges into their own plotline.


Romance fanfic stories are popular in the Harry Potter realm. A few fan favorites are simply romance stories, slow-burn, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, etc. You can use characters who were already involved in the Harry Potter realm or create your own ships. The ship will determine the storyline.


Stories with a healthy dose of angst are popular amongst readers. When writing a fanfiction with angst, remember, it takes more than just the frustration or drama to make a good storyline.


Hurt/comfort fics are extremely popular in most realms of fanfiction. There’s an obstacle for a character to overcome and the comfort found within the other person usually leads to love.

These are some of the stories we find ourselves searching for most often when reading Harry Potter fanfiction. What genres in the HPFF realm do you enjoy most? Share some of your examples with us.


I appreciate stories that are canon-compliant (I actually rewrote a story of mine to fit current canon) but I am open to stories that don't follow canon if they are well-written.

I mostly like stories that have an adequate dose of romance, drama, and reality. Being able to make sense of everything is pertinent. Some parts of a story may be the most important driving factors, but there needs to be some ebb and flow.

Tsubasa Kurono

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For canon vs non-canon, although I am more inclined to canon-compliant, I am aware that even within the established canon Rowling may have made some continuity errors. I believe that whether or not the canon is the law or writers should have the freedom to explore outside of canonical facts, the most important thing is to make sure every element in the story is consistent with the premise you have established in your fic from the very beginning.

I do notice that romance and angst are the top genres across most fandoms, not just Harry Potter, with one of the main reasons probably due to character ships or ship wars among fans. Majority of the readers love the fantasy of pitching character A and character B in all sorts of possible romantic situations and let the dream play out from there. To be brutally blunt, I do feel that the romance genre is supersaturated and it's hard to see anything remotely fresh from the sheer amount of romance fics available online. (Don't get me wrong; I do not deny that romance, no matter how cliche or cringy the storyline is, still works on most of the readers because it is literally a dream come true and a perfect escapism from reality.) Personally I'm more into the less popular genres such as mystery, thriller, psychological, and even really niche ones like surrealism.


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Tricky topic for me, this one. I was always a proudly canon writer. Despite all my stories, I'm only writing one future, and I set out to make it comply with book canon, and various pronouncements by JKR collected on Accio Quote. That changed when Cursed Child was dumped on us. I suppose that make my stories canon-divergent, I prefer the term: follows book canon.
As for the Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort labels, I've never been fond of them. I write because I enjoyed reading the books, and they don't really fit into those categories. They're Mystery/Adventure stories, aren't they?
I do feel that the romance genre is supersaturated
I can't really comment on this, because I don't read enough fanfic, but it certainly seems that romance is the top genre. I like to think I write mystery/adventure stories, but I usually stick some romance in, too.


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Canon Divergent, Fix it's, Fusion AU, Canon AU or etc, literally Fanon all the way.
I'm not into canon compliant at all, and I don't normally read them.