Tips For Growth As A Writer

Ashley Marie

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Growing as a writer happens, first, by writing more. Here are some tips to just get writing.

Don’t Be Afraid

This may sound like the most basic piece of advice, but it’s the most simple: don’t be afraid. Write and write more, write stories you’re afraid to write and write stories you’re excited to write. Don’t let the fear of where you are as a writer get you down. Every writer starts as a beginner, everyone in every trade starts as a beginner. The only way to go from there is up!

Buy A Journal

We find ourselves feeling most inspired when we’ve got a new journal at our fingertips. While we just recommended tools online to help with your writing, our first tool to grow your craft is to buy a journal and write.

Study Your Characters

Spend time with the characters you’ll be writing about. Read your favorite books, watch movies (concerning Harry Potter Fanfiction, do both), and really look at their traits and characteristics again. Get to know how they respond to humor, anger, love, frustration, etc. All of these studies will be helpful as you write about the characters in your own story.

Ask For Feedback

This may be the scariest part of writing Fanfiction for some authors. It is also the most necessary. Ask for feedback on your stories. Find betas. Share your work.

Find Your Audience

Spend an afternoon checking forums, blogs, social media searches, etc for things that fan fiction readers want to see more of. We’ve learned that fanfic readers gravitate to specific types of Fanfiction for a reason. For example, Harry Potter fans want to read more about the characters they love, just in new and unique ways. They want to read about new ships, new character arcs, new struggles to face, new character facets. Try staying true to the characters but putting your own spin on them.


Head of Ravenclaw House

Read and write different genres. This exposes you to new opportunities. You will develop your own writing style by reading other writing styles. Plus, writing different genres forces you to exercise your technical skills. For example, a fantasy-adventure book will require more descriptiveness, while a romantic comedy may strongly depend on dialogue.

Use Writing Prompts

If you are feeling uninspired, there is nothing better than a writing prompt to force you to write. Even if it is not your best work, it can inspire you to keep working on another project afterward.
From my experience writing fanfiction, the one thing that helped me grow a lot as a writer is emulating the strengths of other authors.

For example, JK Rowling is a master at characterisation and plotting. Studying the stories and trying to emulate some of her strengths taught me a lot about developing a large cast of very different characters with distinctive voices, and how fast exciting events should happen in a story to keep the audience interested. Studying Terry Pratchett taught me a lot about how to write humour without derailing the action of a story, and how to keep things light even when dealing with heavy topics. Mimicking a bunch of different authors helped me see what kind of strengths I had as a writer, and what kind of weaknesses, and what kind of writer I just plain didn't want to be.


Don't write for the masses. The best stories are the unexpected. The ones that take you on a journey and you are kept guessing. When you write for the masses, it's all 'fan' input and not your own creation, but a creation based on ideas from other people.

I write to see what I can do with these characters and I read to enjoy and see what story you can tell.


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I know when I started doing fan fictions, I would use my old old notebooks from school. I still sometimes use them, but most of the time I tear pages out because I just don't like it. I have been looking around on the internet for journals that are online and I found some. Trello is a really good one to show your progress in your writing. I use it for my writing and free lance drawing. Evernote is a really good place to keep notes and ideas for books. I sometimes just look on Tumblr for plot ideas.

I know not a lot of people have this but sometimes I can just type things out and just putting what I am thinking. One thing that I think a lot of people struggle with is knowing what type's of things people like. I mean like anyone can like any ships and others maybe be like :sick:.ITS YOUR STORY! Don't let people hate on the story, either they are jealous of how you are able to write so good or portray the story, or that they just down right hate it!

Your story, your imagination, and don't let anyone take you down!

(I will be posting some for infomation about ERA's if anyone is interested)