Tips For Tagging Your Fanfiction

Ashley Marie

Staff member
Tags for Fanfiction can be as important as the content you’re creating, in terms of marketing your work. The right tags can bring in readers and the wrong ones can dissuade them. We like to think less is more here. If you look at blogs, forums, and other social media sites, when fanfiction readers talk about finding great stories - many say that too many tags, or the wrong tags, can stop them from reading a story at all.

Here are some points to remember when tagging your fanfiction.

Tagging Characters

The type of Fanfiction you’re writing has a direct correlation with the number of tags necessary to classify your work. However, not every single character has to have a tag. We recommend tagging main characters, up to 10, per story.

You can use additional tags if you feel that the presence of extra characters may have an impact on what readers would be drawn into your story. The cleaner and easier the tag list is to read, the more approachable your story becomes.

Tagging Relationships

When tagging relationships, readers prefer knowing what main pairings are going on within your Fanfiction. If other relationships are mentioned, but not focused upon, it’s not always necessary to tag them in the main story.

Again, using additional tags is always an option if there's a background relationship you think may entice or turn off potential readers.

Tagging Plot Points

The main point of your plot should be tagged, without giving away too much information. Soulmate, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, etc. are good basic tags to use. These can help readers find their favorite genre of fanfic without learning too much about the story at first.

Tagging Trigger Words

Another important point when tagging is to mention anything that may be too much for some readers. Mention specific kinks, non-con scenes, violence, etc. Trigger words are a good idea to tag to allow readers to see what’s coming up within a story.

What tips do you recommend when tagging fanfiction stories? How do you decide which characters/relationships/plot points to tag? Share your tips with us.