Time's Passage


Coming here as a 'newbie' and finding myself drawn back into writing Fan fiction this past week caused me to revisit a number of sites that once held so many great stories that I remembered. However, so many have disappeared forever, and others become 'archive only' -- and that makes me sad. I remember a time when finding dozens of forum users would be online and active at the same time, making some boards seem almost like a messenger service for discussions. So many good stories have been eliminated from the web, others sit still and neglected in dusty archives, unlooked at for years.
But I have a glimmer of hope, having found something online that may help me find all those lost treasures, once I figure out how to use it. "The WAYBACK Machine". Ever hear of it? I'm told it keeps copies of hundreds of thousands of websites that have gone by the wayside, making them available to be perused in static form, preserved and waiting for those who want them.
Now, I'm not that savvy at understanding how things work unless I have instructions available to me. And unfortunately, I can not seem to find a way to make the Wayback work for me, so I'm putting out a call for help, for anyone willing to guide me in the usage. So how about it? Anyone?