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Ashley Marie

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For some, the quarantine means working from home. For those of us not used to this, it can be a big transition. We've seen ideas shared on social media and within our friendship groups on how to ease the transition, and make it a little easier to deal with the switch up. Here are some of our tips and tricks on working from home during the isolation period.

  • Set up an Office Space
    This doesn't have to be some big official desk with a printer and scanner and phone (unless, of course, that's necessary for your job). It can be on a much smaller scale than that. In fact, it can be your kitchen or living room table. We suggest having an office space by a window to let some natural light in. It helps, trust us. Make it your designated space to work - have a cup of coffee or a snack there, but don't let it be the same place you're going to watch tv or hang out or have a large meal. For us, it helps to have that separate so this space is designated to work. Bring over a house plant or a photo and act like it's your desk from/at work.
  • Create a Schedule
    While a schedule at home is different from a schedule at work, we recommend having some type of 'designated time' set up to do your work. That way, you can set up times to take a break and also stop working for the day. It's easy to get caught up and spend the entire afternoon at work, but it's important to take a break and have time to walk away from it until tomorrow.
  • Get 'Dressed' for Work
    So this one, we struggled with a bit this week, but we were trying to get into the groove of things! Working from home has taught us that you're allowed to have days where you stay in your pajamas or trade them in for some comfortable clothing at best - but we feel better when we get up and get ready for work. It's not for everyone, but it works for us so we wanted to share the idea with you.
  • Take A Walk
    Just like it's important to take a break at work to stretch your legs, it's just as important at home. Make sure you're getting up every once in a while to stretch your legs. Not just to the restroom or the kitchen, but a little farther. Go check the mail, walk around the block, make a few laps around your house...just get moving! It'll help everything from your circulation to your mental clairity!
  • Realize YOUR Needs
    We realize we're sharing tips and tricks with you, and we hope you'll share them with us too, but the most important thing is to recognize what you need and to embrace it. If you feel like you work best from your sofa in your pajamas with a bowl of cereal at your right - go for it. If you put on your office best and sit at the desk you ordered off of Amazon, go for that too. It's YOUR mental health that matters right now, more than anything else, so embrace this time in the best way for you.
What tips and tricks are you using to work from home?


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I've worked remote on and off for years. Everyone wants to watch Netflix during work, but it's important to pick a show you've seen or one that doesn't hold your attention too much. It keeps you from getting too distracted.


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Take a break seeing greens outside or walk.
Meeting and working online for a long time make your eyes hurt and the condition not healthy.


Props to anyone working from home at this. I'm still going into the office as I work in operations and I think I would be going stir crazy without the office banter.